News: Takanohana shows some skin, Takamisakari keeps the peace, Ozeki get injured, and Kyokutenho’s chances for a repeat yusho drop to nil.

Takanohana-oyakata of the Takanohana stable, who used to be the former Yokozuna Takanohana, was seen putting his ass on the line in some butsukari-geiko with his newly promoted sekitori Takanoiwa. Takanoiwa is the first sekitori to come out of the Takanohana-beya, and I am sure that the oyakata is glad that he is finally poised to get some actual income. In preparation for his wrestler’s Juryo-debut, The 39 year old oyakata put on a mawashi and showed the young rock just what was what. According to Takanoiwa, the 90 kilograms Takanohana “… has the same power of guys that weigh 130-140 kilos.” The Mongolian born wrestler has said that his goal for the upcoming tournament “is first of all to kachikoshi, after I do that, I think 10 wins would be a good goal.”

Although it’s not uncommon for coaches to sumo in the ring to train with their wrestlers, they usually do this for only a few years after they have departed the pro world. TK is definitely an exception as he has been out of the sport for a full 9 years at this point. As you can see by his leg in the picture, it doesn’t look like age is treating him too badly though.

Class clown Takamisakari was seen back on patrol in Aichi after donning his Robocop persona for the first time in 3 years. The Aichi police department regularly holds a “Become a Police Officer for a Day” program that the nearsighted wrestler had regularly participated in. Because of the betting and yaocho scandals during the last few years however, Takamisakari was unable to participate. For his part, Takamisakari was given the ultra-important task of standing in a mall and looking out for bad guys. After his shift was done he said, “I will protect the peace of Japan and the peace of Grand Sumo.” Seems odd as sumo doesn’t seem like a place that should be peaceful. Well, I guess we know why he isn’t in Makuuchi anymore.

It was reported on Tuesday that the Bulgarian Ozeki Kotooshu was still having nagging foot problems that plagued him during natsu. It was because of this foot injury that he was unable to face tochiozan on day 15 which allowed the maegashira wreslter a free ticket to the playoff match with kyokutenho. After doing 9 practice matches on Monday in which he went 3-6, the Ozeki was seen grabbing his foot and wincing. He said later that he was experiencing some pain in his foot. Far from allaying concerns about his wrestler, Kotooshu’s oyakata went on to say the reason his right foot hurts is because he probably strained his left calf and was putting too much force in the opposite foot to compensate. “It’s not like he can’t wrestle” said Sadogatake Oyakata, “I just hope he hasn’t pulled any muscles. ”

Natsu victor Kyokutenho made his way over to Hakuho’s stable along with some other wrestlers on Monday to participate in some de-geiko with the Yokozuna. Hakuho immediately chose Kyokutenho to practice with and went 5-0 against him. The yokozuna then went on to fight 10 more times against various rikishi from juryo to makushita winning every time. After fighting the yokozuna in de-geiko for the first time in over a year, Kyokutenho said that he was very nervous and was in awe of just how strong Hakuho was. Late last week, when asked about his chances for a repeat Yusho in Nagoya, the 37 year old Mongolian chuckled and reportedly said, “Zero.” No duh, you aren’t going to win with that attitude buddy.

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