Natsu Basho 2012 Day 4

This morning I woke up in a daze. I looked to my right and saw a blackboard. I looked to my left and saw three anekomushi going about their usual business. I remembered going to bed, but it wasn’t so long before. The taste of nihonshu flashed enough memories my way to remember where I was, Yagisawa, a super-remote, mountain area with a population of just 15 people. Last night I was drinking with the yougest inhabitant, a 53 year old. We met at the community center, a building that used to be a school many, many moons ago. The locals, the ones young enough to understand smart phones, go there to avail of the free Wi-fi so they can check emails and communicate with the world, as there is zero cellular reception. Their area has little to offer the regular consumer to comsume, and it’s nowhere near the image that many foreigners hold of Japan. But in terms of natural beauty and friendly natured people it’s second to none! …to omoimasu

Anyway, enough with my pointless stories.

Asasekiryu vs. Tamaasuka
Asa’s head slammed into Tama’s right shoulder hard enough to split the skin and draw a nice amount of blood, which was only visable after Tama winning via yorikiri.

Kaisei vs. Takarafuji
Both the Brazilian and the Aomori apple woke up this morning with perfect winning records. Both men went in low at the tachi-ai, but the Brazilian got a solid left hand outside grip and was able to force Taka back and out. He improves to 4-0

Tamawashi vs. Sadanofuji
Tamawashi was off his line much faster than the bigger and heavier Sadanofuji. Tama came in low with a tsuppari attack on Sada’s chest, he drove forward without ever going for or needing the belt. Nice win see him improve to 3-1

Fujiazuma vs. Chiyotairyu
Chiyotairyu hit hard droving Fujiazuma up and then immediately released the pressure and pulled down on his hands. Fuji went scampering forward trying to regain his footing, giving Chiyo the opportunity to throw him down to the dirt. Nice win for the short haired Chiyotairyu.

Tokitenku vs. Kimikaze
After the initial contact, Kimi slipped slightly to the side and got Tokitenku’s right arm into a lock. Keeping the lateral pressure on Kimi tried to drive forward, but couldn’t move the Mongolian back. He then utalised the arm-bar grip, that effectively had Toki neutralised, and drove Toki back and out.

Tochinoshin vs. Tenkaiho
Tochinoshin got himself into a rather strange position where he had his left and right hand on the left back of Tenkaiho’s mawashi. It was a defensive attempt to prevent the Tenkaiho for driving him straight out. But Tenny then grabbed the Shin’s thigh and knocked him over backwards, landing him outside the ring. Sloppy stuff from the Georgian.

Daido vs. Kitataiki
Kita got off to a great start, getting right into Daido’s armpit, applying lateral pressure. He then got a solid right hand outter grip but and looked solid. Daido then attempted a throw, as did Kita, both were unsuccessful. Then completely unexpectedly, Kitataiki lost his footing and fell like a sack of Irish spuds. It was his for the winning.. he threw it away.

Shohozan vs. Shotenro
These two Sho have yet to provide the punters with a descent show. Not a win between them… yet. It was all tsuppari today, with Tenro actually getting an arm bar girp on Ozan, but it appears that Ozans arms are more flexible than most, and he managed to escape the grip. Just after the great escape, he overextended himself, Tenro slipped to the side and Ozan went down, hands first.

Wakakoyu vs. Wakanosato
The 28 year old Chiba Crack taking on the 35 year old crocodile from Aomori (3-0). Wakakoyu kept his hands outstretched and his arse, with mawashi attached, well back. Koyu then backed up, Sato took a slight slip and was easily slapped down to pick up his first loss of the tourney.

Yoshikaze vs. Aoiyama
binyū is the Japanese word for well-shaped boobs. Aoiyama surly has ’em… if you’re into that kind of thing. Yoshi tried to henka at the tachi-ai, but Binyū was all over Yoshi’s face, in some twisted reverse motorboat. Yoshi was completely destroyed this bout. Aoiyama is a perky 4-0

Tochiozan vs. Okinoumi
Rounding out the first half of sumo today were these two undefeated boyos. This was easily the best fight of the day thus far. Both crashed hard and expunged an tremendous amount of energy in the center of the ring. Okinoumi looked to have a slight advantage, but really there was nothing in it. Okinoumi tried to drive forward without a grip of a mawashi, and as Tochiozan neared the bales he launched a armless throw that toumbled Oki to the ground. Nice.

Kyokutenho vs. Tochinowaka
Kyoku got a solid left hand outside grip, and although he couldn’t get a descent right handed grip he forced Tochi back. Before Tochi had officially lost he totally gave up, not exactly the hinkaku we’d like to see on the dohyo.

Toyohibiki vs. Miyabiyama
Miyabi came with the same plan that he ALWAYS has, push up, then pull down. Hibi knew what was going on, kept in close to the fat man, who was pulling when he really shouldn’t have been. There is a time and a place for pulling! Hibi easily pushed him out.

Homasho vs. Goeido
Goeido came of the line at a blistering speed, grabbing a doubble inside grip along the way, and ran Homasho out. Fight time 0.5 seconds… probably. A lot of similiraties with the way Goeido beat Kakuryu last in Osaka.

Kisenosato vs. Gagamaru
Gaga came in low, and got a solid grip on Kissy. He tested the waters out a little with some lateral pressure. Kissy got a solid right handed grip and was in control from there. Kissy then drove the Gentleman back and out. Kissy 4-0

Aminishiki vs. Baruto
Bart couldn’t get a grip of the snakes belt, but the snake had a good frontal grip. Bart pressed forward with his 2 giant hands on the facial scales of what was in front of him. At the bales Ami swisted to his side, and pulled Bart forward to watch Baruto hop out of the ring on his own.

Harumafuji vs. Takayasu
Takayasu prevented Harry from getting the grip he wanted, while getting a deep inside left. They locked up with similar grips, then Harry launched an armlock throw that sent Takayasu tumbling. A great win for the ozeki.

Toyonoshima vs. Kakuryu
Lots of slaps in the fight before Kakuryu finally could find Toyo’s belt and reel him in. Of course he surrendered his belt and Toyo got a good inside right. When Kakuryu went to slip his arm inside Toyo drove forward and it looked like the ozeki was in major trouble. But with a beautiful uwatedashinage things went the right way for the ozeki.

Kotooshu vs. Takekaze
Takekaze tried pushing Kotooshu upright at the tachi-ai! What?? Kotooshu got the belt and drove the Akitan out with ease.

Aran vs. Kotoshogiku
Koto came in low, got a frontal grip and kept moving forward to beat Aran in about 1 second. Good stuff by Kotoshogiku, the Russian however didn’t make an appearance today.

Hakuho vs. Myogiryu
Myogiryu prevented Hakuho from getting the right hand grip that he went for, and as a result neither wrestler had a grip. Hakuho looked a little sloppy, and just drove forward without any grip. The 2 seperated and when they enguaged again the Myog was low and touched the clay with his hand. Not a great fight, and Hakuho didn’t look so good today at all.

Briton-Meyer will be breaking things down for ye all tomorrow.

Cheers for stopping by.

3 responses to “Natsu Basho 2012 Day 4

  1. Samuél de Gama

    Don’t give false accounts… We all know you woke next to one of the older babas with the greatest binyuu you’ve ever seen

  2. Hello men,
    While I wish I were in Yagisawa, I’m just glad to be in the midst of another basho. I’m pleased to say that Tochiozan is off to a good start with wins over Toyohibiki, Shohozan, Takekaze and Okinoumi. I haven’t bothered to calculate DoS yet, but with the exception of Toyohibiki, these aren’t guys Tochiozan beats with regularity, so it should be decent. More importantly, the bouts have been pretty fun to watch – loved that long hold with Shohozan (uh-oh – does that sound weird?), and it’s always a pleasure to see someone pushed off the dohyo butt-first like Takekaze. I haven’t been able to find video of the bout with Okinoumi yet, but it sounds like it was a good one, too. Tochiozan meets Gagamaru tomorrow, which is cause for concern. Lady Gaga’s not looking too good so far this basho, but Tochiozan’s record against him isn’t great: 2-4. Here’s hoping he’ll improve that.

  3. Cheers for the comment T,
    Here is a link to the Tochiozan vs. Okinoumi match


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