Nagoya Basho 2012 Day 12

So on the eve of a very important day at least for two of the members of this beloved website, de Gama is called to champion the sumo cause by reporting day 12 of the Nagoya basho.  On the wee hours of the morning tomorrow again, de Gama is called with his trusty bedmate Bertrum to wake up at 4 in the morning to strap on a Japanese style loin cloth (fundoshi) and run the streets wild to reach a certain shrine.  There they will combat the evil spirits surrounding while a few Japanese people spray buckets of cold water upon their muscly backs.  This will to their minds purify them and ready them for the events to follow.  As avid sumo fans I, de Gama, must ask you one thing: Are you ready to get wet? Because I am.

Wakanosato vs. Takarafuji
Easy for Wakanosato.  Right at tachai he gets the underarm grip and pushes Takara to the edge.  Takara tries to fight him back and Waka does a side tackle which puts the guy down.

Sadanofuji vs. Tokitenku
At the beginning Toki comes in with a harite. Quickly Toki gets one hand on a grip but the other was a bit slower which he places on Sada’s hand.  Toki eventually wrestles his arm into Sada’s outer crotch and gets a belt grip. He tries to push him back but struggles a little.  After a while he givers up and leg swipes Sada to the ground.

Yoshikaze vs. Chiyotairyu
Yoshikaze rushes in but Chiyotairyu just hits him bare chest and continues to pushes Yoshi up.  Chiyo does this about two more times successfully but on the third time Yoshi jumps to the side and Chiyo lounges forward.  Yoshi gets behind and pushes Chiyo out.

Gagamaru vs. Kaisei
Gagamaru looks like an insanely slow and fat version of Baruto on this one.  The Lady get a grip at tachiai but Kaisei has the forward momentum.  Kaisei drives Gaga back only until Gaga gets his footing and moves Kaisei toward the center.  Gaga premptively starts the yorikiri hip thrusts, realizes that he can’t.  Gaga pulls Kaisei to the side and moves him slowly back and over.

Daido vs Toyohibiki
Very quick bout.  Toyo rushes in and while pushing forward and grabs the belt with one arm.  As Toyo moves Daido back he performs a side tackle and Daido goes out.

Homasho vs. Masunoyama
Nice bout by Masunyama.  Masu stayed low and pushed Homasho up.  While he was pushing Homasho back and up he always kept the pressure on.  After a few secs Masu arm thrusted Homey out.

Aran vs. Kitataiki
Very much a Takekaze-style win on this one.  Aran performs a shitty version of a henka take down.  Doesn’t necessarily work all that well, but Aran grabs Kita and swings him to the side and Kita just journeys out.

Tamawashi vs. Takayasu
Tama goes in tsuppari’ing like crazy and Taka crumbles to it.  Tama gets him to the edge and anyone would have said that Taka was going out.  But somehow Taka regains composure and throws a few tsuppari of his own.  He tries to pulls him down and Tama tries to push him out but Taka back tracks seemingly all over the ground eventually leading him to the edge.  At the edge Taka moves the outstretched Tama to the side and Tama plops to the floor.

Tochinoshin vs. Miyabiyama
Miyabiyama goes into the fray like he normally does and Noshin gets his henka on.  It fails and they go into a tsuppari fight.  Eventually, Noshin grabs the back of Miyabs neck and tries a pull down.  This for some reason throws Noshin off balance but Miyabs is too slow to capitalize. Noshin gets ample time to prepare for the Miyabi charge.  Noshin backs up and tries again to pull him down while Miyabi lounges to throw Noshin out.  Miyabi succeeds in pushing Noshin out before Miyabs himself falls to the ground.

Aoiyama vs. Takekaze
Surprising by Take.  He rushes into Aoiyama and pushes up and back.  Aoiyama slides back to the edge and doesn’t allow Take to move him back.  Take proceeds side tackle him for the win

Aminishiki vs. Toyonoshima
Toyo from the beginning forced Aminishiki back and kept that pressure going through out the bout.  While Toyo was arm thrusting Aminishiki back, the Sneek was trying to fight him off.  When Aminishiki was on the edge, he leg-trips Toyo and throws him to the side.  Aminishiki wins.

Goeido vs. Kyokutenho
Kyoku goes in fast and Goeido arms out waddles to the side swinging Kyoku back to the edge.  Goeido then applies pressure to Kyoku and forces him out.

Kotooshu vs. Myogiryu
At least Myogi tried haha.  He went in low and hard but Kotooshu was to enveloping.  After a few arm swipes from Kotooshu, Myogi falls back and can’t really recover. Kotooshu just kinda forces the little guy down and to the side.

Baruto vs Kisenosato
After two false starts, Kise goes low and Baruto puts his arms on the back of Kise neck.  Kise forces Baruto back and before Baruto and try anything he was out.

Kakuryu vs. Harumafuji
Harry goes for a back of the belt grip while Kak hugs the guy and does more or less the same.  Kak makes the mistake of trying to leg trip Harry and Harry proceeds to side takedown.  The beautiful thing about this takedown was that Harry took Kak down for Kak to land on his back and Harry on top of Kak’s belly.  You can see the look of pain as the tears flow down his face.  Taste the sad, Michael…

Hakuho vs. Kotoshogiku
At tachiai both got lower grips with Geeku getting it a little quicker.  Hakuho spins them around and breaks free.  Like a boss Hakuho slaps Geeku in the face and pushes Geeku on the neck until he is out.

Well, that’s all for today fellas!  Time for me to get wet in a funadoshi!


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