Aki Basho 2012 Day 2

Well shit. After seeing some of the rather disappointing sumo on shonichi, I was not too enthusiastic about reporting today. But day two wasn’t quite as bad as it started off. Let’s not waste any more time with yusho speculation seeing as its only day two and anything can happen in these sweet, savage 15 days. Just ask Kyokutenho.

First up is Fujiazuma and Takanoyama. Day two saw the kind of follow up Taka needs to be showing every day out. Speed, tenacity, and lateral motion, followed by a kotenage. Too bad it started with a henka. Like a reverse mullet. Ugly nonsense in the front but all business in the back.
Asahisho and Sadanofuji. I like to see Asahisho picking up where kitazakura left off with the big handfuls of salt. Don’t like seeing him fall for shitty hikiotoshis, like he did today. His fault though.

Kimurayama beat Tenkaiho by the standard push push pull while back pedaling. Sorry, I just can’t like this guy’s sumo.

Chiyotairyu won by continuing his Kimurayama impression. Hopefully his oyakata will trash talk him some more to get him to work his stuff out.

Takarafuji got the better of the momentum from the tachiai, but Wakanosato got a pretty predictable win once he got morozashi. Over in a hurry.

Yoshikaze, Kyokutenho – Yoshi had Kyoku moving backward out of the gates, but at the tawara Kyoku made a big enough ralley to force the youner man down. Seemed like Yoshi couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do here. But that was better than the past few though.

Wakakoyu v Takayasu – buckets of energy in this quite long tsuppari bout. Both men switched advantage multiple times, until Takayasu eventually locked up, got a belt grip and by that time Wakakoyu was just too exhausted to defend well enough. Uwatenaged.

Daido v Kitataiki – Taiki seemed to have the upper hand for most of this nice long belt battle. He owned the tachiai, and had Daido on the defensive, showing some good footwork, then managed to lose it, handing the win to Dumbo.

Okinoumi v Shotenro – Shotenro was the aggressor from the get-go, but Oki had the better grip and position. Oki hunkered down, waited for his opportunity. It was a cool head and good deashi that won this one for Okinoumi.

Tokitenku v Miyabi – As usual against Miyabi, Tenku went for the ketaguri, which, although is called a foot sweep, looks more like a vicious knee-capping. Also, as usual, it didn’t work… at the sacrifice of pretty much all balance. Which made this one an easy win for Miyabi.

Masunoyama v Takekaze – After a few shaky basho bouncing around in Juryo, and a few injuries, Masu is starting to heat up. He has showed no sign of letting up after his kantosho effort back in Nagoya, and today was no exception. His tsuppari sauce was too think and rich for Takekaze to stand today.

Aminishiki v Tochiozan – Tochiozan looked to have this one sewn up. But the Sneak lived up to his oily name with a near-miss tawara tango, which sent Ozan down in impressive? fashion.

Toyohibiki v Toyonoshima – First try was called torinaoshi after a hand and heel went out together. On take 2 Toyo was moving forward, but a sidestep and a kotenage ended whatever hope he had in winning today.

Myogiryu v Homey – Matta on the first try. Yogi was all over this from the word go. His tachiai was strong and position was nice and low, combine that with a hazuoshi, and an Asashoryu dame oshi shove for good measure. Good stuff from Yogi today.

Harumafuji v Aran – no doubt who won this one. Harry started things out with a bit of a nodowa, rapidly followed by a morozashi. From there Haruma ended things with a more-than-convincing tsuridashi called a yorikiri due to foot placement. So I guess we know which Harumafuji showed up this go-round.

Goeido v Kakuryu – Eido had Kakuryu moving back initially. Kak managed to gain back momentum, but couldn’t finish off Eido. Neither man seemed to want this to become a belt battle, so there was some quite excited slapping, thrusting , and pulling, which ended in a slap down win for the ozeki. Interesting bout, with less than interesting results.

Kotooshu v Gagamaru – Oshu was inside with a left hand immediately, and had this thing in the win column before you could say shitatenage. Very little,read effective, resistance from Gaga.

Aoiyama v Baruto – Bart had this locked up from the start too. He has been quicker lately than his size would bemoan. This was a good quality win for him over an opponent he should be trouncing. Good on him.

Kotoshogiku v Tochinoshin – Geek was in there with morozashi and a gabburi yori faster than Noshin could handle.

Kaisei v Kisenosato – Kaisei moved the Kid back at first, and after flirting with a tsuppari attack and an otsuke, determination got him inside on the Brazilian, and we had two gabburi-yori’s in a row.

ALL 6 OZEKI WON! How many times you bet that will happen this basho?

Hakuho v Shohozan – I don’t think Soho ever had it, but that was much better a bout against Haks then we traditionally see. Soho held his own from the tachiai, got some thrusts in, and moved the yokozuna back. Looked decent. However, a tiny bit of sloppy foot work made a kotenage from the dai-yokkozuna a foregone conclusion.

It’s quite a busy time for most of here, so you will have someone tomorrow. Possibly me, or another celebrity guest commentator.

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