Nagoya Basho 2012 – Day 4

Thanks to Don for stepping in in Daly’s absence. I thouroughly enjoyed your analysis. We Daly, owes you one. I hope you will stop by again some time.

Things are really heating up here in Tohoku. I’m here sitting in front of my computer, it’s hot and I’m sticky. Right, let’s get it on…

Actually wait, the dohyo iri should never be translated as the “Ring Entrance Ceremony”. Never. Come on, am I being unreasonable here?

M12E Sadanofuji (1-2) vs. M16E Ikioi (2-1)
Sada opened with some good face tsuppari but failed to continue his forward motion. Iki withstood it and managed to get a right hand grip. There was a lot of back and forth before Ikioi launched a neck throw, that he should have been successful with. But his arm slipped over Sadas head, and if Sada had only reacted faster he could have capitalised. Ikioi drove forward and won via yorikiri.

M14E Tochinowaka (0-3) vs. M12W Takanoyama (0-3)
The beanstalk has been a bit too honest for his own good so far this basho. He pushed Tochi upwards at the tachi-ai and then went for a slap down. Unfortunately it didn’t work and Tochi regrouped and drove forward. Stalky wiggled and giggled and ended up looking away from his much bigger opponent at the bales. I mean he had a grip on Tochi’s arm, but he was never going to do anything with that. Oh well, at least ya didn’t get injured.

M11E Tamawashi (1-2) vs. M15W Chiyotairyu (3-0)
Strong, fast tsuppari attacking by Chiyotairyu at the start as Tama tried to come in low. Chiyo gained the advantage and drove Tama back, then reversed and with a little tug dropped Tamawashi to the dirt.

M15E Hochiyama (0-3) vs. M11W Kitataiki (2-1)
The Aomori apple was met by a low incoming Kitataiki who was moving fast. Kitataiki kept his head low into the chest of Hochiyama’s apples, and kept moving forward. Good sumo from Taiki.

M10E Tamaasuka (0-3) vs. M14W Wakanosato (1-2)
How is Wakanosato still playing sumo?? I don’t know but he got a double inside beltless grip and drove Tamaasuka back and out. Tama tried to flip the old man down at the edge but was overpowered and fell on his ass instead.

M13E Daido (3-0) vs. M10W Takarafuji (2-1)
Daido kept the pressure on after Taka almost slipped. Daido, without having a grip, had to withstand multiple throw attempts. Then when Taka attempted to go makikae, Daido drove forward and pushed Taka back before he fell to the ground himself.

M13W Masunoyama (3-0) vs. M9W Tokitenku (3-0)
As it was a first time meeting between these two, I thought that Tokitenku might go for a leg trip. Instead he went for a solid slap to the face…. which he completely missed! Masu was already stuck into Toki’s chest and drove him straight back and out. Tokitenku was completely destroyed in this bout.

M6E Homasho (2-1) vs. M9E Miyabiyama (1-2)
Miyabiyama always tries to push his opponent up and then pulls them down. So today Homasho came in low. They cracked heads and immediately Miyabiyama pushed him up, and then, yep you guessed it, went for the pull down. Homasho was wise to it and regained his balance, so Miyabi again pushed him up, then to the side, and when Homey came in again, he was pushed to the side and down.

M5E Aran (2-1) vs. M8W Kaisei (3-0)
Russia vs Brazil. Aran slipped to the side to gain a right handed grip, but Brazil stuck in close. Aran had a double grip as Taisei was left struggling. Taisei drove forward though and Aran relinquished his right hand to push on Taisei’s face! Both men then tried a throw and it really looked like one would go down, but neither did. The fight moved back into the centre, Taisei dug in and was about to lift/throw, and then Aran dropped his hips and lifted out Taisei. Nice win after a shit start.
In a funny aside, Aran lost his balance as he squatted down to accept his win. Haha

M8E Yoshikaze (1-2) vs. M5W Takayasu (0-3)
Yoshi went for a henka slap down. It didn’t work. Takayasu then went to drive forward, but right at the edge, his feet didn’t follow him forward, and that gave Yoshi the space to slip to the side and stand with his heels to the bales as Taka hopped over the bales. Unlucky.

M4E Tochinoshin (2-1) vs. M7W Toyohibiki (1-2)
Toyohibiki had the much better tachi-ai, and got a great migi-yotsu grip on Tochinoshin whose heels were already at the bales! Toyo humped and bumped on Two-shins who eventually fell backwards and had Hibiscus land on top of him and literally then bounce off him and off the dohyo. Win for Toyohibiki.

M7E Gagamaru (1-2) vs. M4W Takekaze (1-2)
Lord Gaga leads the rivalry slighlty at 3-2, I guess with such a circumference our home(not-yet)grown hero finds it difficult to get around him. Today Takekaza came in as fast and as hard as he could. Gaga didn’t budge backwards, but pushed forwards. So Take tried to pull on the his arms, which was no the right thing to do. He was now moving backwards and Gaga just needed to give him one final push to seal the deal.

M3E Wakakoyu (1-2) vs. M6W Shotenro (3-0)
Wakakoyu pushed into Shotenro with his head and pushed him upright. Then immediately pulled him down with a tug on Sho’s hands. Simple win.

EK Myogiryu (1-2) vs. WS Tochiozan (1-2)
Myogiryu was pushing hard from the get go, but wasn’t actually driving Tochiozan back at all, in face Tochino was just slowly turning around until both wrestlers turned around 180 degrees. Tochi didn’t have any belt though, so he locked Myogi’s arms between his own and went for a force out. Myogiru twisted at the end and both men fell to the floor. Both men went to leave, but Myogiryu was told to go back, as he was facing away from the gyoji when he indicated who the winner was. Initially I thought there was going to be a mono-ii but the replay showed that Tochiozan clearly went down first.

EO Baruto (3-0) vs. ES Goeido (2-1)
Although Baruto has a slight advantage over Goeido in the record books, at 8-6 their past 6 encounters have been back and forth. The ozeki was hoping that trend would continue and he could keep his thus-far perfect record.
Baruto pushed Goeido back hard, And Goeido tried to slap down on the hands of the ozeki. But one more push had him trying to circle away from the giant. As he did his toe brushed against the sand outside the ring and the bout was over. Neither wrestler knew this though, so they continued. Goeido circled around and Baruto pushed him clear off the dohyo.

M2W Okinoumi (0-3) vs. WO Kotoshogiku (2-1)
Okinoumi has only managed to beat the ozeki 1 time but has obviously been getting stronger the last few basho. I was optimistic before this bout and expected a good performance from him. Okinoumi withstood the initial charge from the ozeki, and drove back to the centre of the ring. Once Kotoshogiku got his both hands on the belt he belly bopped forward and Okinoumi simply gave up, and resigned to the face that he couldn’t escape. He was probably right, as most rikishi can’t escape it, but come on, don’t give up!! I was unimpressed.

EO Kisenosato (3-0) vs. M1W Aminishiki (0-3)
A quick look at Kisenosatos resume shows that of all the rikishi he has beaten the snake the most amount of times, 20 to be percise. Interesting to note that Aminishiki is still wearing his ice skating shin guard, I kinda wish someone would give him a good reason to continue wearing it!
The snake hit hard, head butting the ozeki, he followed with ferocious pushing. Kisenosato bent backwards as Aminishiki continued to drive him out. As the ozeki was falling backwards he pulled on the outstretched snake hands and pulled Aminishiki out and down. The gyoji signalled the ozeki as the winner, but the ringside judges called a mono-ii and correctly overruled the original decision. Replays showed that Kisenosato’s foot clearly was out before Aminishiki. Damnit.

WK Toyonoshima (0-3) vs. WO Kakuryu (2-1)
After initial contact Toyonoshima used forward pushing, forcing Kakuryu to do the same. Both men were trying to slap each other between pushes and a nicely placed hand on the ozeki’s throat pushed him upright and set up an easy push out for Toyonoshima to gain his first win of the tournament, and a trip to the interview room.

EO Kotooshu (2-1) vs. M3W Shohozan (1-2)
This was Shohozan’s first encounter within ozeki. Personally if I was to choose an ozeki to meet, I would choose the Bulgarian. But Sho came in way too high, pushing on Kotooshu’s face… and with little conviction. The ozeki wrapped him up easily and drove him out. omoshirokunai

M1E Kyokutenho (0-3) vs. WO Harumafuji (3-0)
Harumafuji came in fast, as he does, and drove Kyokutenho up and back, but not out. The ozeki then settled into a right hand outside, left hand inside grip. Then he quickly pulled an overarm throw and falling the reigning yusho holder with style.

EY Hakuho (3-0) vs. M2E Aoiyama (1-2)
This fight was a huge one for Aoiyama. I imagine that every rikishi must remember the first time they take on a yokozuna. Aoiyama charged into Hakuho low and hard, and he drove the Yokozuna back a foot or two. Aoiyama came back in, but with his head down, so Hakuho pulled on the back of Aoiyama’s head and dropped him with ease.

Well there you go ladies and gentlemen. That was the action from day 4.
de Gama is bringing the ice cubes tomorrow.

One response to “Nagoya Basho 2012 – Day 4

  1. Nice report, Connolly. I know I reported on it twice, but where in the hell is Kotooshu’s injury? From what I have seen so far of him he has been pushing away using his legs just like always, and yesterday didnt even have any wrapping on his ankles or feet? Is this another pysche out injury like Hakuho’s last basho?

    Also, I was a little upset that it took so long for the gyoji to call that bout for aminishiki; no matter how you look at it he should have seen the sand flying into the air from kissy’s foot before the sneak went down. At least the ring judges caught it and practically sprinted up the dohyo to correct the mistake.

    Side note: what would you rather have dohyo iri translated as?

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