Natsu Basho 2012 Day 9

Apologies to all those Creswell fans out there that I’ve been pretty scarce lately.  Everyone that has lived in Japan knows that the men behind the desks never make it simple, and they are many.  So I’m still stuck in the late 20th century with no internet, and no telephone… But you got me for one day, and an interesting day it was.

Tenkaiho v Masunoyama – Masu started off with a healthy advantage at the tachiai, but quickly got into trouble as Tenkaiho managed a decent belt grip.  Things were starting to look bleak for Masu, but a slip to the side and a sukuinage cleared things up for the half-lung wonder.  2-7, 6-3

Asasekiryu v Daido – After a pretty even tachiai, both rikishi were scrambling for a grip like two 14 year olds in a closet at a party at their friends house.  In the middle of the grope fest Daido back away and although Asa just kind of fell, it predictably called a tsukiotoshi.  3-6, 5-4

Fujiazuma v Sadanofuji – There was very little resistance from Fujiazuma, and Sadanofuji’s tsuppari got him one foot closer to out of the hole.  2-7, 4-5

Shotenro v Takarafuji – The tachiai was sloppy, Takarafuji managed to score morozashi, but as the trend seemed to be today, the wily Tenro side stepped and slapped down Takara, him out of the lead.  That being said this is definitely Takara’s best foray into Makuuchi yet, and that is to be commended.  6-3, 7-2

Tamawashi v Chiyotairyu – Washi picks up the fusensho, as Tairyu is out with an injured right ankle and thigh.  I would, however, like to take this time to state that I am thoroughly unimpressed with Chiyotairyu’s over reliance on push-push-pull sumo.  I would like to think that the wolf is gonna give him a stern talking to about acting like a witless boob out there.  7-2, 5-4

Tokitenku v Kaisei – Brazil was out front at the beginning, and looked to have this all tied up, with good position and movement, but Mongolia fought back, going deep inside.  Brazil tried to push back, but Mongolia resisted.  Brazil tried to switch things up and go inside, but Mongolia was not having it, and pushed Brazil all the way over the line.  I tried to make this sound like a soccer game, but it just ended up sounding like porn… oh well.  4-5, 6-3

Kimikaze v Kitataiki – Taiki was a bit low at the tachiai, but managed to recover, although he surrendered the better grip to Kimi, who had some trouble, but eeked out the yorikiri.  DeGama current boner rating: 1/3 Kazes.  4-5, 3-6

Tochinoshin v Wakanosato – BUZZ!  Wakanosato came out on top, maybe predicting the Georgian’s nasty thoughts, but using his sideways momentum, Tochi spun the old guy around like a ragdoll until he was ready for a bit of a spanking to close the deal.  5-4, 4-5

Shohozan v Kyokutenho – One thing we can say about Shohozan is that he has spiwit… bwavado, if you will.  However, today the senior citizen had him moving backward, Hozan went for the belt out of desperation, and Kyoku took them both into the 2nd row and picked up the win.  4-5, 6-3

Yoshikaze v Miyabiyama – Yabber’s shit is just not working on anyone these days.  Yoshi was took quick and Miyabi made a face plant worthy of America’s Funniest Home Videos, and hands him a makekoshi.  DeGama’s boner goes up one more kaze. 4-5, 1-8

Tochiozan v Wakakoyu – As usual with Wakakoyu, if it ain’t over early, he probably hasn’t got a chance, especially if his opponent has a belt grip.  This quickly went to the belt, and Ozan had it sewn up for his KK and to keep his share of the lead intact.  8-1,  5-4

Tochinowaka v Takekaze – BUZZ!  Kaze failed in his sneaky maneuver, but it seemed that Tochi was unsure of what to do.  Take took the initiative, and did his best Miyabiyama impression.  I would stay away from DeGama’s apartment for the time being, he’s gonna have a lot of cleaning up to do, after all 3 Kaze’s pick up an underdog win.  2-7, 2,7

Toyohibiki v Aoiyama – Beeker almost had this one in the bag, but a momentary slip in concentration at the tawara allowed Aoiyama to slip to the side and tsukiotoshi.  4-5, 6-3

Myogiryu v Okinoumi – Oki went for an armlock on Giryu’s inside grip from the start.  Advantage passed back and forth before things locked up with Casanova getting a left hand inside.  Yogi went makikae and went for a throw at the edge, he could almost smell the pic-a-nic baskets, but Don Juan’s counter-throw won the day.  I feel this was a good bout, and that both of these guys will become joi or sanyaku mainstays, if they can stay healthy.

Homasho v Takayasu – Homey apparently does play that, because he’s MK on day 9 after a pretty limp loss to Super-Savings, who is not doing wonderful himself, although the content of his sumo has been a bit better than Homey’s.  1-8, 2-7

Aran v Goeido – One of the stranger tachiai’s I’ve seen.  The only reason I didn’t buzz this one is because Aran only half-henka-ed, and Goeido did this weird vertical hop.  The next 10 seconds looked like an impotent Junior Highschool shoving fight, until goeido tired of the charade and got a less than thrilling oshidashi.  Not sure what Aran has been getting at the past few basho, but it’s hard to believe he used to be a sekiwake.  0-9, 6-3

Gagamaru v Bart – Gaga was in better, lower position at the tachiai, but Bart being as tall as he is, is used to this, and would not be denied today.  The lady got a bit of a spanking.  3-6, 6-3

Aminishiki v Kakuryu – I want to say that the Sneak wasn’t sneaky today… but in this situation going straight in at the tachiai, was somehow sneaky.  The Kak just looked a bit unready, and paid for it with his share of the lead.  5-4, 7-2

Harumafuji v Kotooshu – Oshu came out of the gates with a left hand inside, but Harry was fast enough to pull off a makikae give him a right hand inside on the front of Oshu’s belt.  Harry hunkered down pulling with his right hand going for maybe trying for a shitatehineri, but went too low to maintain balance, and it resulted in an unwatedashinage by Oshu.  5-4, 6-3

Kisenosato v Gotoshogiku – This bout looked almost over before it began, with the Geek getting into his dry humping routine right soon.  However, as he seems to have done a few times this basho, the Kid fought back at the tawara.  Adavantages were traded, and the Kid came out victorious.  The crowd really liked this one, and rarely, I agree with them.  It was a good bout, and I don’t smell too much fish here.  It’s obvious that Geek’s knee injury from the other day is bothering him  Kise takes the lead.  8-1, 7-2

Hakuho v Toyonoshima – I simply say this.  Toyonoshima is a solid rikishi, has a low center of gravity, and can give any rikishi a run on a good day.  We had heard rumors of Hakuho having a sprained left index finger earlier in the basho.  His stable master confirmed it today.  This would explain his terrible performance this basho.  There was not much of an attempt from the Yokozuna to go for the belt, and it was mostly just slaps and some spirited pushing.  However, it doesn’t explain all of Toyonoshima’s win today.  Toyo was on his game, moved well, and kept the pressure on, finishing things off with a last minute kubinage.  It was close and after a monoii it was a confirmed win for Toyo.  Way to go for the little guy.  Too bad for the Yokozuna, who is likely to go kyujo after today.  5-4,

So here we are at day 9 with some exciting sumo going down.  Odds are we might have a Japanese yusho with Kisenosato and Tochiozan at 8-1, and Kotoshogiku, Kakuryu, and Takarafuji at 7-2.  If Hak bows out senshuraku isn’t going to be quite as exciting, unless there is some weird 4 or 5 way play off, which is technically possible.  One thing is for sure, the kyokai is shitting their pants with delight.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more developments when DeGama will be at the helm, although it might be a bit sticky.

One response to “Natsu Basho 2012 Day 9

  1. Turns out the Hak’s pointer finger isn’t sprained, but broken by aminishiki on Day one. Damn he’s sneaky.

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