Aki Basho 2012 Day 9

Well Gents, yesterday fellows of the S&S Heya got together for our party event yesterday,. A Bloody good knees up with the usual accompaniments: Damned fine whiskey, fat smokes to stick in ya mouth and today I am left with an ugly hangover, and a rather unimpressed wife. Am I sorry that rather than spending the day together, soaking up the sun and enjoying a drive around the shire, I was struggling in Bed? No. Wouldn’t change stogies for the world! Let me just pop a Beer (the old gut won’t be happy with whiskey) and let’s crack on with day 9!

Jokoryu vs Sadanofuji
Joki goes in low, almost like a rugby tackle, and gets a good mawashi grip. He uses this to spin the larger fella a few times before he off balances and gets an uwatenage

Asahisho vs Fujiazumi
A false start by Asa. Round 2 Fuji goes in heavy with the Tsuppari, pushing Asa back and out, pretty straight forward.

Tenkaiho Vs Takarafuji
Both engage and get good firm mawashi grips. Tenka with his right, and Taka with the outside left. Taka is trying hard to lift him, but the underarm grip is thwarting his efforts. He doesn’t give up tho, and gets Tenki to the ropes. Who then just gives up. Disappointing finish…

Chiyotairyu vs. Takanoyama
Very easy win for Chiyo, Taka just couldn’t stop that steamrolling oshidashi. Looking like he hurt his nuggets on the way out. Ouch!

Yoshikaze vs. Kimurayama
Lots of pushing and grunting. Didn’t seem like the two of these fellas really got in comfortable with the match. Didn’t seem like either had decided on a gameplan. Kimura ends up lunging and Yoshi side steps so that he falls to his knee.

Takayasu vs. Okinoumi
A good bout and the best thusfar! Oki gets an outside grip on Taka, Taka tries and tries to get a grip himself, but Oki manages to keep him distant and at bay. He jiggles him to the bails, before making his belly advance for yorikiri

Daido vs. Asasekiryu
Oh my word. Both go in with aggression, and and daido tries for an uwatenage, but the both slip and fall hitting the ground at the same time, apparently. They judges are called and it’s given to Daido. Fairplay because Ase’s hand did go down first, if you watch on slow mo ;o)

Miyabiyama vs Wakanosato
Very similar match to Ypshi’s but with Waka slipping and going down. Not very impressive Sumo in my book.

Tokitenku vs. Wakakoyu
A good bout! Waka goes in, and has Toki by the throat, Toki clearly gets pissed at this, and tries for a leg sweep. But misses, and the two Tsuppari each other. At this point, Toki is fired up and gets in close with Mawashi gripping. Bellies him out for yorikiri. Fair shout.

Kitataiki vs. Takekaze
Quick bout. Kita has a tight hold on Takekazes arm, as Take tries to push him down. He fails, and then tries to push Kita to the bails, but kita sidesteps and uses Take’s momentum to push him out. The judges are called to see who hit first. Hard to see, but if you look Kita’s foot steps over before Take belly flops down.

Tochiozan vs. Kyokutenho
Very quick, Kyoku pushes in, and Tochi bounces around a bit, trying to shift gears from the defensive, but Kyoku just pushes him to hard and yorikiri out. Kyoku looking good on 9 though!

Shotenro vs. Toyohibiki
Disappointing bout. Toyo goes in, gets the better mawashi grip, and push out. Boring.

Masunoyama vs. Gagamaru
Pretty much the same deal here. Gaga goes in low, gets the grip he needs and keeps pressing with his shoulder. Masu goes out.

Kaisei vs. Tochinoshin
They engage, and Tochi disengages, making a fatal move and kaisei drives. Tochi grabs his arm, but is on the back foot dancing. He manages to turn things around though, and get two outside grips to Kaisei’s one. He’s trying hard to lift him up, but Kaisei keeps pushing him, as he is pressed against the rope, he then tries to twist and throw kaisei before him, he does this. But not before he is out himself.

Aoiyama vs. Aran
Aoiyama goes in hard, and pushes Aran back, as he goes to charge the second time though, he slips. Terrible.

Shohozan vs. Goeido
Quick bouth, Shohozan charges too low and Goeido pushes him down.

Homasho vs. Kisenosato
Kise is definitely the stronger here, and his pushing Homer about like a doll. He does this a bit too much I feel, and shoulda gone in for the grip. But Homey sidesteps on a push and Kise goes down, marking his first loss.

Harumafuji vs. Toyonoshima
Haruma goes in hard, and has toyo by the throat. He use this to get a right hand grip on the mawashi. Toyo struggles and the grips are lost. Leaving the two needing to re-engage. They pause for a breather. Haruma goes in and just demolishes Toyo for a sotogake. Dirty tricks but a 9-0 win for Haruma, and to be fair he deserved it.

Myogiryu vs. Kakuryu
Kak Tsuppari’s and almost steps out several times, until he did. I think he forgot there was a boundary not to cross.

Hakuho vs. Aminishiki
Hak as a true gent, goes in, belly flops him over the rope but catches shiki so he doesn’t fall. Classic

Well that’s it for day 9. Take off your belt and drop your trousers cuz Connolly is going to give you a whipping tomorrow!

L. Bertrum

One response to “Aki Basho 2012 Day 9

  1. We must have watched a different day 9. Daido and Asasekiryu wrestled three times (the first time I’ve ever seen that happen). Each time the gyojin pointed the fan at Daido. The first two were very close and the judges made them replay it. There was a mono after the third bout too, but the guyjin’s call was upheld. All of the matches ended in throws, no one “slipped”.

    Aoiyama didn’t slip either. Aran moved aside and slapped him down. (I will grant it was crappy sumo.)

    Lastly, Kakuryu didn’t step out. He was thrust out (and off the doyho) by a very strong Myogiryu charge.

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