Chalmers here!  It is good to be back in Osaka as sumo celebrates one year of scandal-free fighting, granted they get out of this one with their hands clean, and their noses a little browner.  I am looking forward to seeing how ‘ol Bart handles the spotlight, and his verdict at the end of Haru.  Though I agree 100% with Montana and Creswell, that it may be premature to promote him, I do like to see the underdog prove people wrong.  Go Bart!

For all of you in the East, it is a year and a day since the day the Earth wouldn’t stay still.  For some of us, however, we are holding our moment of  of the morning) tracking down my friends (yes you, Valentine) who all live in Tohoku, my home ‘till 8 months prior.  Our hearts, prayers, and Aloha still go out to all of you.  Keppare, Nippon!

On to today’s matches…

I was lucky to get to my computer in time for Juryu, and to see our good friend Robocop.  Takamisakari still looks as strong as ever, right up until the match starts, where he loses in painfully spectacular fashion.  Tamaasuka playground bullys Nammomienai into the judges lap, oshidashi.

Our spotlight, Chiyotairyu, shows incredible speed and power as he hits Asahisho back the bales his first three steps.  A final throat chop takes Asahi to his knees, but officially, oshitaoshi.

On to Makuuchi…

EM15 Tamawashi vs. EM16 Takanoyama (prior: (1-1).  Takanoyama either needs to gain weight, or stop fighing like he doesn’t.  Oshitaoshi for Tamawashi.

EM13 Kitataiki vs. EM16 Shotero (prior: (3-2).  Kita stays south of his opponent and keeps his Shoten high.  An easy walk out, Yorikiri.

WM13 Hochiyama vs. WM13 Wakahnosato.  Waka gets a morozashi, two hands in, and turns Hochi over and down to the clay, sukuinage.

EM12 Daido vs. EM14 Takarafuji (prior1-0).   A lot of grip changes for both, but Takarafuji able to cash on a weak morozashi, yorikiri.

WM14  Ikioi vs. WM12 Fujiazuma (prior 0-2).  Fuji comes out hands flying and pummels Iki to the bails.  Iki almost pulls off a hatakikomi, only to be speared in the stomach.  Fujiazuma oshidashi “spear” for the win.

EM9 Okinoumi vs. EM11 Asasekiryu (Prior: 2-0).  Oki finally able to get things started.  A strong left hand in, a little work, and Oki puts Asa in the sand, yorikiri.

WM11 Tenkaiho vs. WM9 Miyabiyama (prior: 0-1).  Everyone’s favorite one trick pony, Miyabiyama, fends off Tenkaiho like he’s a leper, eventually slapping him to the ground, hatakikomi.

EM8 Chiyonokuni vs. WM10 Aoiyama (prior: 0-3).  First, Chiyonokuni apologizes to the judges for blatantly causing a false start, “sorry, I wasn’t ready”.  Then Chiyo flakes again, henka win to put his first K on the board.

EM10 Sadonofuji vs. WM8 Takekaze (Prior: 2-0).  Home Team (my affection name for Takekaze, who grew up close to where I used to live in Akita) looking for another win, takes his sweet-ass time about it.  Home Team fights fair today, and opens up with his “Keppare-Tsuppari Special”, and finishes with a textbook hatakikomi to put another K on the board.  Gooooo, Kaze!

EM5 Wakakoyu vs. WM7 Toyohibiki (prior: 8-3)  The Beak and Waka give the bedroom eyes until the gyoji tells them to get it on.  The Beak with a tsuppari win, tsukidashi.

EM7 Takayasu vs. WM5 Homasho (Prior: 2-0)  Takayasu gets luck to day as he gets shoved around the dohyo, loses his step and stumbles out of the ring.  Cigar Shop, the unlucky one, gets in the way of the stumbling Takayasu and is pushed out ahead of his opponent.  A rare and entertaining ushiromotare (backward lean out) for Takayasu.

EM4 Toyonoshima vs. WM6 Goeido (Prior: 12-3).  The two wrap up, and the two fight their way to the edge of the dohyo and into the sand.  Toyo ends up in the first row and it looks like a clear win for Goeido.  The judges step in and say that Goeido’s hand was actually on the ground before Toyonoshima’s ass was on the fan with the expensive seat.  Toyo with a lucky win, tsukiotoshi.

EM6 Shohozan vs. WM4 Aran (prior: 1-0).  Alan hoping to keep the spark plug off this time, desperately tries to hold off sho

E-S Kakuryu vs. WM3 Tochinoshin. Some uncharacteristic, conservative fighting from the Kak, possibly babying his injuries till later in the basho.  The Kak wraps up with Noshin and takes his time to get his grip, while Noshin patiently waits to get owned, as usual.  The Kak throws Noshin to the clay, uwatenage.

EM3 Kyokutenho vs. WS Aminishiki. The Sneak on top of his game, and his mongol, gets a morozashi off the tachiai and the rest is history.  An easy walk out, yorikiri.

EO Baruto vs. WM2 Yoshikaze (Prior: 6-2).  ‘Ol Bart, first Ozeki of the day, takes on little Yoshi.  Bart knew exactly what he wanted to do: get two hands on the mawashi, and even tried to go over the top to get it, since Yoshi stayed so low.  Bart gets it eventually and picks up the little tyke, who was out-weight by 47 kilos from the start.  Now the hard part: where to put Yoshi.  ‘Ol Bart makes the right decision and places the garbage outside the ring, tsuridashi, and gets my vote for best bout of the day.

EM2 Tokitenku vs. WO Kotoshogiku. A classic hug-n-chug from the Geek, just what we all came here to see.  Yorikiri win and a good start for the Geek.

 WM1 Tochinowaka vs. WO Kotooshu (Prior: 0-1).  Good of Oshu to stick to the book: elbows in, head down, hidari-otsu, and walk.  Yorikiri for Oshu.

EO Kisenosato vs. WK Tochiozan.  Melty Kiss (I finally found those in Hawaii!) looking to redeem himself after a lousy performance yesterday, stares down the King, Tochiozan.  Kissy has been fighting so flat-footed, standing up and the worst moments so his opponents can put him back on his heels.  Kissy opens up with tsuppari (as usual), and Ozan quickly goes to wrap up, gets it, and manages to catch Kissy flat-footed and off guard.  Ozan puts kissy back on his heels, and shoves the rest of the way, oshidashi win.

EK Gagamaru vs. WO Harumafuji.  Lady Gaga, perhaps a bit too high on the banzuke, looks to enjoy day two in the meat grinder with Harumafuji.  Lady Gaga hoping to use his weight advantage, lunges with hands extended, hoping to avoid a belt fight with the experienced Mongol.  Haruma reads Gaga’s pokerface, backpeddles to lure her closer to the bales, and dumps her like a tramp, uwatedashinage.

EY Hakuho vs. EM1 Myogiru (Prior: 0-0).  Myogiru gets his first taste of the blade of the meatgrider, and Hakuho is happy to show the youngin how much it hurts.  Myogiru bravely/foolishly stares the bull in the eyes, right before he gets trampled: Hakuho stops the advance, plays a little defense by blocking all of Myogirus attacks, and offbalances Myogiru before pummeling him with tsuppari, oshitaoshi.  Myogiru graciously accepts the honorable “good game” butt slap that all men hope to one day receive from another man.

That’s it from Day 2.  Bertrum will be here with all your Day 3 winnings, commentary, and flash.

A hui hou!  ~Chalmers!

4 responses to “HARU BASHO: DAY 2

  1. Takayasu’s win against Homasho pisses me off. I hate to see my guy beaten by a man in the process of falling over. Homasho up against Goeido tomorrow, DoS of 3 and an all time head-to-head of 5-4. Its another iffy bout. If Goeido wins, the head-to-head will be a tie and the DoS will shift slightly to Goeido’s favor. Here’s hoping that Homasho puts Goeido in his place on Day 3.

    Nigel – shame on your rikishi for falling over in such a way. Really, sir, shame.

    Tobermory – my best friend told me on the first day we met (we were 5 years old) that his dad could beat up my dad, so I hope you won’t take it personal when I say Homasho is going to show Goeido who the true Japanese Hopeful is tomorrow.

  2. I care not about either cigar store or goeido, but I am chuckling at Briton-Meyer’s palpable frustration as his chosen one goes 1-2.

    • Well, that shifts it. Goeido and Homasho are now tied head-to-head, but the recent bouts are now in Goeido’s favor Goeido 3, Homasho 2.

  3. Briton-Meyer: I hope that honey flavored whiskey is helping to mask the bitter taste of defeat.
    Really, I would gloat more about the victory over Homasho, but I can’t because I’m still too mad about the loss to Toyonoshima. Goeido has a freakishly bad record against Toyo, so to have won – and won in fairly spectacular fashion – was going to be pretty exciting (not to mention 4 DoW points). I’ve watched that match over and over. Everything seems to happen at once at the 11th second, but it sure looks to me like Goeido bested him. I suppose it’s possible that Toyonoshima was still flying through the air when Goeido’s hand went down, but I still feel robbed.
    On to Takayasu next. They’ve only met once, and it did not go well for Goeido. Here’s hoping for a different result…

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