Haru Basho Moneyshot: Rikishi Review

I am counting down the days to the basho. On my student’s budget, I have to wait until the first day to buy my bottle of whiskey – that means I have been whiskeyless since January. Anyhow, I figured I’d better put out a post making sure everyone is acquainted with their rikishi before the start of the basho. If you click on your rikishi’s name, it will take you to a list of past bouts organized by basho (Thanks sumoreference.com!) Scroll down to the bottom, and you can even watch rikishi’s bouts from last basho. Hopefully, this will get you fired up for the coming basho, but whatever you do, don’t stop reading here, click on and keep reading.

Remember, we still need some more players to cover the rikishi that aren’t yet covered. Or, if it tickles your fancy, you can cover a rikishi that someone else is already covering and steal a bit of glory (or provide company to misery).

Please feel free to fill the comment section with any sumo related news and tidbits. I’ll post again in a few days with some score sheets to help you keep track of how your rikishi is doing in the coming basho. Until then… if anyone has any thoughts about which whiskey bottle I should buy this time around, I’m taking suggestions. Anything under 25 USD (and over 15 USD – I’m a student, not an animal).

Toyonoshima – covered by Screeching Owl




Okinoumi – covered by de Gama

Goeido – covered by Tobermory

Kitataiki – covered by McCarthy

Takayasu – covered by Nigel

Homasho – covered by Briton-Meyer

Toyohibiki ー covered by Connolly

Aoiyama – covered by Daily


Fujiazuma – covered by Xenwall

Takanoyama – Covered by Montana

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