Haru Basho: Day 3

Must say I’m pretty disappointed in meself. Getting pumped for the sumo, and reporting (as always). I get the whiskey in, and get sorted. Low and behold, day before I get thick with a cold. Now, I aint no pussy, I’ll do me duty and soldier on in true English fashion!  What I will say though is, forgive me for any spelling mistakes. ..



Takanoyama vs. Hochiyama
Taka out of his league here, really no contest.  Tsukidashi by Hochi

Tamawashi vs. Shotenro
Tamawashi looked pretty focussed on the tachiai, and after initially going in low he falters with his rebound. He goes to re-engage, but is too high and Shoto with a few slaps gets his hands under the armpits. After the coochi-koo, Tama just kinda steps back out the ring.  Both now on 2-1

Ikioi vs. Wakanosato
Not much off the tachai, but Ikioi tries for a nift uwatenage, and fails with his positioning, allowing waka to steal a sukuinage. Sounds more impressive that it actually was. Waka just capitalised onan opportunity.

Kitataiki vs. Takarafuji
Think we knew who was going to win this one. Kita gets in low, and drives him to the edge. Although Taka had a moment on the rope and a good grip on the mawashi, he couldn’t really establish the counter-momentum to kita. 3-0 for kita.

Fujiazuma vs. Tenkaiho
Think this had to be a westerners stereotypical idea of Sumo.  To hefty fellas grunting and bouncing off each other dodgem style, till one of them (Fuji) gets a mawashi grip and waddles the other out the ring.

Asasekiryu vs. Daido
Long bout! Both engage and get grips on the mawashi, Asa stealing the right inside. He tries for an uwatenage, but fails – locking the two in a stalemate.  He tries again as Dido tries to grap the front of the mawashi, but Asa’s left arm keeps that in-check. Stalemate again, a few tries from Dido also fail. Hitting the 1 minute mark, you can see they look spent. The silence endures for a full on 35 secs or more, with panting, before Dido tries again. He gets Asa to the ropes, but runs out of energy to finish it off.  There’s another wait of about 30 seconds, but a change has occurred, Asa lost his decent grip, and dido has the advantage with his right inside. What brings Asa down however, a push from Dide, a counter from Asa, and then dido quickly moving back and pushing down to get Asa out. A 3 minute bout in all. Hikiotoshi win for dido

Aoiyama vs. Miyabiyama
Aoi goes in low, but Miyabi manages to keep him at arms length, by retreating around the ring, and pushing his arms. Eventually though, Aoi gets a grab on the mawashi, pulls and lowers miabi, then places his hand on the back head for the throw down!

Okinoumi vs. Sadanofuji
A flase start and then a very uninteresting uwatenage for Oki.

Takekaze vs. Toyohibiki
Toyo had the weight advantage against the litte Akitian. A straight up Oshidashi, but what really made the bout was the judge being chased out of the ring!

Takayasu vs. Chiyonokuni
Taka didn’t really seem in this one. Not that it mattered cuz Chiyo was all powder and no shot Slapping away like a bi**h on heat, but getting no-where. Eventually Chiyo gets a right inside on the mawashi, as Taka tries for an uwatenagi – sadly though, he steps out.

Goeido vs. Homasho

Goeido gets in nice and low, and stays there. He gets the grip on the mawashi, and has Homasho on the rope. What he doesn’t have is the belly to slap him over, so he tries for uwatenage – several left and right and left struggles until Homasho steps out.

Wakakoyu vs. Shohozan
Quick boring E-honda slap bout, Shohozan slaps him out.

Aran vs. Tochinoshin
Both have good grips, but Tochishin has the thighs – managing to lift Aran up and uwatenage him – been a bit of an uwatenage day eh?

Kyokutenho vs. Toyonoshima
The battle was really Kyokutenho’s, but as Toyo is stumbling back, he niftily steps to the side and Kyoku falls flat.

Kakuryu vs. Gagamaru
Man Gaga is big! He didn’t even look to of stood up there’s so much mass! Kakuryu is certainly more an athlete and I odn’t think Gaga’s weight is helping him tbh. He seemed very top heavy as Kak grabs him for a shitatenage throw

Tokitenku vs. Harumafuji
I’m not a big fan of haruma. But that aside, to me this bout looked a bit fishy. Haruma went in low with fite, Toki almost succeeds in throwing him head down, and somehow Haruma lifts up and manages to charge on. Toki just kinda, ran away like a bullfighter out of the ring. However, Toki really hand control of this bout in my opinion – that or he shoulda been more aware of the rope. Take a look, and see what ya think…

Baruto vs. Myogiru

Straight up throat chottle win for the European, no contest.


Aminishiki vs. Kotoshogiku
Sloppy work from the geek, and a win for the sheek! From the dirt he pulls the front mawashi down, and then pushes the geek to bite the dust.

Tochiozan vs. Kotoshu
Koto leans too far forward, and when pushing with his legs, just slips on the dirt. Disappointing loss really, and the Ozei really should know better.

Kisenosato vs. Yoshikaze
Chalmers comment yesterday about “taking the garbage out” was really on the button. Yoshi tries a few shoulder barges, but Kisenosato uses his powerful pneumatic arms to just “Reagan smash” Yoshi out.

Hakuho vs. Tochinowaka
Nice and clean, off the tachiai, a wuick grip on the mawashi and in fine form today, a uwatenagi throw down. No need to say who all this was by eh???

Well, that’s it! Sorry if this wasn’t the best written reports.. I’ll go back to nursing meself better…


L. Bertrum

5 responses to “Haru Basho: Day 3

  1. Well, I am humbled. I had dreamed of running a fiesty campaign of trash talk in these comments. Instead, I am going to have to go with begging… Don’t lose, Homey! You go up against Chiyonokuni for the first time tomorrow. If you can’t win the bout, at least, for god’s sake don’t lose the bout.

    • I left a mildly gloat-y comment about Goedo’s Day 3 besting of your Homey below the Day 2 recap. I thought about trash-talking further here, but you sound pathetic, so I won’t kick you further while you’re down.

      • Hajinochikara

        Thanks. I guess. It funny, my back up rikishi is sucking and the guy I am really holding my breath for (Baruto) is rocking out.

  2. Glad to see Aoiyama pick up another win. Couldn’t agree more about Bart either. Gambare!

  3. I know? Right? Couldn’t agree with you more on Baruto. Baruto brought me to sumo, and If you look, you’\ll see that my very first post was to support him. Go Bart!

    I’m just mad he got married. (okay, I’m married too, but still…)

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