Haru Basho 2012: Day 10

It seems a little weird being more than half way through the basho and only starting to report now.  I mean its not like I haven’t been keeping tabs on the guys… just feels like I came a little late to the party.  Everyone’s got either a buzz on or already blew themselves to completion, and I’m just here starting to pour myself a glass saying, “Hey, guys… I’m here too.”  As I look at the floor and walk silently toward the bathroom.   So, now from the toilet hearing the party in the distance and more vocally Bertrum going on about how the commonwealth should keep with the his motherland, I report to you the uncharted territory of Day 10.  There’s a twist somewhere….. Just wait for it.

Takarafuji vs Tamawashi

I’m not going to lie I usually don’t expect anything from these earlier bouts in the sense of being entertaining, but this one wasn’t so bad.  From the start there was no grip grabbing or anything.  Tamawashi went straight for the pushes.  At first they were at a stand still both trying to push the other back to make some ground.  Slowly, Takara’s feet move back and he retreats to the side.  Not like this mattered any because Tama was quick to follow. Takara then tries to grip Tama under his arms and perform a side takedown and fails.  They both recover and assume a low stance and head at each other. Then Takara moves a little to the side and Tama charges at nothing.  Takara being a little to the side and follows expecting to just give that last push.  However, at the edge of the ring Tama  stops himself and pushes Takara out.

Shotenro vs. Fujiazuma

I don’t think there was any question who’d win.  Shotenro goes into tachiai gets the upper hand and yorikiris his opponents ass.  Classy.

Sadanofuji vs. Takanoyama

I dunno… I’d like to feel sorry for Taka but I really can’t.  He kinda tried to put up a fight… he really couldn’t though.  At tachai Sada came in with an E. Honda barrage of arm thrusts that eventually caused Taka to head out of the ring.

Okinoumi vs. Kitataki

From the get go Okinoumi seemed to be on the losing side.  Kita almost took him out faster than Taka went our in the previous bout.  But,  Oki recovered and proceeded to enter the bear hug formation.  From the angle it seems that Oki has a semi mawashi grip and a under arm while perhaps Kita has two mawashi grips.  Oki tries a very weak takedown switch essentially makes him lose his arm grip and off his balance.  Kita capitalizes and takes Oki to the other side of the ring and out.  Can’t win them all buddy.

Hochiyama vs. Takekaze

Not much to say bout the Kid from Moriyoshi who seems to soil its name every time I report on him.  Take goes head on at tachiai and once they smash together uses that special wind from Moriyoshi to sweep to the side and push the down.

Wakanosato vs.Toyohibiki

What I can only explain as an all or nothing lunge… Toyohibiki rushes at Wakanosato.  Waka is taken aback and it’s a race to see whether Toyo can keep up long enough to send Waka out.  He does and wins.

Wakakoyu vs. Miyabiyama

A pretty sloppy bout, but relatively fun to watch.   Miyabiyama starts off with some tsuppari … surpise…Wakakoyu just knocks his hands down goes to the side and tries to knock him down.   They both then try to push each other’s upper body.  Waka hugs Miyabs and tries to force him out.  However Miyabs tries to take Waka down.  They both end up on the ground with Waka called the victor.

Takayasu vs. Aran

WEAK.  Taka goes in. Aran steps back.  Aran pushes Taka down.

Homasho vs. Tochinoshin

At tachiai they meet and Tochi is a bit too high.  They both seem to have under arm grips.  They grunt it out a little, and then Tochi pushes Homasho down and almost gets him.  Homasho quickly recovers and pushes Tochi back to the ring. Homasho then grabs the mawashi and spins Tochi to the other edge. You think at this point the match is over, but somehow Tochi recovers.  Homasho pushes with a fury.  Eventually, they both fall on each other with Homasho winning.

Kyokutenho vs. Yoshikaze

Another poor display by my once revered rikishi.  At tachiai Kyoku stops an attempted henka by Yoshi and pushes him all the way to the edge where Kyoku topples on Yoshi.  Kyoku wins.

Kakuryu vs. Tochinowaka

Not an easy win for Kaks.  He goes in low and Tochi tries to lift him up and back.  This seems to work until Kak gets a mawashi grip and pushes Tochi back and almost out of the ring.  Tochi with a mawashi as well at this point attempts a side take down at the edge. Kak avoids it by hopping to the side and immediately presses forward.  A little off balance Tochi is taken to the edge and out.  Nice bout by Kaks.

Toyonoshima vs, Kotooshu

They go in at each other both being a little low.  Kotooshu trying to get a momentum going pushes Toyo back.  Realizing this Toyo jiggles to the side and tries a push down.  As Toyo does this Kotooshu is still going toward Toyo.  Toyo gets completely out of the way and guides Kotooshu out of the ring.

Kisenosato vs. Myogiryu

Not interesting. Myogiryu emphatically arm thrusting at Kise and Kise slowly moving forward swatting the arms down.  When Kise gets close enough, he pushes Myogiryu out.

Baruto vs. Tochiozan

Another fast bout.  They met at the tachiai and grip each other. Baruto then just swings him around and down on the floor.  Hey, nice maneuver!

Kotoshogiku vs. Harumafuji

Haruma pulls a henka take down….

Hakuho vs. Aminishiki

The bout start with them trying to play grab a grip.  Aminishiki then retreats a little and feign attempts to go in for something. Hakuho eventually goes in, gets the grip, twirls him around and BOOM. Done.

So, Day 10 ends with Hakuho and Kak tied for the lead.  Ozeki promotion looking good perhaps for good ole Kakky.  And I can’t forget the twist….


6 responses to “Haru Basho 2012: Day 10

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t we going into day 11 with a four way tie for the yusho? Hakuho and Kak are there for sure, but so are Barty and Shotenro. I’m holding out hope for the Eurozeki, been a fan of him for a few years now (that’s weird to say, has it really been that long?) and if they’re going to throw the yoko nod at him I’d at least like him to earn it. He’s beaten Hakuho in the past, I’d love to see it happen again.

  2. Samuél de Gama

    Yeah, my bad to leave ol’bart out. At least with Shotenro I just assume he won’t beat the others in the end. It’s true that Barts got a chance to get Zuna’d but Im doubtful he’ll be able to cut the same grade of cheese consistently.

    • Bart just fought his day 11 match… Really Baruto? Kotooshu?! That’s how this is going down? You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Samuél de Gama

        Yeah… Sucks bad for Team Bart..
        I guess I was several hours too early on that comment. Here’s to the Kak!!!

  3. That wasn’t a henka by Harumafuji. The Geek was off balance and looking down.

  4. I agree with Matagiyama on the Harumafuji maneuver. The artist formerly known as Ama came in straight on then after contact immediately shifted. That’s not forward moving sumo, but it’s not a henka either,

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