Hatsu Basho 2013: Day 3

Aloha and hau’oli makahiki hou, Sumo fans!  Nice to see you all here in the new year.  I am looking forward to seeing good things happen to Baruto, as I’d hate to see him fall any further down the totem.

J2 Chiyonokuni vs. M15 Kotoyuki.  Kotoyuki seeing a familiar face from Juryo, and putting in some good effort on his makuuchi debut, tsuparis his opponent back to the bails, only to be dooped by the slightly more experienced Chiyonokuni.  Hatakikomi save puts Chiyo on top.

M16 Miyabiyama vs. M14 Takarafuji – Miyabiyama continues to struggle with all the old game, and none of the energy to back it up.  Takara merely checks Miyabi’s hands, and works Miyabi back and out for an easy oshidashi.  Flubby one step closer to Juryo.

M14 Shotenro vs. M16 Tamaasuka – Some textbook plays by Shoten, pushes King Tama high and back on the tachiai, and switches to the quick pull down, Hatakikomi.

M13 Daido  vs. M15 Tochinowaka – Daido stays low off the tachiai to try for the belt, but Tochi gets both arms under Daidos and works him up and back to the bails.  Daido fails a last ditch for uwatenage, which slips, and is easily walked out at that point. Yorikiri K for Tochinowaka.

M12 Sadonofuji vs. M13 Asahisho – Sado using his size and reach advantage to keep Asahi on his heels, pushes Asahi around the ring and finally out, oshidashi K for sado.

M11 Wakanosato vs. M12 Tamawashi – Wakanosato showing that even at his age, he’s still got a few tricks up his sleeve, puts up his best effort and found himself back on familiar bails.  At the last second, he sidesteps his opponents drive and helps him out over the bails, tsukiotoshi win for the veteran.

M11 Fujiazuma vs. M9 Takekaze – Home team struggling to keep his feet in the ring as he tries to push, pull and push his way out of trouble, but never escaping it.  Fuji keeps Kaze in  his sights and guides him off the dohyo, oshidashi.

M9 Tokitenku vs. M10 Okinoumi – A horrible Tachiai from both: high and hands down.  What seemed like a friendly hug by Oki turned out to be a morozashi smack down to the clay, sukuinage.  Oki beats the mongol for the first time.

M8 Yoshikaze vs. 10 Kitataiki – Yoshi should stick to his old tsupari game.  After exchanging slaps, Yoshi makes a grab for the belt, and Kita puts his weight into it and easily walks little Yoshi over the bails, yorikiri

M8 Chiyotairyu vs. M6 Aoiyama.- A defensive tachiai by Chiyo until the giant Bulgarian is standing up.  Chiyo shoves his opponent back toward the bails.  Aoiyama side steps and slaps down, putting Chiyo in the sand, hatakikomi.

M6 Tochinoshin vs. M7 Masunoyama –   Noshin takes the tachiai in the chest as usual, and is bounced back.  Noshin keeps his balance and slowly works his winded opponent back to the bails and out, yorikiri win.

M7 Takayasu vs. M5 Ikioi – A solid tachiai and the two wrap up.  Takayasu gets a left hand out, and pulls hard on the belt and down.  Ikioi follws the hint and lays down, uwatedashinage win for Yasu.

M4 Aran vs. M3 Kaisei – Aran puts his hands up to stop the train… tsukidashi win for Kaisei.

M4 Gagamaru vs. M2 Kyokutenho – Lady Gaga has been trying to keep his tachiai low, but so far he only gets his head down and eyes closed.  Kyokutenho uses his reach to wrap around and grips onto the belt for an up-and-over uwatenage throw to the clay.

S Goeido vs. S Baruto – Goeido taking no mercy on the sloppy and injured Bart, hits hard at the tachiai, and then pulls the rug by sidestepping out of the way.  Bart is unable to stop, and Goeido helps him out of the ring, okuridashi.

K Shohozan vs. O Kakuryu – The Kak makes short work of the little guy in gold: smacks him in the face, slaps away Shoho’s attack, and slaps him down for the match, tsukiotoshi.

O Kisenosato vs. K Tochiozan – Ozan hits hard and low, and Kise is never able to get Ozan to stand up or back off.  Ozan stays in front of Kise, and shows his stick-to-itiveness: working Kise around for a lap, and finally guiding him out and off the dohyo.  A well-earned yorikiri win for Ozan.

M3 Toyohibiki vs. O Kotoshogiku – Toyo wins the tachiai, but the Geek shows he doesn’t need it to win: gets his hand high under Toyo’s left, a quick turn, and a throw down.  Kotenage win for the Ozeki.

O Kotooshu vs. M1 Aminishiki – The Sneak keeps Oshu off and high at the tachia, then switches gears for the quick pull down.  Oshu has a lapse in memory and forgets how an Ozeki should fight, Hatakikomi win for the Sneak.

M2 Toyonoshima vs. Y Harumafuji – Haruma comes out swinging, two open hand socks to the face and the two wrap up.  Toyonoshima holds fast with a couple failed uwatenages to keep Haruma thinking.  Haruma makes a final charge toward the bails, powers his opponent high on the ropes, wraps his right leg around Toyo’s left, and sweeps it out from under him, Sotogake leg trip.  Seems someone, I’m guessing Haruma, drew blood from the Yokozuna.  Intense!

Y Hakuho vs. M1 Myogiru.  Like a flash of lightning Myogiru was all over the Yokozuna: head down, elbows in, hands dead center on Hakuho’s chest.  Hakuho didn’t stand a chance and was out before he could get his feet under him.  Oshidashi gold star for the rapidly rising star.


I expect to see Hakuho wise up from here on out.  Not sure I expect to see much out of Bart, though…

Enjoy Day 4 from Connolly!




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