Natsu Basho 2012 Day 13

Hey! I’m back again.  I must apologize I couldn’t find a stream of the coverage much at all last night.  However, I don’t know whether that was my incompetence at trying to find one or that I was too whiskey’d down to bother actually trying to do so.  Regardless I think you’ll all forgive me because there is never enough whiskey in the world to keep me from getting it up.  Now like I said yesterday it’s a shame that I’m really not in the heat of the basho because I feel like I could have had some great conspiracy theories going on (especially after chatting with Briton-Meyer) but sadly I’ll have to wait till next basho.  You’ll just have to regrettably accept my poorly chosen metaphors (the same as I always do) and allow me to keep cramming it down your mouth.  So, get those bottles and trunks out… the waves are nice and its time to get swimming!

Tenkaiho vs. Asasekiryu

A nice bout to begin with.  Asasekiryu goes in low and grips the belt in the front.  Tenkai doesn’t really have a chance to get anything however from what it seems to me Asa is a bit out stretched. Tenkai frantically tries to grab belt but settles for the underarm.  He tries to force Asa up but Asa keeps the pressure forward and low. This forces Tenkai back and almost out.  I guess Tenkai just had enough strength to keep Asa away from the win at the edge.  After a little bit of fidgeting Tenkai gets an underarm inner belt grip. This is a little too late because Asa is just waiting for Tenkai to make his move.  Tenkai takes the bait and tries to lift him up.  Asa immediately turns and takes Tenkai down. Nice play by Asa.

Fujiazuma vs. Yoshikaze

I thought to myself do I really report on this bout… I mean how relevant is a bout from a guy who is 2-10.  I mean I said it yesterday… I think by default you know who is going to win… but COME ON ITS YOSHIKAZE!  Right? For some reason I’m just not that excited by him anymore.  I’m trying though… can’t fault me for that.  Anyways not too much to report… Henka by Yoshi for the win.  I can smell a KK for the guy… I can also smell a MK.  Maybe I just smell his shitty shitty sumo he has been displaying recently.

Kaisei vs. Kitataiki

Pathetic performance by Kaisei.  Kaisei rushing into Kita with his head down. I mean you can’t blame his eagerness.  Kita meets him shoulder to shoulder and seems to bounce off. Kita rapidly backs off pulls Kaisei’s head down and uses Kaisei’s momentum to force him out.

Tochinoshin vs. Tamawashi

Not the most exciting bout but a smart play by Tochi.  Tamawashi rushes in at tachiai and causes Tochi to lose ground.  Tama keeps the momentum going and pushes Tochi to the edge.  Tochi then pushes down on Tamas head and forces Tama out.

Takarafuji vs. Aoiyama

This was completely Aoiyama domination.  Right from the beginning there was some sexy tsuppari.  He had Takara on the run but Aoi is a bit slow he couldn’t seem to capitalize.  This gave Takara enough time to regroup and attack.  This didn’t really matter because Aoi just continued to tsuppari and when that didn’t work he put his hands on Takara’s head and push down.  Finally Takara loses balance and Aoi tsupparis him out.

Okinoumi vs. Shotenro

Probably the bout I was looking forward to the most out of the lower ranks of Makuuchi.  These two are some of my favorites this year of sumo and these time around they are even on score!  Much like most of the bouts today Shotenro comes in hard and forces Oki back.  Shotenro is just a little too eager and outstretches himself.  Oki capitalizes at the edge and pushes down and to the side.  A win for Oki.

Myogiryu vs. Takayasu

And heres my other new favorite guy.  Not like it really matters if I report this bout but I like the guy so I will.  The bout was pretty good and completely won on a technicality.  Myogiryu rushes hard to gain some momentum and for the most part looks good against Taka.  However he doesn’t really have any grip. Taka tries to get a grip can’t allows himself to fall back and Myogi eager for the win takes the bait and gives Taka a belt grip.  Taka automatically repels the attack and forces Myogi back into the center while grabbing himself another belt grip with his other hand.  Taka lifts Myogi up and cradles him to the edge and out.  SHOULD have been a win for Taka however, Taka took one step too far in lifting him out… a monoii is called and results in a redo…?

Round 2: Myogi henkas.. Taka tsupparis, Myogi pulls him to the side and follows him up for a force out. Not impressed.

Tochiozan vs. Aminishiki

Decent bout.  Aminishiki rushes in and Tochi can’t seem to stop him.  Ami pushes Tochi up and out toward the edge. Aminishiki misses a push and Tochi immediately capitalizes and grabs Ami’s sides to push him back.  Tochi takes Ami to the side edge and out.

Kotooshu vs. Kakuryu

Damn battle of strength here.  No too much to report though.  They met at tachiai both got belt grips and continued to bear hug.  They both tried to over power each other but Kotooshu was stronger just by a bit. Much like many Baruto bouts Oshu lifts Kak up  slightly.  Kak loses ground and Oshu forces him to the edge.  Kak tries to escape to the side but it was much too late.  Oshu forces him out.  Nice to see Oshu a little on form.

Goeido vs. Kotoshogiku

Rough for the Geeku.  Have you seen his taped leg? The Geeku tries to rush in but immediately on impact gets side turned and plops down on the ground.  Maybe that leg’ll heal for July buddy.

Harumafuji vs. Baruto

Haha! Did Haruma pull off a Takanoyama and have it work?! Baruto over powers Haruma by pushes him up at tachiai.  Haruma grabs Baruto’s arms and yanks it forward pulling Baruto to the side. Baruto tries to display his top level Kabuki one legged unbalance dance as Haruma rushes in for the kill. Baruto goes out while Takanoyama takes notes.

Hakuho vs. Kisenosato

Lightning fast Hakuho rushes in and immediately starts thrusting Kise.  Kise had no chance and loses ground.  Overpowered Kise plops back and loses.

That’s Day 13 done…. Have fun at the gathering fellas.  Have a toast in my honor!


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