Kyushu Basho 2012: Day 9

I guess the worst part of reporting so soon after you had just did one is that there is not enough time to proper think of a worthy introduction.  Now, I though that I would try to make some outlandish statements about being a walrus, but it got far too weird much too quickly.  Also, I mean really who wants to read about blubbery beast that slip and slide all day.  That being said you probably could see where I was going with that introduction.  Now as sit trying to think of the next talking point, I ask myself, ‘What should I do?’ Should I try and rake my brain for another 10 minutes to try and redeem my already shitty start to this report? What should I do? Should I go into my kitchen and make another coffee and give myself the inevitable jitters only to jiggle myself through this writing session? What should I do? Should I just give in to the calling, grab my bald cap, goggles, and trunks and plunge head first into the great dip of my life? No. Yes. YES.

Fujiazuma vs. Chiyotairyu

The match start in a fury of tsuppari.  Not too much else to say except that Chiyo at one point slapped Fuji’s hands down.  However soon after that Chiyo slips of the ground and blops on the floor with Fuji’s hands firmly pressing on the back of his head.

Kitataiki vs. Yoshikaze

A decent sumo bout.  Yoshi tries to start in low and push up and out.  He completely fails and settles for a belt grip attempt. While this in happening Kita locks Yoshi’s arm with one of his hands and with the other Kita gets a underarm grip.   Kitataiki constantly applys the pressure and eventually swtiches his arm lock to an outer arm belt grip.  Yoshi getting closer to the edge tries to squirm to the side and tries and side take down.  He fails midway through and Kita just gives Yoshi a hardly push out of the ring.

Wakanosato vs. Toyonoshima

Haven’t seen a good bear hug match in a while.  Toyo seemed a little cautious at the tachiai, but he quickly slips his arms into an inner grip position.  Waka just locks one arm and wraps his other hand around Toyo’s neck.  From the angle it seems that Toyo had belt grips (but can’t be sure)… regardless Toyo pulls up and tries to thrust Waka out of the ring.  Toyo loses his grip (now an underarm) and Waka pulls Toyo to the side neck first.  Toyo never losing his advantage grip-wise but gets 180’d.  This is not a big deal because they end up in the middle locked in more or less the same position as before. This time Toyo makes sure he is all right with his yorikiri and gets Waka out.

Kyokutenho vs. Ikioi

I feel bad for Iki in this one … he was just way too eager.  From the start he rushed Kyoku and kept the pressure on.  Iki tried to side take down Kyoku twice or so (which failed) but always kept going forward.  Kyoku reached the edge and tries himself a side take down which seemed to work perfectly against Iki.  Iki goes down and Kyoku narrowly evades the loss.

Aran vs. Masunoyama

This would have been a real fun one to have seen a bit more soaked.  Aran rushes in and immediately locks Masu’s bound arm with one arm and with the other gets a groin belt grip.  Masu squirms his arm out of the lock which deliberately or not causes Aran to slap Masu’s face.  Aran quickly tries with his free hand to get another groin grip.  With Aran’s body like an upside down L , Masu pushes Aran’s shoulder down as he jumps to the side.  Aran jiggled a little to the side to regain balance and Masu follows up with some tsuppari.  While having Aran on the run, Masu turns this tsuppari into straight pushing and edges Aran to the ring.  Masu doesn’t quite have enough strength to push him out and completely backs off and manages to perform a 360 spin while Aran not only recovers but races to meet Masu. Aran pushes Masu straight back to the other side of the ring, but Masu halts the onslaught and hobbles to the side.  I think this outstretches Aran who after the third hobble spread eagles himself to the floor.

Toyohibiki vs. Tochiozan

Nice quick match by Ozan.  At the start he quickly gets a grip on the back of the belt.  Toyo slips to the side while Ozan applies the pressure and eventually gets taken down by Ozan.

Kotoshogiku vs. Shohozan

The Geek made short work of Shohoz.  He went in fast, took Shohoz to the edge, and with little effort thrusted him out.

Kakuryu vs. Tochinoshin

From the beginning Kak goes into it low and hard.  Tochi locks one of his arms which Kak turns into an inner back belt grip.  He uses this to thrust Tochi up and back to the edge.  After a little resistance on the edge Tochi relents and goes out.

Goeido vs. Harumafuji

At tachiai Haruma gets an outer belt grip and Goeido has an underarm grip.  Goeido pushes Haruma back to the ring and gets a inner belt grip.  Haruma  scurries around the edge of the ring.  Just as its looking like Haruma is on his last leg, Haruma orchestrates a situation so he gets himself more breathing room.  At this point the referee calls the match to stop for a monoii.  The ref screws up and the bout is redone.

For the redo, Haruma strikes some hard tsuppari which some surely turned into harite.  Goeido tries for some kind of grip, but Haruma slaps his hands down and rushes in for a back belt grip himself.  Haruma rages forward quickly and gives Goeido no time to react.  Haruma gets Goeido out and then after Goeido was clearly out Haruma throws him off into the mound.

Hakuho vs. Myogiryu

Hakuho goes in for the harite then a groin grip while Myogi lock that arm.  Myogi tries to push Hakuho’s chest but he doesn’t budge.  Haku moves forward and Myogi tries to escape back.  Hakuho gets an underarm grip rendering Myogi’s arm useless.  Myogi then tries to apply pressure on Hakuho’s shoulder to take him down, but the momentum of Hakuho’s drive combined with one last push of Hakuho’s arm tosses Myogi out the ring with Hakuho following.  Not the most graceful of wins by Hakuho.

Well, here ends my report.  I’ll leave the baton here for whoever wants it.

One response to “Kyushu Basho 2012: Day 9

  1. Thank you for the complete report, de Gama. The Goeido-Harumafuji bout was most unusual. There was a screw up, although in fairness it wasn’t by the referee (gyoji). One of the side judges motioned and emphatically called to stop the fight, so the gyoji did — without pointing to a winner. I’ve never seen that happen before. The gyoji actually got it exactly right — there was no winner because Harumafuji hadn’t stepped out (although each foot at different times touched the top of the straw).

    If a side judge calls for the bout to stop he HAS to be correct because if there is ANY doubt he should let the match go on and then have the mono later. Once you stop a bout prematurely you’ve junked it up, which is what happened here. Things appeared about even when the first go round was halted, but it certaiinly was an unfortunate occurrence for Goeido.

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