Sumo & Stogie’s Favorites rock Nagoya’s face off

Three of our favorites here at Sumo & Stogies rocked Nagoya with winning records and some great bouts. Sure we have other favorites in Juryo and Makuuchi but what fun is there in only looking at the present when the future happens to be torching its own path up the banzuke as we speak! Three rikishi we have our eyes on to make the move to Sekitori status soon enough. 

Tatsu Ryoya, that big kid we’ve followed so closely over the last few basho finished with a 5-2 record at Makushita 19. Look for him to reach sekitori status by the end of this year at the latest! The big boy is the first homegrown youngin’ we’ve seen in years that has the size and attitude to potentially make some noise in the next year or two.

Sasakiyama, an Akita native, finished out the basho with a  record of 4-3 from Makushita 33. The winning record will move him up the banzuke where he’ll continue to make strides to become Akita prefecture’s next sekitori.

Egyptian, Oosunaarashi, was able to overcome injury, high fever, blood clots to erase a 0-1-1 start to the Nagoya basho and go on to win 5 matches in a row to secure his kachi-koshi! Look for him to rock Sandanme next Aki Basho. Oosunaarashi has yet to be defeated as a rikishi when he has actually been present for his bouts. In one of his first winning interviews he stated simply that he wanted to become Yokozuna. His work ethic and determination are impressive to date. Look for this young man to fly up the banzuke! The aptly named Sand Storm is whirling your way! His facebook page is in our links. Look out!

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