Kyushu 2012 Day 10

First off let me apologize for the relative lateness of this report, better late than never.  So I am guessing most of the talk has been over the bout between Goeido and Harumafuji on day 9.  Whether or not the Yokozuna’s foot went out, and how rare it is for bouts to just get called off like that.  Given the photos and replays prove to this that Harumafuji was in trouble, but had weaseled his way out of it, by bearing down and shifting to the side.  The tori-naoshi which followed was dominated by the shin-yokozuna, so lets move on.  Down in Juryo it looks like Tochinowaka has finally got his shit back together after 3 or 4 disastrous basho, bumping him down to the second division.  Tochinowaka is on top with 10 wins in 10 days.  Hakuho is, as usual, leading the way undefeated in Makuuchi, with Harumafuji, Goeido, and Toyonoshima nipping at his heels with one loss apiece.  Okinoumi is out with a toe injury on his right foot.  Taking the kyujo total for makuuchi to 4.  Time to get down to brass tacks for day 10.

Tamawashi v Kimurayama – Tamawashi was all over the tachiai, but seriously who isn’t with Kimurayama.  Kimura moving back predictably, while rotating around.   He kept Mawashi on his toes, but it wasn’t enough to keep the Mongolian from picking up the win.

Jokoryu v Wakanosato – Waka got out of kotenage that Jokoryu attempted with a sukuinage counter-argument, after getting inside position from tachiai.

Asahisho v  Kitataiki  – Asahi put up with some serious tsuppari from Taiki, and was trying to get into good position for a push out or slap down, but forfeited his own position for a desperation kotenage at the edge, but to no avail.  His loss of sure footing gave Taiki a win.

Fujiazuma v Miyabiyama – Yabbers had a bizarre backwards henka to the left, and Fuji capitalized gaining good position, and getting the momentum, finishing up with a big paw to the face and one to the throat.

Shotenro v Wakakoyu – Shotenro opened with some tsuppari then got morozashi.  It takes no genius, knowing Wakakoyu’s style (belt-work not being his style), to know that this one was over for him pretty quickly afterwards.

Tokitenku v Chiyonokuni – Inside grip for Toki, Chiyonokuni tried to spin down the Mongol , almost winning, but Toki managed to keep his feet and get the yorikiri.

Gagamaru v Yoshiazuma – Gaga had all the momentum from the start, and looked to have everything sewn up, but Yoshi’s quick lateral motion and an arm to the back of Gaga’s head sealed the deal.

Yoshikaze v Aran – Both rikishi have not been nearly as disappointing this basho as usual.  In fact they have looked pretty good considering their past few performances; both are at a respectable 6-3.  I wish this bout could have lived up to that compliment I just paid them.  There was no locking up, and nothing but frenetic movements, and slap down attempts with Yoshi all over the place and Aran staying low, trying best maintain ground.  This looked more like a freestyle wrestling match.  Aran won, after a back step and the 100th or so slapdown attempt.

Kyokutenho v Chiyotairyu – Tairyu with a taped up shoulder (but he claims its ok), a thrusting attack, and some good forward motion… so he can win by standing his opponent up and without backpedalling.

Ikioi v Toyohibiki – Ikioi showed some sparkle this basho, but today was not that impressive.  Ikioi was on the defensive from the beginning and losing by and sloppy looking abisetaoshi.

Tochinoshin v Daido – Migiyotsu for both men, grappling back and forth with Tochinoshin looking to have a slight advantage.  Daido went for makikae, and Tochinoshin got the win keeping low, like a good boy should.

Takayasu v Kaisei 18 27– These two are having a rough time in Kyushu.  1-8 and 2-7 respectively.  Taka finally showed the tsuppari we know he can, and had a good low center of attack, getting the win over the unwieldy looking Brazilian.  Now misery loves company at 2-8 each.

Okinoumi v Tochiozan – fusensho for Mutton chops

Aminishiki v Homasho – Homasho’s defensive stuff had no time to get set up, what with a cracker jack tachiai from the sneak.  Makekoshi for Homey, and the sneak will have to fight tomorrow to stay above water.

Myogiryu v Shohozan – Scruffy man, looking drunk, dressed in garbage bags in the audience cheering for Shohozan, and for once it’s not me.  Harite and hidari youtsu for Shoho.  He tried for a kotenage, but Yogi recovered, and tried to fight back and regain some ground.  Shoho fought back himself and won by a huge kotenage, timed to perfection.

Kakuryu v Takekaze – tachiai harite from the Kak followed by a shift to the side and a slap down, Kaze spun down holding onto Kak’s leg like a little kid trying begging not to be taken to school.

Kotoshogiku v Masunoyama – One hell of a hit from Masunoyama, Masu got a left hand inside and made a backward twisting motion that looked more like a hineri than the tsukiotoshi it was called.  First win in first bout against an ozeki.  His interview featured more heavy breathing than a phonecall between Degama and Berturm.

Kotooshu v Kisenosato – 63,72 – Oshu got morozashi and that was all she wrote with Kise trying to make a lame attempt to break the belt grip.  It looked like Kise just surrendered the grip from the get go.  Both are now at 7-3, one win away from KK.

Hakuhoi v Goeido – Harite form the Yokozuna, with Eido looking to get inside.  Hakuho, noticing the Sekiwake was too far forward and off balance looking for some lateral motion, and slapping down for an easy day at the office.

Toynoshima v Harumafuji – Toyo, as always, going in with a shoulder blast and looking for morozashi, Harry reading it like a book, and although not in the best position, moving the shorter man back for a shitatenage.  That keeps Harumafuji still in the running for the yusho with only one loss.

That finishes the play-by-play for day 10.  Check in tomorrow to see who picks up their kachikoshi, and who disappoints on day 11.

One response to “Kyushu 2012 Day 10

  1. “This looked more like a freestyle wrestling match.” – said everyone after watching any aran match ever.

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