Nagoya Basho 2012 Day 6

There’s only one man pissing me off in sumo these days.  There’s only one man refusing to play it fair, honest, and clean.  Strange thing is Hakuho is so damn good, he still wins while purposefully avoiding his opponents’ belts.  On the flipside, all six Ozeki have a winning record for now, and the two best (Bart and Haruma) are still undefeated.  Let us see where day six takes us…

I feel obligated to comment on EM10 Tamaazuka (0-5) vs. WM12 Takanoyama (0-5), simply because I know that’s what a lot of our readers want…okay, well both of our readers want.  Despite head-to-head being 4-0 in Tama’s favor, the Czech beanpole had a lightning fast henka which had Tama on the clay quicker than you can say “Děkuji!”

EM11 Tamawashi (1-4) vs. WM8 Kaisei (4-1): straight-up tachiai and with Mawashi in lower, the Mongol was able to gain ground on Kaisei.  The Braziling persevered and threw a nice head-lock throw using his left to pull Mawashi’s right arm and his left to twist the Mongol’s head down.  Kaisei is faring well this first week with a 5-1 start while Tamawashi falls to 1-5.

EM7 Gagamaru (2-3) vs. EM9 Miyabiyama (3-2): Miyabi charged better at the tachiai, but after this Miyabi seemed to only be looking for a pull-down.  It was funny to see Miyabi try to play small-man sumo for the first time.  Gaga hung tough by staying square and gaining a belt grip for an easy force-out win.  Both heavyweights even things out at 3-3.

EM4 Tochinoshin (3-2) vs. EM8 Yoshikaze (3-2): Yoshi on uppers came out with all pistons firing, and after initial contact Noshin was able to back away and the two seperate for a bit.  Noshin charged back at Yoshi who gained both hands inside on the Georgian’s belt.  Tochinoshin used his weight advantage and stable footing to set up an arm-lock throw which took down Spark Plug.  Tochinoshin improves to 4-2 while Sparky falls to 3-3.

EK Myogiryu (2-3) vs. WK Toyonoshima (1-4): Myogiryu cleaned Toyo’s clock!  Strong, straightforward drive and an easy push-out win for the newcomer.  Nice work as Myogiryu improves to 3-3, and has Aminishiki tomorrow.  Toyonoshima falls to a poor 1-5.

EM1 Goeido (3-2) vs. WO Harumafuji (5-0): Haruma lead the head-to-head 11-6.  Today, they bonk heads, and Haruma gained migiyotsu immediately.  Goeido eventually gets the same and the settle pretty much even in position.  Goeido attempted an over-arm throw on Haruma, but in an awesome display of balance and technique, Haruma turned the tables, kept his foot planted and achieved the underarm throw using the momentum of Goeido’s own throw attempt.  The underarm throw kimarite was later changed to hooking inner thigh throw for reasons not disclose to the laypeople.

EO Baruto (5-0) vs. EM3 Wakakoyu (2-3) (3-0): Bart too high at tachiai, but stayed in close on Wakakoyu who wanted some distance for tsuppari.  Bart gave Wakakoyu the distance he needed, and then some.  Wakak lost his balance and tumbled forward.  Bart used this chance to pull Wakakoyu down with a grip on the back of his belt.  Kimarite was backward belt throw.  Bart stays perfect while Wakakoyu falls to 2-4.

First time for EO Kisenosato (4-1) and EM2 Aoiyama (1-4): strong tachiai, but Aoi went to power-puff tsuppari which Kissy simply plowed through.  On the bales, Aoi went for a hidariyotsu and it became a mawashi battle.  Aoi tried a throw on Kissy, but the Ozeki used this chance to drive Aoi out for a force-out win.  Kissy improves to 5-1 while Aoi is gaining a lot of valuable experience, but suffering at 1-5.

EM1 Kyokutenho (0-5) vs. WO Kakuryu (3-2): head-to-head between these Mongols is 10-3 in the Kak’s favor.  Kak went right for the belt, but Kyoku actually got his belt grip first and drove forward on the Kak.  Once Kak gains a double inside via going makikae, Kak was in control and drove the Natsu Champion out with an easy force-out win.  The Kak improves to 4-2 while Kyokutenho falls to 0-6 after six straight days of Ozeki and Yokozuna.  The bad news is that he also has two more Ozeki the next two days as well.

EY Hakuho (5-0) vs. WM2 Okinoumi (0-5): head-to-head is 5-0 in the Yokozuna’s favor.  A lot of talk by the Japanese commentators about how Hakuho has been playing “conservative sumo.”  I don’t how you can spin avoiding a belt grip “conservative sumo.”  Today, the old Hakuho reappeared, by a hard tachiai, left-hand inside and blasted Okidoki back and out.  Yokozuna stays on top at 6-0 while Okinoumi stays on bottom with 0-6.

Good day of sumo, all and all, and thanks for joining, one and all.  This weekend, don’t have a clue who will be reporting next because the big one and only Josef Daly wedding will be taking place in Sendai Town, and all of us will be attending at a diminishing degrees of sobriety.

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