Oshima-beya disbands, Isenoumi-beya moves to new location

The last practice of the Oshima-beya was held last week on the 16th, as the current Oshima-Oyakata approaches his 65th birthday this week on Wednesday. JSA members are required to retire after they reach their 65th birthday meaning that the Oshima stable had to find someone else to take leadership or shut down. Currently active rikishi from the stable include Kyokutenho and Kyokushuho (both mongolian-born). Koyokutenho, who is a naturalized Japanese citizen, was long thought to be in line to take over the stable from the current Oshima-Oyakata, but has decided that he would rather continue his current wrestling career instead. All of the current Oshima wrestlers will be folded into the Tomozuna stable whose sole active sekitori is the Brazilian Kaisei. According to Mainichi news, after the last practice, the oyakata was pondering his 30 year + years and started to slowly cry to himself when both Kyokutenho and Kyokusho walked in, recently having left the bath. Upon seeing their oyakata they also joined in on the tears and eventually gave each other the best circle jerk in recorded sumo-history. (That last part is not yet confirmed.)

Also, Iseonomi-beya, home of some ofthe most famous rikishi ever, recently moved from their home in the edogawa ward of tokyo to the bunkyo ward. Although the stables current sekitori is limited to the most-likely-recently-demoted-to-juryo Ikoi, they once hosted such sumo legends as Tanikaze and mother fucking Raiden. The current Isenoumi-Oyakata bought out his entire 5-floor apartment complex and transformed the first floor into a practice ring, and then switched out floors 2-4 for rooms for the rikishi and office space. He appears to have taken the 5th floor all for himself.

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