Natsu Basho 2012: Day 5

There comes a moment when a man must admit defeat.  Today, like all sumo days, that moment came for roughly half the rikishi who fought today.  Sadly, my chosen rikishi was in that half today. Sadanofuji reminded me more of Kimurayama today then he did of Homasho.  This is my way of saying that his sumo was powerful like that vacuum they always advertise for around 2 in the morning,which is, in turn, my way of saying his sumo sucked.

Homasho is over ranked at Komusubi,and has yet to pick up a win, but at least he’s showing a little fight in each of his bouts.  He managed to escape Hakuho once before the big man pushed him out of the ring.

Okinoumi, however, is ranked at the M5sweet spot andfought a great bout against Aoiyama today.  I actually thought Aoiyama looked to be incontrol most of the bout, but near the end, the footwork brought Oki a win.

I’ll have to apologize for the brevity of this report.  Technology is not on my side right now and I am homeless or perhaps I they’ll say I am between homes.

Things will be back to normal soon, but not sooner than Daly’s report on Day 6.

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