Another One Bites The Dust

I would love to bring some good news in between bashos, but it seems, these days, that all the bad news happens in off months.  There are a few injuries to bring everyone up to speed on, and it’s being reported that another stable master has passed on.  With only 8 rikishi in his heya, and no other attached oyakata, it is not 100% certain what will happen in the wake of his death.  By the way Happy Valentines Day.First in the injury department Russian-born Amuru, as of day 12 in Hatsu, had racked up 10-2 in juryo.  But he missed the rest of the basho, and what looks like a few more with a ligament injury ion his right knee.  He will have surgery in early march and will miss perhaps 2 or 3 basho, effectively demoting him back to mid/low-makushita.

As stated above, Tagonoura oyakata (former M1 Kushimaumi of Dewanoumi beya) died of Ischemic heart failure at the age of 46.  Apparently, he collapsed at the heya and was rushed to the hospital.  He was three time college yokozuna at Nihon University, and entered sumo at the M15 Tsukedashi slot in Hatsu 1988, picked up two juryo yusho, and spent 35 basho in Makuuchi, amassing a junyusho, 2 kantosho, and 2 kinboshi (Asahifuji, Hokutoumi).  He retired in 1998 and opened Tagonoura-beya, and has raised 1 sekitori (Aoiyama).

Rumors say that the rikishi will be folded into Dewanoumi-beya, as that is the ichimon to which Tagonoura-beya belongs, and it is also the heya from which the Oyakata fought.

More on this as it develops.

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