Aki 2012 Day 12

Hello! How’s the horses? Bertrum here with the very latest from the Sumo! Don’t bother putting the kettle on for brew, I shalln’t be long. Will join you for a night cap though, eh?
Right without further ado, let’s crack on with it, eh!

Fujiazuma vs. Sadanofuji
Both start off with a feisty Tsuppari, but Fujiazumi gets in close and gets a good firm outside grip on the mawashi. Shortly followed bu Sada’s inside grip. They both try to throw each other and by the ropes Sada is the stronger and twist turns to throw Fuji out, but in doing so he also trips on the rope and goes down, his knee touching before Fuji – who gets yoritaoshi win.

Tamawashi vs. Tenkaiho

Tamawashi is pressing hard, but goes in a little low and is certainly looking like a raging bull. But it seems like he is all powder and no shot, in that Tenkaiho just kinda shoulders him out!

Yoshikaze vs. Takanoyama
This is why I like Takanoyama, he can be full of surprises. From the charge he grabs Yoshi’s arm and works with his momentum to to spin around and push him out! Quick Okuridashi win.
Chiyotairyu vs. Wakakoyu
Painful looking jab at the throat, with both hands, by Waka, and Chiyo replies with some pretty intensive shoving! There’s no real advantage after this as both Tsuppari each other, on the upper body, until Chiyo presses a bit heavy and Wak is able to to turn his palm thrusts to help push him down tsukiotoshi style.

Kyokutenho vs. Takayasu
Bit of a scrappy start as both try to grab the mawashi. Taka however secures a better rh grip and presses with a charge to make kyoku step out

Daido vs. Kimurayama
Kimura went in pressing on Daido’s throat, but he wasn’t pressing hard enough (certainly not with his legs) as Daido advances and pushes him out with an oshidashi.

Asahisho vs. Okinoumi
Okinoumi presses hard. Going in with arm thrusts and pushing Asa back towards the ropes. He goes to switch gears, aiming for what looks like a grab leg, and he goes in low kinda stumbles and although he pushes Asa out, he falls to the floor first.

Miyabiyama vs. Takarafuji
Takara goes in, but a bit low and Miyabiyama staps back, allowing Taka to be even lower, and them pushes him down. Hatakikomi

Kitataiki vs. Shotenro
After two false starts, tensions are running. Kita goes in fast. Falses starting yet again! Unbelievable. Fourth time going, and I dunno. It’s not a fair bout really. Kita presses in, and Shotenro grabs from above throwing him down. Minus the 3 false starts, the bout was 3 seconds. Psyche out! Kita clearly wasn’t happy with that!

Tokitenku vs. Wakanosato
They Engage and although Toki has a left hand mawashi grip, Waka is up under his shoulders, pushing with the legs. So it’s kind of stalemate for a while. They tire, and then both (I believe Toki first) try to leg sweep each other. Toki then tries from over the top to get a mawashi grip. Terrible attempt that fails. Realising this he tries to disengage but Waka works an awkward looking Tsukiotoshi.

Asasekiryu vs. Masunoyama
Pretty quick first bout. Yes, I say first. Masu attempt a throw down, but falls himself. It’s reall close who hit first. Personally I thought Masunoyamas Knee hit before Ase’s arm. Anyway, re-match called and this is just shameful. Masu charges in, and Ase steps back a little and grabs mawashi with one hand and back of the head with the other. push down uwatenage for that guy!

Homasho vs. Aminishiki
Homasho starts off with the advantage, but I feel neither settled into the bout. Loads of turning, pushing, but no engaging. Anyway, as Homasho’s attacks lose momentum, the sheek then tries his offensive and yorikiri’s Homer out.

Shohozan vs. Aran
Charge in by Sho and Aran tries for a throw down behind the head, but Sho was high for it to work (his footing was secure) trying to re-adjust and recover, Aran is on the back foot and Sho pushes working with Arans backfoot, to tsukidashi him out.

Takekaze vs. Kaisei
The small guy tried, tried a lot of thing. Pushing, pulling (all in the space of a few secs) h even changed angle, but kaisei wouldn’t budge, and kinda pivots on the same spot. He Prods Take who hits the rope n stumbles.

Aoiyama vs. Toyonoshima
they engage, Aoiyama shoulder barges and presses ahead, but turns with his back to the rope, and Toyonoshima presses with a pretty straight forward oshidashi.

Gagamaru vs. Tochinoshin
Henka by Tochinoshin receives boo’s by the crowd. He gets a mawashi grab from the side, and gaga tries to fight back – even getting a grip himself, but Tochi offbalances him on the rope and uwatenages’ him!

Toyohibiki vs. Kisenosato
Probably the best bout of the day thus far, and certainly brought cheers from the crowd.

Toyo has Kise on the back foot, but Kise turns this around and has over grips to Yoyo’s inner. They struggle, and Kise turns the momentum to his favour. At this point, Toyo only has a left hand under grip to Kises’s double, and is struggling. A long stalemate ensues, and Kise musters the strength to secure a well placed yoritaoishi

Harumafuji vs. Goeido
Goedio goes in low, and Haruma is on fire. Not only is he pushing with his arms but he is advancing with his legs easily gets Goeido out with a tsukitaoshi.

Tochiozan vs. Kakuryu
Oh my! The Kak goes in low, and Tochi slaps for a throw down, but he wasn’t strong enough with it. The kak continues to lunge forward and yorikiri’s him out.

Hakuho vs. Myogiryu
Quick win by Hak. I think Haks shoulder hit Myo’s head knocking him out of for a bit, as he seems to start to go down (assisted by Hak) for a Tsukitaoshi win. By the time he hits the dirt though, Myo seems to be moving, though he was certainly seeing stars. Hakuho mind you, walks to his side, reeling in victory, and turns around with a surprised expression at what he’s just down to the fella!

Anyways compadres! That’s it for me tonight, and I’ll be seeing you in the morrow for some more of the action!


L Bertrum.

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