Nagoya Basho 2012 Day 10

A good evening to you Sumo fans. Aye congratulations and thanks there to Daly, for organising and hosting perhaps the best type of Sumo and Stogies I ever attended. Now let me just recall going to bed that night (early morning)…

Long story short, we easily convince Valentine that it’s better to stay the night in the hotel with us, rather than head home on the last bus. Onto the 3rd session of Daly’s wedding events, Valentine was skipping with glee “I’m gonna give you the best I’ve got” he says, unsheathing his big, fat and long Dominican. I was tickled inside at the thought of putting that into my smile… and lighting it!
After the fourth party, and heading on back into the single digits of a night, Valentine just doesn’t wanna stop. We hop, skip and bounce to a few convenience stores, grab some tins and head back to the hotel. “I’ve got some Bourbon and Scotch in my room” I inform him, but only after he tells me “ I’m gonna sleep in your bed if I may, just because you’re silent and won’t wake the neighbours…”

We talk for hours until finally the drink has gone dry and Valentine’s shirt comes off so he can slip into my Jammies… A day we all had of full celebration with the boys, Stogies, Whiskey – and Sumo even, as we caught some of the previous days boughts on Connolly’s iPhone! But to add the cherry to the cake I awoke with no hangover that is usually acquainted with such events. That was why I was smiling Mr. Valentine… and as for the banana, well, let’s just say that seems to have been caught up somewhere within me Jinbei…

Here’s day 10.

Sadanofuji vs. Takanoyama
Sadano goes in hard and fast, and quickly gets Taka to the edge with some slaps. Taka however, pushes off the ropes, and literally turns things around, so that Sada has his back to the rope. Sadano advances and Taka is using his strength and speed to thwart Sadano from grabbing the mawashi. They tire, and get there arms locked in, and Takanoyama is once more at the ropes. Digging in his legs push off. Pause for a breather, still no mawashi grip, Sadono pushes again, and this time both have hand grips (sadano right over over Takas) Eventually though, Sadano gets his left on the mawashi and just lifts Taka out with Yorikiri… or so you think! A monoii is called, and the decision is that Sadano stepped out first! Taka is one lucky SOB!!! Both now on 3-7

Tamawashi vs. Hochiyama
Very straight up Oshidashi win for Tamawashi. 2-8 now vs. 1-9 and neither looking good.

Tochinowaka vs. Takarafuji
They engage and Tochi has an outside right hand grip advantage on Taka. He Takes him too the edge, but dunt quite make the yorikiri. However, he does have the strength in him to try again and switch this to an uwatenage. Both now on 4-6

Ikioi vs. Tokitenku
False start and then a very quick ketaguri win by Tokitenku. 6-4 vs. 7-3

Yoshikaze vs. Wakanosato
Both didn’t really seem confortable in this bout. Seemed more like a boxing match, with a lot of slapping and step-ins but not much action. Wakanosato gets a grap on Yoshi’s arm, and keeps grabbing. Eventually Yoshi’s feet slip and he goes down. Both on 5-5

Gagamaru vs. Masunoyama
Gaga gets a very good early outside r/h grip and just dominates with his weight. Must be feeling good about this very clean and straight up yorikiri.

Chiyotairu vs. Toyohibiki
Chiyo tsuppari’s ans gets a grab on Toyo’s right arm. But Toyo is pushing ahead and and gets Chiyo to the edge. On the back foot Toyo managaes and inside r/h grip but not before Toyo pushes the Oshidashi motion. Both on 6-4

Homasho vs. Kitataiki
Kita gets a grab on the throat, but Homa is pushing ahead and gets his arms up and under Kita’s pits to push out by Oshidashi. Both now on 6-4.

Kaisei vs. Shotenro
Shotenro, to be fair, tries. He pushes a lot with his strength, first to the throat, then to the back of the head for a push down. But Kaisei has thighs man! He just doesn’t budge and is firmly rooted. He gets a pretty standard yorikiri win. But man, Kaisei is looking damn good on 9-1!

Aran vs. Daido
2 false starts! On the third though, Aran just starts off easily securing a right hand outside, and left in. He changes though to both being outside grips. And at the back of the rope, graps and throws Daido for an Utchari win. I was not expecting that! Both now 7-3

Tamasuka vs. Takayasu
Neither doing so well here. But seemingly well matched. Both seemed to have good grips. Tama with a left outside, and Taka with a left inside. Taka though has the momentum in his favour, and yoritaoshi’s Tama out. Both now on 2-8

Miyabiyama vs. Takekaze
Take being a bit of a veteran, is doing good to keep back Miyabiyamas attacks, but not the advance. Take backs up a lot, around the ring and with an eventual shove out and over by oshidashi. Both now 5-5

Aoiyama vs. Shohozan
Start of this was very much the same as the shohozan bout. Aran Aoiyama slapping and back foot (a hearty slap to the face though – ouch!) However, Aoiyama gets a left hand outside grab as well as a right hand arm under the armpit. He twists and secures uwatenage. 4-5 to 3-7

Wakakoyu vs. Okinoumi
Okinoumi quickly bull charges forward, but this was a pretty straight up hatakikomi win for waka. Waka 3-7 and Oki looking terribly at 1-9

Myogiryu vs. Tochinoshin
Myogi gets underneath, and Tochi tries for the push down. But Myogi is on the charge, and just about gets oshidashi as he lunges and falls. Both on 6-4. I feel Myogiryu should be doing better than this, I like him. Perhaps in a year or two we may see him pushing for Ozeki…

Kyokutenho vs. Toyonoshima
Kyoku gets a good right hand outside grip, but Toyo manages to shake him loose! They struggle for a bit and gets under his shoulders. He tries for an Oshidashi, not two but 3 times and gets it. Kyoku still on 0, Toyo on 3-7.

Goeido vs. Aminishiki
The sheek lunges forward, and they disengage but Goeido sees this and slaps down for hikiotoshi. 5-5 vs. 2-8

KIsenosato vs. Tochiozan
Kise tries to get a right hand grab on the mawashi, but has a left hand inside. He loses this, but keeps on thrusting, temporarily getting pathetic mawashi grips. He thrusts a lot, and gets a r/h yorikiri. 8-2 vs. 2-8

Baruto vs. Kotooshu
Koto gets in for a good uwatenage position. L/h grip with right underarm. Baruto is not looking comfortable, but trying. He does have a left underarm grip, and contests, but to little avail. Really I would have liked to have seen him use his legs more. Anyway, kotoshu readjusts himself slightly, and then secures the uwatenage grip he has. Both now on 7-3

Harumafuji vs. Kotoshogiku
Haruma quickly engages and pulls of sukuinage, almost as if it was written! Haruma on 10-0 and koto on 8-2

Hakuho vs. Kakuryu
Very quick movements here, and Kakuryu is trying dammed hard to do something to shake Hakuho’s from getting a grip. However, Hakuho gets the right hand outside and then there is a little pause… Kak also geta an outside grip, but Hakuho pulls off an uchimuso! Hakuho also 10-0 vs. 6-4

Well that’s it from me fellas. Getting late here so I’ll chip off quick.

Connolly is gonna gome and give you some shite and onions tomorrow with some of his home grown ‘taters, so you’re in for a good meal!

L. Bertrum

2 responses to “Nagoya Basho 2012 Day 10

  1. Was wondering when Tokitenku was going to bust out the ketaguri.

  2. Aoiyama vs Shohozan, not Aran 😀

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