Natsu Basho: Moneyshot Roundup

Sorry for the tardiness of this post.  A few weeks ago, I was drinking some tea as I was typing up a paper, and thought that perhaps my laptop would like some, too.  I thought it might be a good idea to pour the remainder of my tea into my keyboard.  As it turns out, this was not such a good idea and I am now typing on a new keyboard.

Late though it may be, I am finally able to reenter life with a computer with the Natsu Basho Moneyshot Roundup.

The rules are simple.  Choose a rikishi who got a makekoshi last time and cheer for them in hopes that they will get a kachikoshi this time around.

Moneyshot will also have a winner:  the winner will be decided by The Ganbatta Factor.  Basically, you need to add up your cumulative Difficulty of Schedule (click here if you need to know how to calculate DoS) score for rikishi over the course of the tournament.  You can keep track by using this handy sheet.

Then, at the end of the basho, you can use the handy chart below to find out how many wins your rikishi was expected to get based on past performance.

Divide the actual number of wins your rikishi got by the number of expected wins and you will have your Ganbatta Factor.  (The top row shows what I would expect to see in terms of DoS for Yokozuna, Ozeki, Well-Ranked Makuuchi, and Overranked Makuuchi).

Alternatively, forget the math and just cheer.  Its always more fun when our comments section fills up.  Let us know who you are cheering for in the comments section below.

Your list of rikishi who got a Makekoshi last basho:




















4 responses to “Natsu Basho: Moneyshot Roundup

  1. Hajinochikara

    I’m going to expand my horizons a bit this basho and cheer for Sadanofuji. I don’t know much about the guy right now, but by the end of the basho, I will know if he has become my hero like Homasho or the opposite like Kimurayama.

  2. I’ll take Tochinowaka

  3. Myogiryu ^.^

  4. I’ll take Tochiozan.

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