New Sekitori Announced

Four makushita men will be promoted to juryo for March, and with Tochinonada hanging up the mawashi and the records looking the way they do, we will only be seeing 2, maybe 3,  demotions to makushita.

It’ll be 50/50 this time around, with 2 each new to the division and two returning, although one has an asterisk.  Onward, towards more information!

New to Juryo

Chiyootori – 20yrs, 177 cm 146.8 kg, Kagoshima-ken Kokonoe-beya (6-1).  Another wolf-pup making it to sekitori (his 7th since taking over the heya).  He was 6-1 in Hatsu and took part in that 8-man playoff.  He’s a decent all-around rikishi, preferring the belt, but competent with pushing.  He is best at forward motion, and is not a big proponent of throws.  His style looks like he’d be prone to slap or pull downs, but he seems to have good balance.  Unless he works on lateral motion a bit more before March he might have a hard time.  Here we see Chiyootori being given a time out.

Sensho – 28yrs, 181 cm 129.9 kg, Mongolia, Shikihide-beya (5-2).  First sekitori in shikihide beya history.  Entered sumo around the same time as Hakuho and Mokonami, and the took the longest to get to sekitori, at least for foreigners (the better part of 11 years).  He picked up the makushita yusho back in Kyushu.  A pretty dynamic fighter.  Good lateral movement, and he can wriggle his way out of a tight spot better than most.  Let us not forget that he ended Sakumayama’s winning streak at 27.  Here we see Sensho (left) shopping for what I’m sure are mawashi, athletic tape, and chanko ingredients.

Returning to Juryo

Satoyama – 30yrs, 177 cm 118.7 kg, Kagoshima-ken, Onoe-beya (4-3).  This guy is a pretty old hand.  He was up at Maegashira 12 after a Juryo yusho in 2007, then went back down to Ms14 after getting 7 straight makekoshi.  His record is pretty on again-off again.  Ever since he made juryo he hasn’t been able to string together kachikoshi very well.  Because he’s short, and not very heavy, he doesn’t usually like to go for the belt and go chest to chest.  While the vast majority of his wins are oshidashi wins, he is relatively diverse and routinely uses twistdowns, sometimes uses throws.  He knows how to hang in juryo, but at his age (31 in May), I’m not sure he will.  Here we see Satoyama trying to grab Valentine’s ample breasts during a sparring match.

Arawashi – 26yrs, 185.5 cm 119.8 kg, Mongolia, Hanakago-beya (4-3).  I believe we all remember Arawashi being promoted to juryo with a makekoshi during the aftermath of the yaocho scandal.  Definitely a belt fighter, but is also very competent with throws, and more complicated kimarite, using 32 throughout his career.  He has had a few injuries, and his low weight can be a hindrance.  However he has managed to win 8 of the last 12 basho.  We’ll see how he does.  Here we can see me being kind of pissed at Arawashi for not having stupid pictures of himself holding a cake on the net.

So those are our new Juryo rikishi for Haru.  Now, the interesting question is how is makuuchi going to work out.  We’ll let you know as soon as it becomes apparent.  But don’t let that stop you from leaving your own thoughts in the comments section.

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