Haru Basho 2012: Kachikoshi Update

Here are the rikishi broken down by their relationship to 8 on day 12.  Thoughts where I have them, none where I don’t. Let us know which rikishi you have thoughts on. 

Rikishi Who Have Their Eight

Kakuryu 10-1 – Having a hell of basho.  If Hakuho loses one, please lose one, too.

Hakuho 10-1  – Do we have more losses ahead?  What’s the plan?

Baruto 9-2 – Don’t lose anymore and pray that Kakuryu and Hakuho each lose one.

Harumafuji 9-2 – Doing his own brand of sumo as usual.

Shotenro 9-2  – Now he’s up against the big guys.  Good luck, buddy.

Goeido 8-3 – If things were as they should be, Homasho would have his kachikoshi, and Goeido would be sweating at 7.

Toyonoshima 8-3  – Huh.

Rikishi Who Are Up For Their Eight

Kotoshogiku 7-4 – Which other Ozeki has a 7-4 record?

Kotooshu 7-4  – Oh right, Kotooshu… well I guess both can take solace in not being Kissy.

Aran 7-4 – Its like watching a cat claw its way out of bucket of water… not pretty.

Homasho 7-4 – Don’t let me down, Homie!

Wakanosato 7-4 – Haven’t been watching you closely enough this basho.

Toyohibiki 7-4  – Looking good this basho.  Get that kachikoshi.

Tamawashi 7-4

Kitataiki 7-4

Takayasu 7-4

Rikishi Who Ain’t Got Eight

Takekaze 6-5 – Get your kachikoshi, but don’t do better.  Stay where you make things interesting.

Kisenosato 6-5 – I think you must be lost, sir, your rank says Ozeki.

Okinoumi 5-6 – Oki, pick up the pace.

Aoiyama 5-6

Takarafuji 5-6

Miyabiyama 5-6

Tenkaiho 5-6

Shohozan 5-6

Wakakoyu 5-6

Fujiazuma 5-6

Rikishi Teetering on the Edge of the Wrong Kind of Eight

Asasekiryu 4-7

Gagamaru 4-7

Sadanofuji 4-7

Daido 4-7

Ikoi 4-7

Tochinowaka 4-7

Aminishiki 4-7

Tochiozan 4-7

Rikishi Who Have The Wrong Kind of Eight

Takanoyama 3-8 – Montana will be awaiting your return, I think.

Myogiryu 3-8 – Pretty good considering you’re at M1 on your third basho in Makuuchi.  Get a few more wins.

Yoshikaze 3-8  – You’ve made Connelly sad.

Tokitenku – 3-8

Chiyonokuni 3-8

Hochiyama 3-8

Kyokutenho 2-9

Tochinoshin 1-10

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