Kyushu Basho 2012: Day 13

“We couldn’t see the crucial body parts”—Stuart Adkin’s quote of the day.

We could be at the end of a quirky career, my friends.  J9E Takamisakari was 4-8 coming into day 13 against J14W Masakaze.  Today, Appleseed quickly got the inside position by burying his head into Masakaze’s chest and gaining a strong migiyotsu to lead his opponent out.  With this win, Appleseed improves to 5-8.  Falling in the ranks is inevitable as Takamisakari already has a makekoshi, but if he can pick up one more win he might be safe from falling out of Juryo, and thus retirement.


J7E Tochinowaka (12-0) is on track to do a zensho yusho in Juryo (last man to do that was Baruto, who may be back in Juryo sometime next year).  Today he took on a wily J4E Takanoyama (6-6).  Lee hardly had anything behind his tachiai, but it was wise not to, given his opponent.  Lee steadily drove forward on the beanpole whom almost got the best of Lee, but he kept his balance and easily shoved the Czech out with a push-out win.  Tochinowaka improves to 13-0 while Takanoyama falls to 6-7.


M14E Jokoryu (5-7) vs. J1E Tenkaiho (5-7): Tenkaiho was stronger and quicker at the tachiai and drove the Joker back, but while launching an underarm throw Tenker lost his balance and the Joker capitalized with an over-arm throw.  Jokoryu still avoids his first makekoshi with a 6-7 while Tenkaiho stands with the same record.


M2E Shohozan (8-4) vs. M15W Chiyotairyu (9-3): from the tachiai Shoho blasted into his opponent, reaching to gain Chiyo’s belt with his right, pulled Chiyo in, spun him around, and finished him off with a clean force-down win.  Great sumo by Shohozan who improves to 9-4 while we can officially stop calling Chiyotairyu a contender for the yusho as he falls to 9-4.


The two men who fought in a playoff bout for the yusho back in May, M6E Kyokutenho (9-3) and M1W Tochiozan (9-3), rematched today.  Head-to-head, the ole Mongol leads 11-4.  No need to report this bout, really.  It was exactly what happened back in May.  O won the tachiai, drove forward, and Kyoku stepped back causing O to lose balance.  Did O not learn a damn thing from losing that yusho?  Kyokutenho improves to 10-3 while Tochiozan falls to 9-4.


SW Goeido (8-4) vs. OW Kotooshu (8-4): head-to-head is 12-6 in the Eurozeki’s favor.  Today, the Eurozeki came out on the rare attack.  Goeido backtracked, and turned to the left before crossing over the rice bales.  The Eurozeki was moving forward so quickly and unsteadily he wasn’t ready for Goeido’s left step and more or less led himself out of the ring.  More embarrassing stuff from the Eurozeki, who falls to 8-5.  Goeido improves to 9-4.


OE Kotoshogiku (7-5) vs. SE Myogiryu (4-8): Myogi came in perfect at the tachiai, low and right into the Geek’s chest as if there was a target on it.  With both hands inside, and tremendous speed, the Geek had no answer.  Myogiryu improves to 5-8 while Kotoshogiku will have to wait yet another day to shake off the kadoban label (7-6).


OE Kakuryu (7-5) vs. YW Harumafuji (9-3): head-to-head is 17-8 in the Yokozuna’s favor, though the Kak leads the head-to-head 4-2 in the last year.  Hard tachiai by both which is to be expected from these two.  The Kak was the first to get a grip, though Haruma soon gain a better one and successfully went makikae to improve on that, but the Kak shoved him off and drove on the Yokozuna finishing him off with a force-down win.  Kakuryu gets his kachikoshi at 8-5, and shin-yokozuna falls to 9-4 after a three-day losing streak.


YE Hakuho (11-1) vs. OW Kisenosato (9-3): head-to-head is 28-8 in Hakuho’s favor.  Hakuho only needed three thrusts: right harite, left shove, a two-handed push, and Kissy was out of the ring.  Hakuho improves to 12-1 while Kisenosato falls to 9-4.


Hakuho is alone at the top of the leader board after day 13 with only one loss.  Behind him stands the sagacious elder in Kyokutenho at three losses, but anyone who watched what happened in May wouldn’t discount Kyokutenho’s chances just yet.


There’s a 50% chance Chalmers will be coming at you tomorrow, though that only happens one out of three days which he tries.  If Chalmers doesn’t come, Dick Montana will come next on Senshuraku.  Oh, and alas, it’s never a disappointment when Dick comes!

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