Haru Basho 2012: Day 12

Well, it seems like it was only a couple of days since I last was writing one of these.  And yes it was.  Its been a solid basho… full of ups and downs. Hopes shattering and some yet to shatter.  And as I sit here today wondering if and when the next disappointment is going to be, I think about how already this year of sumo has churned more out of me then the entire year past.  Now let me get a towel to clean myself off  and I’ll dive right in this report with you.

Sadanofuji vs. Daido
Its always nice to start a sumo watching session with pathetic displays.  Regardless, the two whack into eachother and the force of the knock forces Sada to the side.  Both recover and Sada proceeds to weakly tsuppari Daido.  Daido get in low and pulls Sada down.

Takanoyama vs. Aoiyama
Might I say classic Takanoyama on this bout.  Aoiyama rushes in at first and forces Taka back with an arm choke to the neck.  Aoiyama follows this up with some tsuppari.  After a little bit of struggling Taka recovers and then grabs on to Aoi’s arm. Taka pulls Aoi by his arm in a circle… probably trying to swing him out of the ring. However, Aoi breaks the Taka’s grab and goes in for the mawashi grab.  He doesn’t get so Aoi locks Taka’s arm and force pushes Taka out.

Okinoumi vs. Hochiyama
Not so bad of a bout… Both go in at tachiai and Hochiyama immediately locks Oki’s arm.  Once he had the lock he moves to the side, probably expecting Oki to lose some balance.  Oki cares not about this… he just hugs the guy and forces Hochi back and out. Solid.

Takarafuji vs. Miyabiyama
What is with this day? I haven’t seen so many tsuppari’s consecutively… I mean I don’t know what I was expecting with Miyabiyama, but if you fight him expect a tsuppari! Come on Takara… Anyways, Takara goes in at the start and surprise, surprise… Miyabiyama goes for the arm choke to the neck then the tsuppari.  Then quickly Miyabs steps back and tries a sneaky pull down which utterly fails.  So screw it, right … how bout some more tsuppari.  Logical.  After dancing around the ring in constant tsuppari for like 15-20 seconds with ever so often failed take downs, Takara retreats to the edge of the ring most likely to compose himself. But, Miyabi quickly pushes him up then pushes him out.

Takayasu vs. Kitataiki
Good match by Kitataiki.  At taichiai both go in low and try to force one to lose ground. Taka then starts some tsuppari and Kitataiki fights his arms off.  In doing so Kita loses his balance and Taka almost successfully pulls him down.  However, Taka seems to move back I little too much and can’t properly pull do it.  This gives Kita some time to recover, but Taka rushes in quickly.  Kita proceeds to grip the mawashi and forces Taka back and out.  Congrats on his KK.

Wakanosato vs. Goeido
Powerful display by Goeido.  He goes in low and fast and keeps a forward movement.  Wakanosato just kind of hubbles over and then out.

Wakaoyu vs. Fujiazuma
Both come in looking to choke or push the other out. Waka quickly steps back and pulls Waka down.

Asasekiryu vs. Homasho
From the start they rush in Homasho keeping it a little lower than Asa.  Homasho loses some ground then quickly over powers Asa and forces him back.  Asa tries to escape but eventually steps out.

Takekaze vs. Aran
Surprisingly the wind from Moriyoshi didn’t decide to henka this time.  He rushed in with his arms stretched out… probably trying to keep Aran upright. This works a bit and Aran moving backwards tries to push Take down.  This fails and Aran reaches the edge of the ring. Immediately Aran kind of pushes Take behind him in an attempt to force him out before Aran himself is out.  It works and they both fall out. Takekaze first. Aran wins.

Tochinoshin vs. Yoshikaze
A bout of no importance, but come on… you really think I wouldn’t report on the little sucker.  I guess Yoshi tries a little henka action, but Noshin was all over him.  Yoshi then scurries about for a little bit. Noshin had his number and plops him out and flushes the toilet.  Nice and clean, only three wipes…

Gagamaru vs. Tochinowaka
Lord Gaga is that much closer to gaining his KK.  His strength clearly displayed in this bout.  They both go in and the Lord slowly pushes him back and out.  Nice.

Kakuryu vs. Shotenro
It was only two days ago that this guy (Shotenro) was tied with Kaks.  I guess Tenros is losing his gas.  Tenro shows an impressive start by rushing in and pushing against Kaks chest.  Kak seemed to be losing ground a little and frantically tries to grip the mawashi.  While Kak is doing this Tenro gets Kak to the edge.  At this point I’m thinking Kak’s record is ruined, damn it.  However,  he gets the mawashi and forces Tenro back.  Kak gains the momentum and impressively moves him from one side of the ring to the other and BOOM. Out. One more win and one step closer to 14-1 vs 14-1 showdown with the Hak.

Myogiryu vs. Aminishiki
Myogi goes in at tachiai for a grip. Aminishiki pushes him back, and Myogi counters with some tsuppari and a neck choke.  This forces Amini back and ultimately out.  Good win for Myogi.

Baruto vs. Kotoshogiku
You got to feel sorry for the guy… I mean he almost had it.  I guess this proves that he just doesn’t have what it takes just yet.  Kotoshogiku goes in low and get a mawashi grip. Barto tries for something but gets nothing really.  Baruto circles around back clearly at a loss while the Geek is cement on his mawashi.  Baruto gets on the edge of the ring tries to lift the Geek, but steps out and crashes on the floor… just like his dreams of being Zuna’d.

Kisenosato vs. Toyonoshima
Quick bout. Kise goes in. Clearly losing at tachiai, Toyo retreats to the side. Keis follows applying the pressure and pushes Toyo out.

Tochiozan vs. Harumafuji
What happened, haha! Haruma rushes in then pushes Ozan up. Theres a split second of nothing, and then Haruma slaps Ozan in the face.  Immediately after Haruma grabs the mawashi and pressures him backwards and out. Damn entertaining!

Hakuho vs. Kootoshu

Haks rushes in and grabs some mawashi.  Oshu locks Haks arms and gets himself  one mawashi grip.  With his other hand, Oshu locks Haks arm.  After shaking his booty a little bit, Haks locks one of Oshu’s arms and tries a throw. He fails and they hug it out again. Haks quickly gains two hands on the mawashi and waits.  Oshu stands up a little and swtiches his grip so his arms in Haks’ arm pits.  Haks relinquishes one grip and pivots to the side using his other mawashi grip to swing Oshu to the side and out.  Nice work on Haks.

Now that that’s out of the way… I can prepare for the next gathering and for tonight’s long awaited drink with good ole Creswell!  See you soon!

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