Retired Sekitori Update

We like to say that “Tohoku wa semai seikai” meaning that Northern Japan is a small world.  Indeed that is the truth.  It just so happens that I happen to be drinking buddys with the  brother-in-law of one of the Sekitori that was forced to retire in the wake of the yaocho scandal.  Well it so happens that work ended a bit early tonight, and therefore I had to catch the last train home.  After a long day I was seeking refreshment, and I was thinking that a frosty german rauchbeer would hit the spot.

So i stopped into my favorite beer bar and lo and behold, there was my buddy.  He informed me that his brother-in-law (former Tokitsukaze beya rikishi Shimotori) was doing well and is now managing a chicken farm in Fukuoka, and is thinking of opening a chanko nabe joint (apparently Shimotori made some of the best chanko nabe in the heya).

So, for those of my friends, and our readers, in Japan, whenever you grab a yakitori, or a chikin katsu (especially if you are in Kyushu) there is a chance it came from Shimotori’s farm.

Enjoy the rest of the basho!

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