Sumo as Science: (Almost) Two Years of Baruto as Ozeki

This post needed some serious revamping.  This was my first attempt to test out the Moneyshot Score Sheet and I got so excited I missed a few things.  I had to go back and recalculate the scores.

What I wanted to see was whether Baruto’s DoS score would go down over time.  In my opinion, and in many other people’s opinions too, for that matter, Baruto has become a better rikishi over the past few years.

Given that his rank was the same (I threw in his final basho as Sekiwake to see what would happen to his DoS score after a 14-1 record.), I figured that his DoS score would gradually drop.

In fact, it dropped sharply after his 14-1 win.  Partly because of those wins and partly because older losses dropped out of the DoS calculation.  After that it rebounded to 24 and remained fairly close to 24 (at 23.67) in Hatsu 2012.

Here are the score report forms:



3 responses to “Sumo as Science: (Almost) Two Years of Baruto as Ozeki

  1. Even when they lose the bout they still score the DoS points? I assumed from your earlier post that they would only score by OVERCOMING the difficulty of their schedule.

    I shall still play along. 🙂

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