Nagoya Basho 2012 Day 2

I dash home from my schools undoukai (sport festival) just in time to catch today’s bouts. I do however unfortunately miss the first one as there is a knock at the door. So apologies for that. Before I start to write “ sorry for missing the second bout” let me stop meself here, and crack on with the day ahead…

Hochiyama vs. Ikioi
Ikioi wins shitatenage

Chiyotairu vs. Wakanosato
Chiyotairu wins with a very swift uwatenage.

Daido vs. Tochinowaka
Daido clashes in with a successful left-hand outside grab. The balance , momentum and control of the bout is all in his favour. A couple of failed attempts, but third time lucky he gets that uwatenage.

Masunoyama vs. Takanoyama
Masunoyama very quickly charges at Taka and Taka just goes straight out with an oshidashi. Not much of a fight, nor resistance from the Tak.

Tamawashi vs. Sadanofuji
Well, Sado pretty much dominated this match. He starts with a throat grab, and digs in pushing tama back. For the most part, Sada is the stronger wrestler here. As he Tsuppari’s Tama, you are almost counting down the seconds until he steps out. But then, at the rope there is a change. I’m not quite sure if Tama drops his shoulder and shifts sideways, or Sada pushes too hard with one arm. But Sada turns with his back to Tamawashi, who grabs his mawashi and helps him off the dohyo with an okuridashi.

Tamaasuka vs. Kitataiki
Kitataiki lunges forward, forcing Tama back. Now, Kita seems to trip a bit and fall forward as he is pushing, but not before tama trips over the rope – yoritaoshi. He’s one luck SOB for not hitting the dirt first!

Takarafuji vs. Tokitenku
Tokitenku started off less aggressive and on the back foot, but was more tactful as he secured a right hand, arm under the shoulder grip of Taka’s mawashi. He slide backward, but pushes his foot off the rope, secure the same grip with his left hand – sealing the deal, and yorikiri’s Taka out of the ring.

Yoshikaze vs. Miyabiyama
Very fast Tsuppari’s from the two here, and a very disappointing slip from Miyabiyama, giving a hikiotoshi win to Yoshi..

Kaisei vs. Toyohibiki
Toyohibiki has he gust, and tries thrusting up wards, but for his efforts , he isn’t able to shift Kaisei, who just kinda walks forward and also grips Toyohibiki’s mawashi at the front, casually oshidashi-ing kim out.

Homasho vs. Gagamaru
Gaga is fired and charges in. He first grips the throat and pushes, then barges with his shoulders a couple of times. But homasho chooses his time and pushes Gaga to the floor. I remember Valentine doing a similar move to me once when we were wrestling in the snow.. uwatedashinage

Shotenro vs. Takayasu
Both seemed quite easily matched. Pushing, but not getting anywhere. Shotenro seems to push up first and then bring he other hand to slam taka down. Hatakikomi

Tochinoshin vs. Aran
Georgian vs. the Russian. Tochi in a quick sly moves, tries to grab the mawashi, but Arans uses his arms to thwart this. Tochi then goes for plan B, and thinks “screw the mawashi, I’ll just grab his flab” to yorikiri him out.

Takekaze vs. Shohozan
In a blink Take tries a henka like move, but fails. Shoho reacts with a swift hikiotoshi

Wakakoyu vs. Tochiozan
Tochiozan gets a good r/h outside grip, and spends much of the time to try and get his left. Waka wriggles and jiggles to stop this happening, and then eventually Tochiozan uses his left to help push waka out with yorikiri

Kisenosato vs. Okinoumi
Pretty clean Sumo here. Kisenosato gets the grip he wants and then rests a bit before the big push. Pretty straight forward yorikiri win for the Ozeki, Okinoumi didn’t seem to fussed.

Aoiyama vs. Kakuryu
Very aggressive attack from aoiyama. He looked like he was almost punching Kak, and I think he was a bit surprised. Looked like a grudge match for sure! Kakuryu uses his skill to spin Aoiyama two times in this bull attack, and okuridashi’s Aoiyama out. Probs the most exciting bout thus far.

Kotooshu vs. Goeido
Koto for a change didn’t go in high, but he still looked sloppy. Goedo gets good grips on the mawashi and pulls off a successful shitatenage. The Bulgarian tries to bring goeido down first, but he clearly fails. Really don’t enjoy watching Kotooshu bout any more. I always expect more than what I get.

Myogiru vs. Harumafuji
Very easy win for Haruma, lots of belly pressing pumping and pushing to get an oshidai with little resistance from myogiru.

Baruto vs. Toyonashima
Baruto just dominates Toya, he got over arm grips and although at one point I thought Toyo could push up and under, Baruto’s strength just prevails to get him out with a yorikiri

Aminishiki vs. Kotoshogiku
Tbh I think the sheek could have had this one. Kotoshogiku didn’t have a particularly good grip. They were tossing and turning, and when the sheek was near the rop, Koto just disengages and gives a hefty prod to oshidashi the sheek out.

Hakuho vs. Kyokutenho
A qhuick start by Hakuho, and a surprising move that is very uncharacteristic, he takes a grab and then Suinage’s Kyoku. In all of about 3 seconds!

Well that’s it chaps, Day two in ya face. Check out what Daly has to show you tomorrow, I caught a glimpse of it once, and from what I saw, I sympathise with why his wife married him ;o) !

L. Bertrum

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