Kyushu Basho 2012: Shonichi

Welcome one and all to the final basho of 2012. May Kyushu bring fifteen outstanding days of sumo and a few surprises along the way.

It seems like everyone has high hopes for Chiyotairyu, but the kid backs up all too often. Today Tamawashi got the best of the tachi-ai and had the Young Ryu back against the bales. Chiyo side steps and swipes Tamawashi to the ground. More of the same from Tairyu. He moves to 1-0.

Jokoryu faced off against Wakakoyu in his debut Makuuchi bout. Joe Cool sure didn’t act like a newbie in this bout. He drives the Koyu back to the bales and gains the mawashi. With the grip in hand Joko turns the Wakakoyu   train in the opposite end of the dohyo and drops him to the ground in an over enthusiastic finish. Joe Told You 1-0

Yoshikaze jumps the line against Asahisho. After they reset both rikishi turned up the spirit and tsupari to ten. Yoshikaze was knocking back Asahi Super Dry (oh Joy Asahisho, oh joy) like it was his job but the Short Mug of Might turned the tables pulling behind Kaze for the easy force out victory. Asahisho wins and moves to 1-0.

Ikio forces the Asasekiryu back and pulls a great right handed tsukiotoshi on the veteran Mongolian. Quickly played and effective for team GO: 1-0.

Every Rikishi tends to have at least one demon. By demon I mean another rikishi who give him a huge problem. For Aran that rikishi is none other than Tokitenku. In ten bouts, Alan has only managed to beat the Mongolian once. The Russian forced the Mongolian back with a solid nodowa at the tachi-ai and gained the mawashi shortly there after. After a bit of song and dance, Alan manages to drive the Tokitenku out of the ring! Alan moves to their overall match record to 2-9 in favorite of the Mongolian, but what does he care, he’s 1-0.

Toyonoshima has never lost to Gagamaru despite the obvious weight advantage held by the Georgian. Today Toyonoshima pulled off some excellent side steps and other forms of acrobatics to finally throw Lord Gaga to the dirt.

Aoiyama and Masunoyama faced off today. Masunoyama gained the advantage early on driving the Bulgarian back but the young’n lend in the for the win way too early. Aoiyama had plenty of time to react and he simply slapped Masu to the dirt for the sokubiotoshi win. Easy win for the Bulgarian: 1-0

Myogiryu is one of my favorites and one that I expect to fair pretty well this basho because, well, besides the two yokozuna, there just isn’t much for competition. That said, I eat crow tonight to my shock. Tochinoshin was able to lock Myogiryu’s arm up and kick the sekiwake’s leg into the air as well. Yogi falls first and Tochinoshin looks almost decent for the first time in,well, a really long time.

Bart looked to have Kaisei beat on several occasions but hats off the the Brazilian for hanging in there and even bringing the bout back to a stand still for a moment. Bart turns Kaisei around however and adds an extra push to boot even when Kaisei was clearly already out of the ring. Although he lost today I see a Kaisei ready to challenge some of these Ozeki. Look out Sanyaku.

Kotooshu needs eight wins this basho. He did not get a win today. Shohozan throws the Ozeki down for his first win of the basho.

Tochiozan jumps the gun on the tachi-ai against Kotoshogiku. The second time round Kotoshogiku drove the Ozan back but he was able to quite easily throw the other Katoban Ozeki to the dirt. Yikes for team Koto. Not a good start to the basho.

Kisenosato was in the driver’s seat the whole bout against Okinoumi. Kid forces Oki to the bales quickly and then shoves his hand into Pretty Boy’s face for the vicious oshidashi win. Kisenosato looks as though he’s out to prove something.

Woah! Goeido looked a bit like his opponent today, Kakuryu. He drives the Ozeki back, gains the mawashi and then uses the sotogake (Kakuryu’s go to against bigger opponents) for the win! Well played by the Sekiwake.

Well Homasho nearly started this bout in the masuseki. Even with the far back tachi-ai Briton-Meyer’s got to be happy with the quickness Homie showed in this bout. I think he might have even caught the Yokozuna Harumafuji off guard a bit. That said the Shin-Yokozuna was eventually able to wrap his right arm around Homasho to gain the grip and yorikiri victory. Harumafuji wins his 31st bout in a row, with his win today.

Hakuho pushes Aminishiki so far back that the bout is over before it’s even had a chance to begin. Actually that’s not quite accurate. Both Rikishi went into the tachi-ai extremely conservatively, neither man really moving forward. After the awkward moment Hakuho went on the offensive and by the second push the Sneaky was standing outside of the dohyo.

Not a great day for the Ozeki, but it’s not like that is a new story line or anything. I am looking forward to watching Kisenosato, Myogiryu, and the dos Yokozuna duo do battle this time round. I am sadly done reporting this basho but not to worry, Creswell  and some of your other old favorites will be holding down the smokehouse while I am gone.

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