Haru Basho 2012: Mid-basho Storylines

I’ve been quite pleased with how this basho is playing out.  It is the first one in a long time with an interesting yusho race, and a potential yokozuna promotion (merited or not) to boot. The top three storylines I am following mid-basho are:

Storyline 1: The 4 way yusho race: Hakuho, Kakuryu, Baruto, and Shotenro.  Here are some scenarios:

Scenario a:

Baruto faces Hakuho and beats him.  Kakuryu maintains his momentum and we have a yusho play-off between Kak and Bart – Bart will come into that scenario at a disadvantage, having lost his only bout this basho to Kakuryu.

Scenario b:

Baruto loses to Hakuho.   Hakuho loses to Haruma.  Kakuryu loses to … someone?  Who, though?  The three of them come into the final day with 13-2 records.  In that scenario, Kakuryu would have already beaten both those rikishi once this basho.

Scenario c:

Shotenro wins the yusho as WWF style women smack the aging audience in Osaka with folding chairs and dance provocatively inside the ring (I give these two events equal probabilities of happening).

Storyline 2: Kisenosato fails to get his kachikoshi

This is a storyline unlikely to play out, but at 5-4 it is a remote possibility.

Storyline 3: Takanoyama’s impending demotion

Takanoyama is sitting at 3-6 right now at M16.  After Montana’s report yesterday, I will be following this guy in Makuuchi while he lasts.  Rooting against all hope that he pulls out a kachikoshi… or at least prolongs his makekoshi by as many days as possible.

What storylines are you following?

3 responses to “Haru Basho 2012: Mid-basho Storylines

  1. I am still considering this one in the bag as I see Hakuho delivering Baruto’s ass to him on a platter and Kakuryu still has plenty of time to lose. The Kak still has to go up against the Eurozeki and the Geek, to which he has gone 12-9 and 8-11 respectively meaning that this thing is anything but over.

    The other big storyline that I am seeing this basho is that Makuuchi has finally settled down a year after a big chunk of sekitori got the axe in Osaka. None of the Shinyumakus are doing that great this time around and none of the lower mainstays are doing overly horrible. All signs point to an upper divsion that has finally figured out who belongs there,

  2. I’m following the storyline of Kakuryu being promoted to Ozeki. Coming off two 10 win performances, 13 wins this time gives him the “traditional” 33 wins in three tournaments, 12 wins gives him the same 32 that was enough to promote Kisenosato two tournaments ago. With wins against the top two (Hakuho and Baruto) this basho, and the fact he’s been one of the best rikishi for a couple of years, it will difficult to deny him promotion.

  3. If he doesn’t get 33 or 34 wins I will be shocked if he gets the promotion. This is honestly my pessimistic side coming out but history is a fickle fickle dude and I don’t expect that same pleasantries offered to Kisenosato will be offered to Kakuryu.

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