News: Egyptian hopeful gets injured, Hakuho showing cracks, and Kotooshu vows to appear at Nagoya

Hakuho was showing a few cracks the other day as he went up against the wrestlers of the Sakaigawa-beya in a few rounds of de-geiko. The Sakaigawa-beya has a nice roster of highly-ranked wrestlers including Goeido, Myogiryu, Toyohibiki, Hochiyama, and Sadanofuji, that most other stables would give their right nut for. (Hochiyama might be an exception here. I doubt anyone would lose a nut for that guy.) In 20 matches against the stable’s top 4 wrestlers, the sport’s sole yokozuna lost not once, not twice, but 4 times. To be more specific he went 3-1 against Goeido the goat, 4-1 against Toyohibiki the beak, and 7-2 against Myogiru the… Myog? Whatever. Although a 16-4 record doesn’t seem too bad it is a far cry from the unwavering 15-0 smackdown that he gave to Kyokutenho’s stable when they came by for a few rounds earlier this week.

Egyptian newcomer and S&S fave Osunaarashi has not participated in any contact training for the last few days and was seen sporting a giant wrap around his arm. Although neither he nor his stablemaster would confirm anything, it’s widely suspected that the 20 year old Boody dislocated his shoulder during practice when one of his stable mates fell on top of him. As of now, it looks like he is not planning to go kyujo, but we’ll see if he can do the distance over the next few weeks. Luckily, at Jonidan he only has to go through 7 bouts versus the 15 that the higher ranked makuuchi wrestlers have to go through every tournament.

Lastly, Kotooshu has sworn that he will appear at Nagoya regardless of the injuries he is sustaining. During a practice session with his stablemate Kotoshogiku, the Bulgarian went 8-7, which is not bad considering the muscles in his leg might not even be fully attached. Unfortunately, practice with a friendly stablemate is one thing, but 15 regular matches on a raised dohyo with people who clearly want a win more than you might lead to some aggravated injuries for the ozeki.

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