A new, clear view on beer

Let’s not play around, its hot here in Japan and, after Montana’s farewell party, DeGama and Creswell were left wondering what would sate their body’s thirst.  Coffee was a good start, but Erie’s law states that ramen is the best cure… tarinai.  Water helped but there was a hankering for something a bit more je ne se qouis.  Standard Kirin beer fell before our thirst.  A taste of a limited Sapporo failed as well.  A decision was made, a beverage was purchased, and the realization came that Juryo had begun.   

As the torikumi progressed so did the sweat off the two gentlemen’s brows.  The heat was once again realized at sight of Kyokutenho’s moist visage when handing back the yusho cup.  Luckily for Creswell and DeGama relief was nigh at hand.  To the icebox! 

 Much to their relief, inside laid a sweet, mild, not overly fragrant beverage.  Much like the bout between Gagamaru and Shittenro, regardless of their best intentions, there were no delusions of grandeur.  Like a spring honeysuckle, it’s familiar taste quenched our thirst and left us wanting.

Unassuming, Bubbly, Citrusy, Mild, Cold.

Asahi Clear.

Mild at best.   

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