Kyushu Basho 2012: Day 7

Here in Tohoku we’re approaching our first sub-zero night while in Fukuoka, the Kyushu basho is finally heating up.  Watching the sumo the last few days and seeing all the empty seats in the International Center, I can’t help but wonder how much money the JSA loses just to have this basho.  There were more people watching Connolly’s preliminary bouts in the amateur international sumo contest last month than there were watching the musubi-no-ichiban yesterday.

M15W Chiyotairyu (5-1) vs. M10W Yoshikaze (5-1): Café came out slapping with some great speed, but no umph behind it all and Chiyo easily thrust de Gama’s man-crush out de ring.  Thrust out win for Chiyotairyu who improves to 6-1 while Yoshikaze falls to 5-2.

M8E Tokitenku (1-5) vs. M14E Jokoryu (1-5): Jokoryu has 24 losses all time, and five of those were in the last five days.  Today, Tokidoki made things easy for him and ran around the ring like they were playing slap ass in the shower room.  The Joker simultaneously snapped his losing streak and pushed Toki out of the ring (and slapped the Mongol’s ass).  Jokoryu improves to 2-5 while Tokitenku falls to 1-6.

M6E Kyokutenho (4-2) vs. M11W Miyabiyama (2-4): long history between these two shows a head-to-head record of 20-17, in Miyabiyama’s favor.  Things started with a soft, geriatric tachiai from the two with Kyoku going straight to a left-hand inside.  Since Miyabi couldn’t muster any forward momentum, Kyoku used his grip and couldn’t have driven his opponent out any more gingerly.  Force-out win for Kyokutenho who improves to 5-2.  Miyabiyama falls to 2-5.

KW Homasho (1-5) vs. SW Goeido (6-0): head-to-head is a pair of sixes for these two samurai.  Today, Homasho was the first to get a belt grip but we’re supposed to be propping Goeido up this basho, so he allowed Goeido to gain a tight migiyotsu.  They seesawed around in the ring for a while before Goeido escorted his little Indian out with a force-out win.  Yaocho win…I mean spirited, hard-fought win by Goeido.  The itch in Briton-Meyer’s pants has fallen to 1-6 while Goiedo presses upwards to 7-0.

SE Myogiryu (2-4) vs. OW Kisenosato (4-2): Kissy won the tachiai and drove Myogi back, but Myogi turned to the left and they separated for a little bit when Kissy attempted a throw.  The separation was bad for Myogi because he had the double-inside grip.  Kissy gained control from this point and easily drove the flagging sekiwake out with a force out win.  Kissy improves to 5-2 while Myogiryu falls to 2-5.

M1E Okinoumi (1-5) vs. OW Kotooshu (5-1) (H2H is 4-2 in Oki’s favor): Don Juan started with a nasty right arm-bar to the Eurozeki’s face.  Eurozeki shook that off and stretched for a belt-grip which he eventually gained, but Oki stayed low and once he got his own double-outside grip, he drove on the Eurozeki and took him out with a force down win.  The fact the Eurozeki was driven upon by a lighter opponent with only a double-outside grip proves he won’t get much farther than gaining his eight wins this basho.  Okinoumi is now 2-5 with a win over a yokozuna and one over an ozeki.  Kotooshu cools off at 5-2.

OE Kakuryu (4-2) vs. OE Kotoshogiku (5-1): henka by the Kak.  Made a lot of enemies in Fukuoka with that one.  The Kak at 5-2 while the Geek also at 5-2.

M3W Takekaze (2-4) vs. WY Harumafuji (5-1): 16-3 record in Harumafuji’s favor.  The last Takekaze win was September of last year.  Today, Harum started off with a bitch slap, then gained a migiyotsu and driving back to the bales, belly-bopped and out goes the Akitan.  Easy push-out win for the yokozuna who improves to 6-1.  Takekaze falls to 2-5.

EY Hakuho (6-0) vs. M3E Tochinoshin (1-5):  Yokozuna dominates the head-to-head 13-0.  Hakuho got a left-hand outside right away but did not drive just yet on the Georgian.  Hak’s right and Tochi’s left were left hanging open with neither driving.  Hakuho eventually gained the right inside, but soon let it go to pat Tochi on the head and launch a powerful over-arm throw in the center of the ring.  Hakuho improves to 7-0 while Tochinoshin falls to 1-6.

‘Tis it for Day 7.  At 7-0 are Hakuho and Goeido.  With one loss are four men, but the only one to be considered a yusho contender is Harumafuji.  A lot of men with two losses, so not worth mentioning just yet.

Be ready to ride broke-back style, cos Dick Montana squeezes in on hump-day tomorrow!

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