Kyushu Basho 2012: Day 5

First of all I would like to give out a shout to good ol’Chalmers. I hope your dog is all right, bud.  I had a dog get run over … fortunately yours was able to survive… can’t say the same about my loyal old bastard.  I guess I’ll say another one out to Baruto. We approached you, had smokes with you, joked with you, had our sticks of chicken paid by you, and finally had a good time with you.  Then the following two bashos you get taken out. Luck is just not on your side big guy.  However that same day I stumbled upon a high school baseball game and started to pitch a tent as the guy sitting next to me was none other than my old favorite Yoshikaze.  What more can you do except get the campfire going and find your canoe and the nearest river because its about to get real wet and wild.

Fujiazuma vs. Chiyonokuni

Its been a while since I’ve been in the swing of things.  So I guess its nice to start off with a relatively straight forward match.  Both go in forward at the tachiai. Chiyo pushes Fuji up and away which allows Fuji to tsuppari Chiyo back enough to start gaining momentum.  Fuji just rides the momentum river down and lands Chiyo out the stream.

Asahisho vs. Chiyotairyu

The main problem with this bout was probably Asa’s eagerness. From the beginning he was spewing out tsuppari like the apocalypse was coming.  To be fair it seemed to make headway for a little bit. However in a blink of an eye the tides turn and Chiyo returns tsuppari fire on Asa for the eventually win.

Tamawashi vs. Yoshikaze

Ooooh Yooooshikaaaaaze…… why did yoooou tellll me … that you were more iiiinterested in the basebaaaal game… than the actual suuuuuuuumooooooo going on.  Ahem, maybe if you actually paid more attention you wouldn’t be M10.  It was HIGH school baseball… the only people who care are parents and teachers, not even the kids do.  This being said the bout this time around was not bad.  In the beginning can any confirm that they did in fact clunk heads? It looked to me like they did.  Anyways, Yoshi tries to grab the belt and Tama pushes him up.  This doesn’t stop the Yosh who drives forward arms around Tama’s belly.  That drive tips the momentum in Yosh’s favor .  This allows him to get a semi-belt grip right as Tama blops down and out.

Ikioi vs. Aran

Weak sumo from Aran.  Well, it looked terrible.  Aran seemed to be in a defensive stance preventing Ikioi from doing slaps.  Every so often Ikioi would try something but didn’t really have the reach.  Then all of a sudden Aran pulls Iki into him and tries to get a belt grip while maintaining Iki’s arm subdued with his other hand (Aran is facing the side of Iki).  This fails because Iki uses this and a side take down set up and completely reverses the momentum back on Aran for the win.

Kyokutenho vs. Daido

Haha! Pure gold by Kyoku.  Straight from the start Kyoku gives Daido some love in the form of Harite.  Then gets the inner belt grip and just waddles Daido out.

Gagamaru vs. Toyohibiki

Gaga got in there relatively quick and seemed to get the advantage forcing Toyo to the side and back.  Toyo then quickly pivots and throws Gaga down to the ground.  Gaga is probably just too fat for his skill level,

Aoiyama vs. Toyonoshima

Toyonoshima looking good this round too.  At tachiai he fights for an underarm grip and props the fat giant vertical.  At this point Aoi couldn’t really do much of anything except move his legs around. This gives Toyo ample time to switch his grip to an inner belt one. Finally Aoi tried to out-strength Toyo, but Toyo quickly pressed forward.  Once Toyo was on a roll he couldn’t be stopped, and that left Aoi out of the ring and on the floor.

Takekaze vs. Goeido

Looks like Goeido pulled a Takekaze on Takekaze.  Goeido  allows Take to rush in.  Goeido then pivots his leg to the side and side pushes the poor guy (Take)  down.

Myogiryu vs. Tochiozan

Myogi really tried this one haha.  He starts off with a choke hold on Tochi. After a few slaps on Myogi’s arm, Myogi tries to get a grip on Tochi’s belt to no avail.  While they both are trying to get some grip to gain an advantage, Tochi creeps to the edge and realizing this he presses forward.  Myogi then backs up and tries to use Tochi’s drive to take him down.  This fails leaving Tochi open.  Tochi recovers quicker than Myogi can respond.  As Myogi goes after Tochi, Tochi moves to the side and guides Myogi out of the ring.  Frosting on the cake was the love tap Tochi gave Myogi as he was flying out.

Aminishiki vs. Kotooshu

Not a very entertaining much I suppose but here goes. Aminishiki takes Oshu to the edge.  However, Oshu has the belt grip.  Oshu then leads Aminishiki in a 360 and out the ring.

Shohozan vs. Kisenosato

I don’t even know if Shohozan knew what happened in this bout, but haha it was entertaining to watch.  So right from the start the two of them search for a grip.  After a little fumbling Kise gets a inner belt grip with one hand.  Shoho who really has nothing decides to arm-lock Kise’s arm (the one with the belt grip).  With this lock Shoho tries to lead off to the side and out of the ring .  However mid-lead Kise breaks the hold and goes for the underarm grip on Shoho.  In a move that could only have been learned playing Mario Bros, Shoho moves his arms vertical and acts as if Kise’s underarm grip is a warp pipe.  He lowers his body and head under Kise’s grip and frees his arms.  Soon after they both get one hand inner, one outer belt grips.  After a little shuffling Kise gains the advantage and drive Shoho to the edge.  Kise tries to move him to the side but ends up going too far into a 180.  With Kise’s back to the edge now Shoho pushes forward, but Kise just evades it and arm chokes Shoho back to the center.  Shoho starts to lose traction and slides to the edge and narrowly escapes jiggling to the side.  Without something to stabilize himself Kise jiggles himself straight forward and tries to turn and escape as well but ends up toppling over.  Awkward win for Shoho.

Kakuryu vs. Okinoumi

Straight forward bout.  Kakuryu allowed himself to get taken to the edge in exchange for the grip he wanted. He then gained the advantage and moved slightly inward.  Okinoumi then changed his grip as well but it was too late.  Kak just drove forward and took Okinoumi out of the ring

Kaisei vs. Harumafuji

Haruma rushes in to get an front inner leg belt grip (dunno what its called, but lets just call it a groin belt grip) .  Haruma fends off the Brazilian beast for a little before pulling back and around causing Kaisei to move forward and in a semi circle.  Haruma then planed to head in but Kaisei was already on the tumble down.

Hakuho vs. Homasho

:Hakuho get an armlock, twirls Homasho around and to the ground.

That’s all she wrote guys.  Pretty interesting to see how the basho develops.  I guess we are gonna just have to wait and share a tea with my bro Bertrum tomorrow.

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