Natsu Basho 2012 Day 12

So a few days ago I arrived tired after a long trip in England just to get back to basho that is mostly finished and looks relatively wrapped up.  I had a very good trip and saw a lot of different places that I previously thought I would never see in my lifetime.  That living in a place that is so far from where I was originally born is truly a blessing for me.  Coming into the basho more than half way through is a bit of a shame, but I don’t regret doing so at all.  That being said it seems that the beginning or at least every thing that I’ve missed was more interesting or more significant than anything I will report on.  I’m not here to debate whether Hakuho lost what on purpose and the Japanese folk are propping a guy who I know some people were saying that was undeserving of even the title of Ozeki a couple bashos previously to.  What I am here to do is report the day as I perceive it unbiased from what  previously happen in this basho.  Hell… who the hell am I kidding the only one that is remotely deserving of the Yokozuna title fucked up his chances a little bit ago. So maybe now he can wipe that grin off his face and scowl like an rikishi should.

Fujiazuma vs. Tamaasuka

Just by the scores only at this point someone is going up and someone is going down… and by its disparity it is no surprise that Fuji-san really blew his load on this basho.  Probably see you in Juryo.. wait no I won’t I don’t see that shit.  The bout was clear from the beginning…. They both went in and Tama slowly overtook the guy and moved the mountain up and out.  I know Japan is the land of the rising sun, but it seems to be setting for this guy.

Tenkaiho vs. Ikioi

Again just by the scores alone you would assume that perhaps Tenkaiho would have no chance…. Well not no chance, he could still pull a 7-8 or something.  That’s probably what hes trying to go for, really to have any chance to stay in the Makuuchi.  The bout was amusing to say the least.  Ikioi starts a bit high and at tachiai tries a side take down type maneuver.  Tenkaiho stays low and Iki’s arm flies above Tenkaiho and momentum flips Iki around.  Tenkaiho then pushes against Iki’s back and drives him out.

Asasekiryu  vs. Sadanofuji

Both guys looking for a win to achieve their kachikoshi.  So technically they should be playing their hardest here.  They lock in at tachiai and neither gains much ground. Asasekiryu tries on a takedown and succeeds.  Loss for Sada.

Tokitenku vs. Shotenro

From the get go Tokitenku gets a hold of the belt and Shotenro just locks up Toki’s arms.  Toki tries two times to make a quick victory but Shotenro stop his attempts only losing a little bit of ground. Toki then tries a leg trip which doesn’t do much but just enough to cause Shotenro to move back.  Toki capitalizes and plows him down.

Shohozan vs. Yoshikaze

I am shocked at the result of this bout. Normally I would be very happy to see the Ol’ Yoshi  win.  But,  what the hell just happened?  Shohozan started off strong had Yoshi on the run.  Shoho started to tsuppari and all Yoshi could do was either slap down his arms are run back to retry something.  Then, again  Shoho would continue the tsuppari .  Shoho got Yoshi to the edge … Yoshi narrowly escapes and Shoho goes for another tsuppari fails.. tries to get a grip and TAKES A KNEE?! What?! Lucky win by Yoshi.

Takarafuji vs. Kyokutenho

Pretty boring match… They met and bear hug in the center. Kyoku then swing the other around and takes him to the edge and out.

Okinoumi vs. Tamawashi

Well played by Okinoumi.  Tamawashi shames his family by going to the side straight after the tachiai trying off balance Oki. Oki gains composure and pushes Tama back. Tama tries to swing him to the edge, but doesn’t quite make it.  Oki pushes up and back which eventually causes Tama to go out.

Myogiryu vs. Takekaze

Short bout.  Both go in at tachiai.  Takekaze’s feet slip back and Myogi easily pushes him back to the edge. Myogi eases up and Take falls flat on his stomach.

Toyohibiki vs. Aminishiki

At tachiai I guess they both had the same strategy… both of went for pushing upwards.  Once both were erect, Aminishiki went down low for the grip.  Aminishiki forces Toyo back and once he gets him to the edge starts a side take down move.  At this point Toyo is on one leg and seems out of the count, but Aminishiki losing his steam and Toyo gets his leg back down causing Aminishiki to lose his advantage.  Using this momentum Toyo almost makes Amini buckle.  So at this moment Toyo is under Aminishiki’s armpits trying to swing him behind while Aminishiki is on a belt grip pressing forward. Toyo is more successful, however, it causes both to go one leg up (Aminishiki is more outstretched though).  Both of them land on the floor seemingly at the same time and a monoii is called.  Results in a redo.

Round 2:  Toyohibiki goes in hard and strong but doesn’t get a grip.  Aminishiki gets one and falls back while swinging him around.  With Toyo’s back in front of Aminishiki, all Amini needs to do is push the guy out. Easy Win.

Kisenosato vs. Tochiozan

The current score leader versus a KK’d guy.  It should result in an interesting match.  I may have slammed Kise a bit earlier but he does make interesting sumo.  Lets see if he lives up to it.  Both rush in and only get shoulder grips.  Tochi pushes forward and Kise tries to squirm something in and fails.  Kise applies pressure to Tochi’s back as he falls back himself (probably to see if he can knock Tochi down).  It doesn’t work and Tochi stabilizes himself and pushes Kise to the edge.  Kise kinda slips but Tochi doesn’t really capitalize and both end up in safe positions.  After fidgeting for a bit Tochi almost gains a belt grip and this was enough to make Kise lose ground.  This time Tochi goes in and pushes Kise back and eventually out.

Kotooshu vs. Baruto

Fun little bout from the two Ozeks.  Both get belt grips from the start and Oshu from once in relatively low and Baruto with inner grips is high and almost seems as if his arms are a little more squished between Oshu’s than he really wants. Oshu moves around Baruto and I guess Baruto didn’t like that so he swtiches to an outer underarm grip. While Oshu pushes up and forward, Baruto tries to belt the belt from behind and fails. With a few hip thrusts Oshu pushes Baruto out.

Harumafuji vs. Kakuryu

Both go in at tachiai and Haruma completely pushes Kak up.  Kak then proceeds to back up to the side while giving Haurma pull forward.  Kak immediate grips the back of Haruma’s mawashi. And they spin for a while before Kak gets behind Haruma and sends him out. A Kak win.

Hakuho vs. Kotoshogiku

Classic Hakuho with a twist.  Hakuho goes in, gains momentum by thrusting. At this point he would get a thrust out but he turns and plops the Geek on the floor.

That’s it for Day 12. So get pumped for another riveting report tomorrow by no other than …… me, de Gama!!! I can see the excitement in your eyes!

2 responses to “Natsu Basho 2012 Day 12

  1. Good report.

    I would like to point out that the Kise situation is developing exactly as I described 2 days ago. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Kyoku-f’ing-tenho picked up the yusho.

    The Goeido Gaga match was pretty good as well. Gaga is finally showing some improvement and thinking his matches through rather than just relying on his massive bulk and nodowa to carry him through.

  2. Holy smokes! Tochiozan pulled off the upset! I’m mightily excited now!

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