Aki 2012 Day 11

Due to my work hours and lack of internet at home, I have been relying on the NHK late night recap of makuuchi bouts for my reports, and for general watching.  These come on at different times every night, but almost always after 2:00am.  It’s good, because I can watch the bouts without having internet.  However, I think this might be having some adverse effects on me.  I had a dream after Hakuho’s loss to Tochiozan.  In this dream I got drunk at a rikishi party and yelled “I’m Haramafuji!” then jokingly smacked an ice cream cone out of Hakuho’s hand.  He got really upset, I felt really bad, and went up to him later to apologize.  He was really understanding, and realized that I meant it as a joke.  He clapped me on the back and ordered us a beer.  Then for some reason we were wearing grey Baltimore Orioles T-shirts with the sleeves cut off, and started riding bicycles.

I’m not sure what this means, or if it means anything at all, probably just means no more late night curry.  I just wanted our readers to know what kind of mental and physical anguish I am putting myself through to bring you these reports.  I hope you guys appreciate it.  Anyway, on to day 11 action… We enter today with only Harumafuji undefeated.  Hakuho, Kisenosato, and Kyokutenho hang on with 1 loss.  Tamawashi, Chiyonokuni, Jokoryu, and Ikioi lead down in juryo with 8-3 each.

Yoshiazuma v Kimurayama – Not really a moment where Yoshi didn’t have it in the bag.  Good solid motion, paired with fighting Kimurayama made this an easy win.  6-5, 5-6

Takanoyama Takara – both men trying to fend of makekoshi for one more day.  Takanoyama, as normal this basho, went for an arm bar after a shift at the tachiai, Takara got an outside grip and was shifting to get good position for a push to the bales.  At this point Takanoyama decided to go for an inside leg waza, and pulled a nice looking kakenage. MK for Treasure Mountain, and ‘ol Skin ‘n Bones  lives to fight another day. 4-7, 3-8

Sadanofuji v Wakanosato – Sada came in slapping pushing the veteran back.   If Waka could lock it up with a belt grip it would be pretty much over.  But a slap down at the bales worked just as well for the vet. 3-8, 5-6

Asasekiryu v Wakakoyu – Bit odd here, Koyu tried to go in for a thrusting attack, but Asa got to the belt too quick and pulled Koyu in to neutralize that attack.  I guess Asa just didn’t expect the pusher thruster to try out his yotsu chops.  Verdict is they were good enough. 5-6, 5-6

Kitataiki v Tenkaiho – small jump of a tachiai for Taiki, sloppy foot work also on Taiki’s part got the win for Kaiho and  big fat MK for Taiki. 3-8, 3-8

Fujiazuma v Shotenro – Shoten had a great tachiai and had Fuji moving back immediately, after some slight lateral motion while moving back, Fuji was thrust out quite heartily. 4-7 each

Miyabiyama v Yoshikaze – Yabbers charged with more vigor than ususal.  Yoshi dodged at the edge, slapping down at the same time.  Gunbai for Yabbers, followed by a predictable monoii.  Replay looked like Yoshi, but it was difficult to tell if his foot went out or not, so…torinaoshi.  Yoshi was much more spirited in this bout dodging, pushing, pulling, thrusting, keeping his enemy guessing.  It looked like there might have been a mage grab in there, but none were called and Yoshi was declared the winner, as the older, fatter man couldn’t keep up. 4-7, 6-5

Chiyotairyu v Masunoyama  – Masa was deflected to the side and looked to be out of the game, but regained and got an arm solidly under Chiyo’s arm, probably looking for a sukuinage.  He managed to get that hand on the belt and was able to walk Chiyo out. 5-6, 6-5

Tokitenku v Daido – Tenku powerfully drove back Daido, who regained.  Tenku with the better grip and position was able to force back Daido and toppled the bigger man over. 5-6, 4-7

Asahisho v Takekaze – Take with his normal push push pull and a bit of back-pedaling wins the day.

Takayasu v Toyohibiki – Contrary to both rikishis’ normal style this one went right into yotsu sumo.  No time for tsuppari, Dr.J ones.  Beeker was moved back immediately, and tried to use some lateral motion to get a better position, but was thrown down by Takayasu. 9-2, 5-6

Homasho v Kyokutenho – Homasho was able to move Mr. Yusho back, but was too eager (not a common mistake for Homey) and was subsequently not able to avoid the hatakikomi at the edge. 6-5, 10-1

Aran v Toyonoshima – Strange bout from Aran, going for tottari at first, then both men separated and paused for a second before reconnecting, with Aran managing to, somehow, get underneath Toyonoshima for the win.  Aran is becoming quite unpredictable, but not quite in a good way yet. 2-9, 3-8

Shohozan v Tochinoshin – Shoho went right in with tsuppari, Noshin’s sideways motion at the tachiai threw him off balance and compromised his position, making it fairly easy to get backed out. 3-8, 3-8

Aoiyama v Gagamaru – A really powerful tachiai from Aoi.  The Bulgarian buried his head in the chest of the larger man and, with a bit of ganbare juice, yorikiri-ed Gaga for the win. 3-8, 3-8

Myogiryu v Tochiozan – Initially a nodowa from Yogi, pushing back Ozan, but the Yogi was a bit over reached.  Ozan, never regained fully, and pulled on Yogi on the way out.  Ozan stepped out back before Yogi hit the clay.  That is a KK for Yogi’s shin-sekiwake basho. 8-3, 7-4

Harumafuji Okinoumi – Harry has had problems with Oki before, and did again today.  The yok-hopeful  went for a a quick yorikiri with sideways motion and a beltgrip.  After an uwate attempt at the edge, Harry was caught high with both hands outside and in a bad position.  He was driven back by Don Juan but was able to pull off the desperation throw, and landed a hair after Oki’s arm. Close call, but Harumafuji remains at 11-0. 11-0, 8-3

Kaisei v Kakuryu – A strong win by the Kak.  Ozeki started by going in for maemawashi, quickly losing it, then settling for an outside grip, catching the big lug on the side and applying pressure till he toppled over. 5-6, 9-2

Aminishiki v Kisenosato –   Despite Sneaky bringing a decent, but not great attack, the Kid was just unable to finish him off, with, what looked to me like an outside grip and an otsuke which sometimes moved to a palm on the chest.  The Kid lost again to an oshi attack, mostly due to being higher than Sneaky for pretty much the whole bout, and performing some less-than-perfect footwork at the edge. 8-3, 9-2

Hakuho v  Goeido –  Hakuho’s taichiai harite whiffed over Eido’s mage, but it didn’t really matter.  When Hakusho has migiyotsu, with his signature left hand outside, there is very little that the other guy can do (even Asashoryu knew well to keep away from that left hand).  The rest of this bout was perfection.  Hakuho dropped his hips and moved forward, keeping Eido in front of him at all times, not allowing any sideways motion. 10-1, 6-5

That’s all for day 11.  Bertum will be here for the next 2 days to slake your thirst.

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