Kyushu Basho 2012: Day 3

Chalmers here a day late with day 3 (for posterity’s sake…).  This is my dog, on our way home from the hospital where he kept me busy the past 4 days.  He’s also sorry for keeping the fans waiting.

We are all wondering what will become of Baruto: Will he come back from his injury? Or will he be taken out of the schedule all together?  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that our favorite Estonian bounces back to join in on fighting off the Mongol uprising… and not to mention the inevitable demotion if he doesn’t return!

Joukouruu (1-1) vs. Chiyotairyu (2-0), 0-0.  A decent up-and-up tachiai from the two up-and-comings.  Rookie Joukouryu was outmatched by Chiyotairyu’s E. Honda Special, Oshi-pushy.  That’s the speed and bad-assness that got him to Makuuchi in under two years!

Yoshiazuma (1-1) vs. Wakakouyuu (0-2), 0-0.  Stalemate tachiai, 10 minutes of pattycake, and a 2-minute break later, Yoshiazuma runs out of gas and is pushed out under the weight of an exhausted Wakakouyuu leaning on him.

Fujiazuma (1-1) vs. Tamawashi (1-1), 1-3.  King Tama wins the Tachiai, puts Mt. Fuji on his heels with a solid tsupari attack, then a quick pull-down, Hatakikomi.

Asahishou (1-1) vs. Chiyonokuni (1-1), 0-1.  Asahishou: Take five handfuls of salt to the ring; apply liberally.  Harite opponent at tachiai for respect.  Now slip in my own salt… hatakikomi win for Chiyo.

Minaybiyama (0-2) vs. Yoshikaze (1-1), 5-4.  Much of what you’d expect from Miyabiyama: tsupari from start to finish, except that Yoshikaze is a man on a mission.  Yosh rolls with the punches, deflecting what he can till he finds his opening, shoots in for a morozashi, double-inside grip, and the rest is history, okuridashi win for the more-than-usually focused Yoshikaze.

Ikioi (2-0) vs. Kitataiki (1-1), 1-1.  Textbook-perfect tachiai by Kitataiki: head down, right into Ikioi’s chest.  As Ikioi reaches in to find the belt, Kitataiki grips the inside arm and turns for a perfectly executed Kotenage arm throw… while standing outside the ring. FAIL, Kitataiki.

Wakanosato (2-0) vs. Asasekiryuu (0-2), 7-7.  Asa bowed out this match… and probably out of the tournament. The two sweetest words in the English language: Dee Fault! Dee Fault!

Shoutenro (1-1) vs. Toyonoshima (2-0), 0-4.  Shouten doesn’t catch a break with this guy.  Toyonoshima lifts at the tachiai, then pulls down on the back of the neck, Hatakikomi (text book!).

Daido (1-4) vs. Toyohibiki (1-1), 1-4.  A strong tachia from the Beak sends Daido back-peddling.  Daido back-peddles so fast that Toyo, in hot pursuit, can’t keep his footing.  Daido gives a tug on an unbalanced Toyo or an easy win, judges cal tsukiotoshi.

Aoiyama (2-0) vs. Aran (2-0), 0-2.  Aran, with the worst tachiai ever, stands straight up, arms down, and takes an Aoiyama thrust to the chest.  Two thrusts is all it takes and Aoiyama has it, oshidashi.

Tokitenku (0-2) vs. Masunoyama (0-2), 0-2.   Tokitenku attemps to henka… or Tiger Knee, I’m not sure.  FAIL!  Masunoyama hugs the Mongol in good spirit and walks him out, yorikiri.

Takayasu (0-2) vs. Gagamaru (0-2), 1-2.  Lady Gaga has been improving his Tachiail!  Keeps his forwad movement and  shoves his way through till Takayasu’s had enough, oshidashi.

Kyokutenhou (1-1) vs. Takekaze (2-0), 9-7.  A good tachiai from both, and Home Team gets two hands under, but not on the belt.  Kyokutenhou keeps Home Team’s arms high till he can get his left onto Take’s belt, one hand on the back of the neck, and a quick, turning belt throw!  Uwatenage, Mongolia!

Myougiryu (0-2) vs. Aminishiki (0-2).  A weak tachiai from both men as they then struggle for postion.  Experience beats out youth as The Sneak, able to sneak under the chin and work Myougiryu back to the bails and over, oritaoshi.

Homasho (0-2) vs. Kisenosato (2-0), 6-7.  Cigar Shop brings the usualshove-n-stuff to the match.  Kise is too smart and waits for his chance to make it a belt match.  Homie has not quite realized that he can actually grab the belt, and is easily walked out by the Ozeki, yorikiri.

Kakuryu (1-1) vs. Shohozan (2-0), 1-0.  The Kak out-sizes little Shoho and wins the tachiai, tries a pull down which puts Shoho stumbling forward toward the bails.  A little push to finish, Okuritaoshi win for the Ozeki.

Baruto (1-1) vs. Goeido (2-0), 9-6.  Bart: MIA.  Fate sealed.  Hatsu Basho, Sekiwake Baruto!

Tochinoshin (1-1) vs. Kotooshu (1-1), 3-9.  Light schedule for the Bulgarian, today.  An even tachiai and the two wrap up, right hand in.  Kotooshu plays a better belt game and walks out his Euro-brother, yorikiri.

Kotoshogiku (1-1) vs. Kaisei (0-2), 0-0.   The Geek, far better at the tachiai, gets hi right hand high under Kaisei’s arm.  With Kaisei standing tall turns for uwatenage once, then once again until Kaisei goes down.

Tochiozan (1-1) vs. Harumafuji (1-1), 6-6.  Haruma, wanting to recover from yesterday’s loss, gives a solid tachiai that gets Ozan to take a step back.  But Ozan rushes forward only to be open hand blasted across the face, enough to get him wondering which way is up.  Haruma capitalizes gets two hands under, and walks Ozan back over the bails, yorikiri and Haruma is back on his game like a true Yokozuna!

Hakuho (2-0) vs. Okinoumi (1-1), 6-0.  At the tachiai, Oki tries for a cheap arm bar, which usually only pisses the yokozuna off.  Hawk gets his right in, but Oki keeps the yokozuna’s left hand high, and his own right hand in..  Then the Hawk gives a slap to Oki’s side, which magically opens Oki’s right hand grip and the yokozuna is able to slip his left in for a morozashi.  Nobody or their mother could ever survive the Hawk with two hands in.  Hawk’s got it, and Oki knows it’s over even before he is walked over the bails, yorikiri.

Chalmers, signing off!  Take care and happy belated Veteran’s Day!

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