Haru 2012 Day 4

Ya’ll will have to forgive my less verbose post today, I am in the process of moving back to Japan, and time is not on my side, a least in as much as writing reports goes.  Anyways, first bout I want to point out today is the exact reason we like Sakumayama here at S&S.  If you haven’t seen it take a gander here.  The boy has got success tattooed on his ass.  Also of note in the lower ranks, Osunaarashi had his first sumo bout in maezumo on day 3 here is the video.  He has some stuff to polish up, but he’s looking good.  There might be some criticism for his shit-eating grin he wears the whole time, but hey, I would be doing the same thing.  We got our eye on you buddy (or Boody, as he likes being called), keep the good work, man.

Recently I kind of have seen juryo as a junk drawer.  There is always something good in there, but its never a.) what you were looking for, or b.) easy to find.  How about today, you ask? Well let’s see… Masuraumi, Tokushoryu…nothing interesting there, Hokutokuni, Arawashi… ugh, that was embarrassing… Bushuyama, Oiwato, can’t use that one today…wow, people still lose to Kimurayama?…OOOHHH Masunoyama, Kitaharima, I do like Masunoyama, decent bout for him today, that guy has a heart made of ganbare but not what I’m looking for…  Robocop, he’s always good for a watch, what’s he got today?  Eewww, not much, but more than Nionoumi.

Come on there has to be something good in here…  Ugh, Kaisei!  Really? What a slump…a Makuuchi has-been battle…No way… Even Chiyotairyu and Sotairyu was a bit disappointing… Alright, I guess that was a good bout between Sagatsukasa and Kotoyuki.  Well, no keepers today.  Maybe there’ll be a gem tomorrow.

Let’s hope makuuchi has something better to offer.  I have decided that from now on I’m going to save us both time and use what I call the henka buzzer.  Whenever a henka is successfully used I’m just gonna buzz past it.  If it is not successful then I will buzz past the henka and just report the real meat of the bout.  I invite my fellow commentators to join me in its use.  We clear?  Great.  Onward and upward.

Tamawashi – Ikioi – Ikioi stepped it up today, but his shinnyumaku jitters seem to be getting the best of him. 3-1, 0-4

Kitataiki – Takanoyama – BUZZ!  Takanoyama gets a win.  3-1, 1-3

Shotenro – Wakanosato – Bad backward-moving footwork on Wakanosato’s part take him to .500, and move Tenro up to 3-1.

Daido – Hochiyama – Long belt battle here, and perhaps I’m wrong, but it sounded like one of them was snoring or possessed during this bout.  Gyoji had to stop the bout to retie Hochiyama’s mawashi.  Well, that retie bust have given Hochi the extra support and confidence he needed, because it was only a short few seconds before an uwatenage brought him to 2-2, 1-3 for Daido.

Asasekiryu – Takarafuji – BUZZ! Asa’s heka didn’t work, but he still managed an inside right grip which, with some maneuvering got him the win. 2-2 each.

Sadanofuji – Fujiazuma – Pretty evenly matched, but Fuji’s tsuppari seemed to lose steam early, which spelled W-I-N for Sada. 1-3, 3-1

Okinoumi – Tenkaiho – Fairly easy yorikiri win for Casanova.  3-1, 4-0

Aoiyama – Takekaze – BUZZ! Win for Aoiyama.  3-1, 2-2

Miyabiyama – Toyohibiki – Beeker managed to absorb a fair amount of Yabber’s tusppari, but couldn’t mount a successful attack and a slip to the side and a slap down got Yabbers the win.  3-1, 2-2.

Takayasu – Goeido – A good tachiai from Kool-eid, but he was too low.  Takayasu took advantage, like a good boy should.  Taka is 4-0 on par for a special prize, Eido falls to 2-2.

Chiyonokuni – Homasho – Best bout so far today.  Close calls on both sides, with a smorgasbord of attempted kimarite, but a cool head and solid foot work kept Homey on top.  1-3, 2-2.

Toyonoshima – Shohozan – Toyo did a great job neutralizing Shoho’s thrusting, and turned this into a belt battle, Shoho took Toyo to the bales, but failed to close the deal.  Again Shoho pushed for the win, but Toyo countered and pulled out the shitatedashinage win. 3-1, 2-2.

Wakakoyu – Tochinoshin – Good offense from Waka, bad defense from Tochi, who just couldn’t get set. 1-3,  1-3.

Aran – Yoshikaze – half a BUZZ for Aran.  He was able to regain and keep Yoshi at bay long enough to get a slap down win.  2-2 for Alan, and a goose egg for Yoshi.

Tochiozan – Aminishiki – An early slap down attempt by the sneak left the door open for Ozan to get the win, via a pull down after some good footwork led the sneak to the bales. 3-1 a piece.

Kisenosato – Gagamaru – Gaga looked to have this one in the bag, but kissy slipped to the side at the bales, and Gaga never got his momentum back again.  Oshidashi for the Kid, another bad day in the meatgrinder for the Lady 2-2, 0-4.  Anyone else smell a slight fishy odor at this point?

Tochinowaka – Harumafuji – Not the best showing from Tochi, but good forward moving stuff from Harry. 1-3, 4-0

Baruto – Kakuryu – Good lateral motion from the Kak kept Bluto on the move, without much momentum.  An attempted okuridashi by the Kak was surprisingly avoided but a spry looking Bart.  Bart got his usual double outside over the back grip, but relentless forward pressure led to a yoritaoshi for the little guy. 3-1 for Bart, and a big dent in his chance at a yusho.  4-0 for the Kak, I guess that shoulder problem ain’t much of a promblem after all.

Kyokutenho – Kotoshogiku – Hug-n-chug win for the Geek. 0-4, 3-1.

Myogiryu – Kotooshu – Myogi couldn’t get started in this bout.  perhaps he was thinking of pick-a-nick baskets, or meat-grinders. 0-4, 3-1.

Hakuho – Tokitenku – BUZZ! Again more proof that Hakuho is, in effect, henka proof. 4-0, 0-4

Here’s your leader board:

4-0 Hakuho, Harumafuji, Kakuryu, and Takayasu.

Well, that’s all for me this basho.  I’ll throw in some comments when I get the chance.  I leave you in the competent, yet filthy, hands of Connolly for your day 5 report.

3 responses to “Haru 2012 Day 4

  1. Of course I have my eye on Sakumayama – I was even MORE impressed with his win on Day One – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0Mf_PlIY4c&list=PLFC818DED0DFE61B6&index=33&feature=plpp_video

    The unofficial kimarite is “The Ol’ Fred Flintsone Twinkle Toes” maneuver – good only in stone bowling and sumo.

    When a guy has good throws OR is very strong OR is big – he can be a very good sumo wrestler. When a guy can win just as he looks like he is going to lose – he can be great. It’s one of the things that made me such a big fan of Asashoryu – and a fan of sumo as a result. (Not that Sakumayama is going to be an Asashoryu – mind you.)

    He’s 23 – but I am really hoping he can put on some more muscle in the next year so that he can use all his tools against the big boys…

  2. Ok, Homasho is back on his game. I liked his bout today. Homasho has Aran tomorrow (DoS of 2, and an overall head-to-head in Homie’s favor). I am a bit worried though. Watching Homie and Aran fight is like watching order battle chaos. Homie’s tightly controlled sumo style contrasts drastically with Aran’s frantic search for any opportunity to win. Here’s hoping Homie keeps it together tomorrow.

    I am worried for Baruto now. Kakuryu wasn’t one of the rikishi I thought Bart would lose to. If Bart can keep his momentum up, he should be able to take out Kotooshu no problem – half of the reason he loses to Oshu’s size makes him exhausting to beat for a big guy (easier to be smaller against Oshu) and the other half of the reason he loses to Oshu is because Oshu does have some skills when his mojo is with him.

    If Baruto keeps up the momentum, Oshu’s mojo will flee faster than a gyoji can say “nokotta.” That momentum should also give him the ability to power through the size factor and beat the 2 meter man.

    Baruto has three other obstacles, his own mojo, Kotoshogiku, and Harumafuji. I am worried about these, Bart’s mojo seems a bit weak after this last bout, and Kotoshogiku and Harumafuji are coming on stronger than an elephant’s fart.

  3. Just a note for people who are following their rikishi using DoS. Right now there are 20 possible DoS points (5 possible points each bout). If your rikishi is currently between 8 and 10 DoS points, they are well ranked. If they are below 8, they are under ranked and if they are over 10, they are over ranked.

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