Haru Basho: Day 5

Winter here in northern Tōhoku is finding it hard to loosen its grip on spring. The two are currently locked in some atmospheric version of yotsu-zumo. Just last week, spring had winter backpedaling around the bales of Akita, but with a last ditch effort coupled with an unexpected band of low pressure, winter went makikae and regained itself. But after a long basho winter is starting to show signs of fatigue and spring is simply waiting for the perfect moment to finish off winter and maintain its perfect winning record…

Shotenro vs Hochiyama
Sho had a great start, and gaining a great advantage. He had to employ a load before he could finally pick up the win though. He used face pushes, tried a leg trip, but finally got a double grip and drove for a yorikiri win.

Takanoyama vs Ikioi
Ikioi has tried 4 times to get his first win in the top division all of which have been in vain. Takanoyama having beaten Kitataiki yesterday via a nasty henka (but fully expected from such a tiny wrestler), tried another one today. It was pretty awful though, and grained very little from it. He is very lively though and Ikioi couldn’t wrap him up. Just when he though he had him wrapped up, with a solid mawashi grip, Takanoyama pulls off a beautiful, beautiful kawazugake, or hooking backward counter throw! I love this guy!

Takarafuji vs Wakanosato
Wakanosato did everything to win, until the very end where Takarafuji stepped to the side and allowed Waka simply hop out of the ring all by himself.

Tamawashi vs Fujiazuma
Tamawashi manhandles Fujizuma all around the ring and eventually to the ground via tsukiotoshi.

Daido vs Kitataiki
Kita was probably pissed after being henka-ed yesterday. He tried pushing Daido upright before going belt to belt, and dogging on to drive Daido out.

Tenkaiho vs Aoiyama
First time for these boys to dance together on the dohyo. Aoi looked to be in complete control of this fight launching throwing attempts both left and right, but Tenkaiho withstood them all even though hopping around on one food many times. Aoi even tried a leg trip mid way, but eventually wore himself out and before Tenkaiho launched the final throw. Aoi tried to counter but couldn’t.

Sadanofuji vs Asasekiryu
Sada tried to keep Asa away from his belt, but Asa got a left hand frontal grip and stayed very low. Sada focused on breaking that grip and succeeded but Asa got back in, tried a throw which didn’t work but the drove forward to victory.

Miyabiyama vs Takekaze
Takekaze decided to avoid Creswell’s BUZZ word and actually hit met Miyabi in straight on. Miyabi, who was probably a little surprised to not be henka-ed, slapped Take around like a rag doll. But just as he was about to give the final shove the Akitian slapped on the hands of the ex-ozeki and spun around into the man-love position that we all know and love, and escorted him out. Unlucky stuff for Miyabi.

Okinoumi vs Toyohibiki
Toyohibiki got one hand under Okinoumi’s armpit and the other in his face. The armpit was used to raise Oki up and the face shove was used to push him back and out for a descent win. Okinoumi allowed himself to be completely neutralised today.

Chiyonokuni vs Goeido
Goeido opened with a nice solid slap to the face of Chiyonokuni who was trying a tsuppari slapping. Goeido held his ground, absorbing a few power-lacking pushes before digging in pushing forward and then slapping down Chiyo. I’d like to say that Goeidos slap down was well timed today, but it seems to be something that he tries way too often. It worked today, usually it doesn’t.

Shohozan vs Takayasu
Takayasu was the first of the undefeated rikishi to step onto the dohyo. There to greet him was Shohozan with a 2-2 record. Taka came out with a tsuppari attack. Shoho was hoping things would settle down a little and that he could get a sniff of a mawashi. But the only break Taka took was a slap down attempt that didn’t work. Shoho recovered somewhat and tried to drive forward. It was about that time that Takayasu enguaged in round 2 of tsuppari, and said to hell with the pull down attempt. He drove forward and earned his 5th straight win with style.

Homasho vs Aran
BUZZ!! Aran attempted an awful henka, one that wasn’t even nearly successful. Homasho… actually Aran recovered and both wrestlers were playing holdy-hands for a while. Then Aran tried a pull down, didn’t work. So he tried again, and it did. Usually Homasho doesn’t get pulled down like that. But I guess Aran got a good grip on the back of Homey’s head and using the great strength that he has, managed to pull it off.

Toyonoshima vs Wakakoyu
Waka came in with a paw for Toyo’s neck with the hope of raising him up. But Toyo had come in low and wasn’t going to be raised up, instead had some lift to offer instead. He then slipped back and dropped Waka to the ground.

Myogiryu vs Kyokutenho
Both men came into today with 0-4 losing records, one destined to break the streak, one destined to continue it for another day at least. Myogiryu got one hand under the armpit and the other on the front of Kyoku’s belt, who was left struggling for a descent grip. The Myog the drove forward with great speed, too fast to allow the counter throw that was waiting when Kyoku’s foot hit the bales. Good first win for Myogiryu.

Kakuryu vs Aminishiki
And now on to Kakuryu, our second undefeated fighter of the day, taking on Aminishiki, with surprisingly only one loss thus far. All cameras were focusing on Kakuryu since he entered the arena, the crowd was reacting very well to him too. The snake didn’t henka today, and as the enguaged completely legitimately Kakuryu slipped back and with a hand on the snakes scaly head pulled him forward and sent him out of the ring.

Tochinoshin vs Kotooshu
These two tall guys locked up into migiyotsu-zuma. Kotooshu had his belt tied very loosely today, and that combined with his slight height advantage gave him the advantage and powered Tochinoshin out.

Kisenosato vs Tokitenku
Kissy came out of the tachi-ai and then stopped before hit hit Tokitenku. Tengu on the other hand had a leg sweep trick planned, so also stopped before hitting. Then Tokitenku kicked the inside of Kisenosato’s leg and then pulled him down. Kissy hit the ground and then the Mongolian stepped out. A mono-ii was called but I don’t know why. Great first win for Tokitenku. Kissy slips to 2-3

Yoshikaze vs Harumafuji
Harry opened with a slap to face but wasn’t expecting Yoshi to be coming in as fast as he was. Yoshi got his head into the chest of Harumafuji and pushed forward. Harry was on the bales now and he legs bended to absorb the pressure, immediately Yoshi reversed and pulled down the ozeki to hand him his first loss, and gain his own first win.

Baruto vs Tochinowaka
Baruto opened with a strong nodowa push into Tochinowaka’s throat and riased him up, pushed him back and out.

Tochiozan vs Kotoshogiku
Tochiozan has only lost to Hakuho before stepping into the ring today, having beaten Kisenosato, Kotooshu, and Aminishiki. He came in hard today and was driving Koto back while also protecting his mawashi. Kotoshogiku had little to work with but kept the lateral pressure on Tochiozan. This kept him alive and eventually he got his preferred grip and belly humped Tochiozan back and out. Good stuff from the ozeki today, he help on where many of the others would have lost. Kotoshigiku had a big smile after his win, he knew it was a big one!

Hakuho vs Gagamaru
Gagamaru must be one of the only rikishi that can actually make Hakuho look a little small! Hakuho hit hard but didn’t move the mountain back, he quickly went for the belt but decided to more simply toss the giant to the clay with a beltless arm throw.

Day 6 will be brought to you from the distinguished gentleman known as Virgil Valentine.

One response to “Haru Basho: Day 5

  1. Damn. Chaos wins.

    Shohozan goes up against Homasho for the first time ever on Day 6.

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