Nagoya Basho 2012 – Day 5

Hey, fellas!  Its everybody’s favorite conquistador hailing from the cloudiness that is Northern Japan.  Being ‘used’ to the tropics of my home country, cloudy days like these always puts a hamper on the spirits in and out of work.  Mostly nude men in diapers can remedy the situation, but 9 times out of 10 what does remedy the situation is actually spirits – usually the Islay and Speyside variety—but unfortunately none is to be had tonight.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t get wet guy! There still men in diapers! So put on your swimming trunks because this is going to be a messy and wet ride!

Sadanofuji vs. Chiyotairyu

The wetness starts with Sada and Chiyo bumping chests and after the initial bang Chiyo kind of push with his chest forward. This allows him to get a better grip seemingly and moves back pulling Sada forward. Chiyo moves to the side and they proceed to bear hug with grips. After a few back taps of Sada, Sada pushes Chiyo to the edge and Chiyo retaliates commencing a side tackle.  Though successful, they both seem to hit the ground at the same time. Understandably a monoii is called. Rematch time

This time Chiyo goes in for the henka.  Sada tries to recover but can’t quite stop it.  Chiyo gets the advantage and yorikiris the man out.

Wakanosato vs. Kitataiki

Kitataiki goes for the henka and Waka seemly prevents it by quickly meeting him head on. Much to my dismay Kita presses forward and Waka crumbles and goes out.

Tamawashi vs. Daido

This about kind of reminded me of the bout Connolly had against his good friend in which there was a big guy putting his full weight on poor Connolly’s back. Tamawashi goes in and gets a inner grip and Tamawashi is above him looking like he is on the short end of the stick.  Tama expends his energy pushing Dildo back towards the bails.  Dildo circles Tama around putting constant pressure on Tama’s body down.  Eventually Tama just poops of the floor.

Miyabiyama vs. Takanoyama

Ok. So you got Miyabiyama today for your bout.  You SHOULD automatically think he will (95% of the time) do a tsuppari and some kind of takedown or keep the tsuppari going.  Taka just fell into it …. Tsuppari then takedown. Luckily, Taka keep his balance and recovered to meet him face on.  But hey its Takanoyama… he tries a weird arm pull to the side. Surprise, surprise this gives Miyabs the distance to continue his tsuppari. Taka grabs Miyabs arm and circles around the edge.  The momentum of Miyabs forward arm thrusts combined with Taka pulling around causes Taka to go out.

Gagamaru vs. Tokitenku

Toki rushes into the tachiai but both guys easily get some kind of grip. Let the bear hugging begin! After a little Toki moves slight to the side and with hisright arm pushes GaGa down.

Aran vs. YoshiKaze

Interesing bout by the Kaze.  I tend to think that he is a classic M8/7 so it doesn’t surprise me to see him doing relatively well but we’ll see. Anyways, my boy meets him at tachiai ONLY to grab is arm and move to the side pulling Aran with him.  Aran can’t seem to stop him and gets twirled into a 180 before Yoshi decide to meet him head on.  Aran doesn’t have the footing to hold ground and Yoshi easily pushes him full force back.  Aran tries to push Yoshi down before he goes out but fails. A win for Yoshi.

Takayasu vs. TakeKaze

What a shameful display of blatant henka.  You can hear the crowds either girly guys gasps or just the women…its hard to tell… regardless like it was something of substance.  Kaze like the winds of Moriyoshi slaps down Yasu hard on the back and moves to the around opposite.  Yasu recovers decently and prepares a arm thrust for Kaze once he rushes at him.  Yasu throws some tsuppari in to drive Kaze back.  Yasu gets Kaze to retreat at the edge and throws one too many tsuppari which Kaze performs another slap on the back move to the side maneuver.  Yasu now at the edge facing outward and Kaze behind him… Kaze grabs the bikini and humps him out.

Tochinoshin vs. Shotenro

Shotenro starts in fast and pushing Noshin to the edge. Noshin recovers and they end up but in the middle slightly bearhugging. Noshin tries to sidetackle and doesn’t really hit it, but does it again and succeeds in off putting Shotenro. Shotenro holds on barely with one foot but his back in to the edge.  Noshin quickly which to the yorikiri strategy and successfully pulls it off.

Okinoumi vs. Harumifuji

Despite having no wins, Okinoumi was not bad in this bout and almost had Harry a few times.  Harry goes in and quickly pushes Oki up, He then goes in and forces Oki back slowly.  Not quite at the edge Oki in able to fend off Harry’s forward motion.  With two arm locks Oki gains some momentum and drives to the side edge. Quickly again Harry recovers and pushes Oki to the middle.  After a quick breather Oki tries to side tackle Harry but doesn’t quite have enough power.  Harry then drive him back to the side and eventually out.

Aminishiki vs. Baruto

This one had a weird start.  Maybe Baruto was expecting a henka or something but Aminishiki is quick in to the tachiai.  He just kinda hits Baruto’s chest and Baruto just pulls him up and off.  Aminishiki is near the edge when he jumps to the side of Baruto. Aminishiki gets into the yorikiri position but Baruto kinda hugs him and outstrengths Aminishiki back and out.

Kyokutenho vs. Kotoshogiku

Easy bout for Giku.  Giku gets a grip at tachiai and drives the former yusho champ straight out.

Kisenosato vs. Toyonoshima

Toyo gets an inner grip at the beginning but Kise was not having any of it. He locked Toy’s arms and pull then up. Toyo slips to the side, and Kise quickly follows. Kise immediately pushes Toyo out.

Wakakoyu vs. Kakuryu

Waka starts the bout with some tsuppari which seems to prevent Kak from getting a grip in the beginning. After fending off the tsuppari they proceed to get wrapped in each other’s arms. Waka lifts Kak up and tippy toe around the ring until they both plop over. From the angle it seems that Waka’s elbow in the ground before Kak went down.  The inevitable monoii is called and declared a V for Kak.

Kotooshu vs. Aoiyama

They met at tachiai and get to hugging.  Oshu seems a bit butt high and Aoi just a little out stretched.  They both seems to drive forward at the same time and nothing really happens for a moment.  Eventually Aoi falls back and does the splits on the ground.

Hakuho vs. Myogiryu

Myogi goes in low and catches a arm to his shoulder. Hakuho tries to get a grip but Myogi doesn’t allow it. Hakuho swats Myogi’s head down which off-balances him and after a few more Myogi’s arms reach the ground.  Hakuho wins.

Well the day started off with a few henkas but over all not too bad.  Onto to day 7! This is de Gama officially grabbing a towel and going for a smoke. Good times.

2 responses to “Nagoya Basho 2012 – Day 5

  1. Wet and wild report, de Gama.

    I was seriously disappointed by the last match of the day. For reasons that are beyond me, Hakuho has been refusing to go to the belt this entire tournament. Is he trying to prove that he really truly did injure his hand last time around? Anyone who has watched sumo at all for the last few years knows that if Hakuho gets his left hand out and his right hand in, the match is over. I seriously cannot remember a time in the last 2 years where he lost (legitimately) after getting that grip. So why isn’t he going for it? It looked like the yokozuna was scared of the guy who beat him 2/9 in training earlier this month by going for the cheap pull-down win.

  2. Samuél de Gama

    Yeah, the way he won that match was very uncharacteristic of him, but I don’t think it was as cheap as the absurdity that was slap-Dake hen-Kaze.

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