Natsu Basho 2012 Day 6

Greetings Sumo Fans! It’s been a long week and like Briton-Meyer, I am in a bit of transition as well.  I am making the transition from bottle of smooth Bushmills Ten Year to Bushmills new Irish Honey. No complaints so far. What’s been your most recent transition? 

We’ll start from the top of the Banzuke and work our way down arbitrarily.

Hakuho vs Gagamaru

Gagamaru comes out of the tachi-ai without about as much speed as I’ve ever seen from the Georgian but Hakuho easily wraps him up near the bales. With ease, Hakuho-zeki easily throws the biggins to the dirt.

Kakuryu vs Homasho

Defensive Homie played his best card. The defense card and held the newly made Ozeki from Mongolia at bay for a fair amount of time. Kakuryu and Homasho exchanged powerful pushes from each other until finally Homasho went for some forward moving sumo, and Kakuryu sensing his oppenent overextended simply slapped him down for the win. Kakuryu moves to 5-1.

Harumafuji vs Myogiryu

I like both of these guys and I was looking forward to this bout especially today. One rikishi came ready while the other got taken for a ride right out of the dohyo. Myogiryu fast aggressive style pays off and the M2 moves to a respectable 3-3. Haruma falls to that same number.

Baruto vs Toyohibiki

Baruto patiently works out the beeker for an easy win. My favorite Estonian moves to 5-1 with the yorikiri.

Kisenosato vs Goeido

At Sekiwake Goeido finds himself with a 3-2 record. Certainly nothing to complain about. Kisenosato was 4-1 after losing to my favorite energizer rikishi Myogiryu yesterday. Today Goeido tried to get a low right hand grip but Kisenosato’s diverts the Goeido’s momentum with ease, winning by tsukiotoshi. Kisenosato is staying in the race at 5-1.

Aminishiki vs Kotoshogiku

The leader of the pack Kotoshogiku was 5-0 going into his about against the Ozeki |Yokozuna killer Aminishiki or aka Captain Sneaky. Kotoshogiku is probably thinking and saying one day at a time and I will do my best during his interviews, and hopefully he can hang on and send some shock waves into the life of this sport by winning a yusho. Kotoshogiku was all business today wrapping up the sneak, driving him out of the ring, and giving him a little extra push to seal the deal. Geeku moves to the lead with a 6-0 record.

Kotooshu vs Aran

At 2-3 this was a must win for the Bulgarian Ozeki. Kotooshu pulls Alans arm up high like they were ironically attempting a ugly dance and got his other hand on the mawashi to lead. Waltzing O wins to move to 3-3. Aran needs something because he’s 0-6 right now.

Chiyotairyu vs Aoiyama

Save one lost to Tochinoshin kid hasn’t lost yet in the Makuuchi.  At 4-1 Mageless Chiyo is certainly making some waves. Facing off against the bigger Aoiyama I was curious as to the strategy the new kid might use. I was honestly hoping for some face straight up sumo but what I got surprised me. Chiyotairyu jumped into the air at the tachi-ai, pulling a Mainoumi reminiscent move. This took Aoiyama totally by surprise and Chiyo was simply able to push the bigger man out of the ring with ease at that point. New man moves to 5-1.

Great to see so many competitors still in the race. Have a great weekend of sumo and your favorite beverage. Valentine and yours truly will be bringing the lightning and then the thunder this Natsu Basho Saturday and Sunday.

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