Haru Basho 2012: Day 9

I usually tend to enjoy the day 7 – 10 bouts as people try to get their wins, Lets take a look and see how today shapes up…

Takarafuji Vs. Shotenro
Taka engages with a good grip on the Mawa, but Shotenro steps back and uses the momentum to swing him around and almost out the rope. Taka digs in and pushes off the rope. He then tries to pull off an uwatenage, but fails. Then the two lock in a hug – with Shotenro obtaining a right hand outside grip. Shoto bides his time before obtaining a successful Suikuinage, gaining his 08th win.

Kitataiki vs. Tamawashi
Kita goes in low, and Tama.. not quite henkas, but tries to push his head down. The
two then lock with the same left hand grip. Kita gets his right hand on as well, and tries
to lift Tama over the the rope, but can&t left him high enough. Tama tries to turn this around and push Kita out, but slips and falls for a Sotogake!

Daido vs. Takanoyama
I was rooting for Taka, and he started well. Bouncing around like a bunny, and I thought he was gunna dislocate Daido’s arm by the way he was jiggling it. Seems he got a bit too agile though, as he also slips! Tsukiotoshi

Hochiyama vs. Tenkaiho
Very slow bout, but I thought it was gunna be a straight up yorikiri. I was wrong. Tenkai recovers, with a rh grip. He tries his turn to push out Hochi, but fails to get him over the rope. Another wait. Hochi with a left hand/outside grip and Tenka with right inside. More grunts, and the guys are panting heavy now. Hochi makes another attempt, same result. He tries again, but this time he kinda slips and Tenakaiho helps to push him down.

Asasekiryu vs. Wakanosato
Both kinda danced a little off the tachiai, ending up on opposing sides of the ring. but when they settle down, Asa had nothing against waka, who yorikiried the fuck out of him!

Sadanofuji vs. Ikioi
A straight yorikiri, but Ikioi struggled getting him over the rope. He actually slips, and I was worried he blew it! But, Sadanofuji stepped out beforehand.

Fujiazuma vs. Toyohibiki
Toyo takes the fore, and almost yorikiried him flat out. But, Fuji recovers off the bales but lacked owt else to come up with. Toyo pushes again, and this time succeeds. 3 yorokiris in a row!

Takayasu vs. Okinoumi
Taka goes for the throat, and has him on the back foot. Oki recovers, and then it gets a bit scrappy – with a painful looking yank on the butt thong for Oki. Both look to try for the same shitatenage, and Taka slips.. but not before Oki hits the dust.

Aoiyama vs. Goeido
Very uninteresting Oshidashi for Goeido

Shohazan vs. Miyabiyama
E-Honda slaps from the two, with Miyabi on the attack. He moves into a right hand grip, and easily pushes Shohozan out.

Takekaze vs. Homasho

Lot of slipping on the ropes. Take puts both hands on his head, and tries to force him down, but fails.Homasho charges forward, and Takekaze just seems to run backwards and out. Disappointing

Wakakoyu vs. Chiyonokuni
Another E-Honda start. This bout looked exactly like Shohozanz earlier – Chiyo though also slips down. You know, I must say Im not too impressed with todays bouts. Lots of slip-ups!

Kyokutenho vs. Tochinoshin

Both start with good grips on the mawashi, trying to lift each other up, but unsuccessfully. Not much prgress really made, but Tochi seemed to tire quicker, and Kyoku gets him out.

Myogiryu vs. Yoshikaze
two false starts, but Myogiryu is on thw attack, but you guessed it. Yoshi steps back, and Myo slips and falls.

Tokitenku vs. Tochiozan
Oh boy! looked like Tokitenku kicked Tochi in the nuts! But Tochi presses forward and gets him out oshidashi

Gagamaru vs. Aminishiki
As much as I don&t like Aminishiki, he didnt deserve what he got at the end of this bout. Very scrappy, pushes and some mawashi grips, broken. Gaga on the whole though is dominating. He gets his head in low, his right hand pressing the mawashi and his left hand pressing his throat. The sheek trips on the rope, and and falls off the Doyo, thwacking his blades and head on the ground. For a moment there I thought he knocked himself out. But he’s ok.

Aran vs. Harumafuji
Both here looked to be in a boxing ring! Stepping in, stepping back the re-engaging. Haruma however, digs his shoulder up in under aran and forces him out.

Baruto vs. Toyonoshima
Toyo goes in low, and tries to get in under the hulk. Baruto thought, gets a good grip on his mawashi and just kinda walks him out.
Baruto gets his 8

Tochinowaka vs. Kotoshogiku
Koto goes in low, grips his mawa and truffle shuffles Tochi out. Nice n easy.

Kisenosato vs. Kotooshu
Very Quick! Oshu just bear hugs him off the tachiai and just launches himself forward, and out. Koto on 7-2

Hakuho vs. Kakuryu
Best bout of the day! A heavy engagement. And Kak is giving Hak a run for his money, almost puching him down. They engage in, and Kak gets a good right hand grip on his mawashi. Hak though, grips that right hand and puts a lot of pressure on him. He charges, but fails – switching his right grip for a left. Hak also manages a right hand inside grip. Hak tries to feint a left outside grip, and switch to an inside under the arm. He fails, and kak pushes Hak forward and out!

Well thats it! Not the best day to watch, but a couple of worthwhile moments! Well done to Kakuryu, now on 8-1

L. Bertrum

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