Hatsu Basho Day 6 2013

S&S Bertrum evening chaps! Welcome to day 6 of the Hatsu basho. Happen to be stuck in on a Friday night due to pay day being on the Monday. With little coin I hit up the store and grab a Bourbon that comes with it’s own glass – funny that it’s not two glasses, it’s as if they knew I’d be sat in alone… But if your on the same boat, go pour yourself one, and grab something that’s going to keep you warm in these sub-zero temperatures. I ain’t half got my mouth watering at the thoughts this lovely Tai going down… curry that is. Been a long time since I made a post, but I’m glad to be getting back into it. – and into the sumo. Put ya trunks and goggles on ladies and gents, cuz it’s time to learn how to sink or drown.

Satoyama vs. Tamaasuka

Satoyama goes in low, and looks like he a bit too low and gunna get a push down. However he has a good left hand grip and dunt. He drives with his shoulder in the belly and drives the other fella out!

Daido vs. Kotoyuki

A false start. Koto goes in with his left shoulder and Daido bounces off, he recovers and tries to charge like a raging bull, but Koto steps back and pushes him down with a Tsukiotoshi.

Sadanofuji vs. Miyabiyama
Miyabiyama’s really not looking good. He had no fighting spirit and I wonder why he even bothered getting on the Dohyo. Easy prods by Sadanofuji sends him out with his first win of five matches against him.

Tochinowaka vs. Tamawashi
I like Tamawashi, he has a bit of fire in him. He was struggling with the bigger guy, and kept his foot dug in against the rope, and repelled several of Tochinowakas attempts to get in close.  However, close he gets, and as Tama cirles around the ring, it looks like he stumbles a bit and Tochi takes advantage for his yorikiri.

Shotenro vs. Fujiazuma
These two took a lil while to get into it. They both seemed well matched, with neither taking an initiative and going for a mawashi grip, or Tsuppari  or something. They both both prod, shuffle and grunt with not much happening – in a way I imagine Montana’s sex life has become now that he‘s a ‘sarari man’, until Shotenro knocks Fuji’s hands off as he steps back, and pushes him down.

Kitataiki vs. Takarafuji

This was a classical bout. Both going in, Mawashi grips headin towards a stalemate. Fairplay to Kita for breaking this to try a different approach, however all it does is allow Taka to press the attack, improve his right arm grip and drive a yorikiri. Kita takes his first loss of this tourney, and both are now on 5-1.

Asahisho vs. Takekaze
False start. Dunno what was with the Akitian, he had tact and perhaps even a strategy, but no power at all.  Got his hands up and under both armpits, but dint push or drive with it. He breaks this to try a (weak) grab, and Asa drives and prods him out. Not looking good for the little guy this basho, and looks to be heading for a demotion.
Yoshikaze vs. Wakanosato
Waka remains high and looked like he wanted to squeeze Yoshi’s head together. Not paying attention on anything else, Yoshi gets both hands on the around and on the back of the mawashi and then belly bumps waka out.

Okinoumi vs. Chiyotairyu
They engage, and Chiyo tries to pull Oki down. However Oki rolls with this momentum and drives with both arms extended for an Oshidashi (bit of an oshidashi day today, wouldn’t you say?).

Tokitenku vs. Aoiyama

Tokitenku just didn’t have the power in his arms that Aoiyama did. Aoi gets his hands pneumatic like, and almost oshidashi’s him out. They both arm grips on the belt, but Toki ain’t happy. He breaks this and grabs the arm, going for a throw out. Once, and then twice he does and gets his… yup, oshidashi again!

Masunoyama vs. Ikioi
Masu tries for a tsuppari, but Ikikoi goes for a throw down, in a weird manner. Looks like Masu hurt himself, or his knee gave or something… Either way a win for the iki.

Gagamaru vs. Takayasu
Dunno whether this was a false start, or just that Gaga couldn’t get up… Both engage trying to grapple, but heaving, pushing and grunting. No grips, but once Gaga got on the move he was hard to stop… Till that is, Taka steps to the side. Gaga almost steps over and gets out then, but manages to twist around. However, it seems this was too much for the guy, and finally steps back and over.

Tochinoshin vs. Aran
Both grapple and start with the same grip. Left out and over, right inside under. Aran goes for a push, but Tochi holds firm. His turn. He trish lifting the fella up, but Aran ends up picking Tochi up and plonking him out.

Aminishiki vs. Toyonoshima
Dunno what happened with Toyo at the start, Seems like he wasn’t sure whether to shoulder barge, or use his arms. Either way it looked limp. He punces off and gets pushed to the rope, but has his foot dug in and recovers a little. He turns it around, and with grips and a determined pace, moves him out – into the Gyoji. The sheek tried to recover, but Toyo was in complete control in the latter half of this one.

Goeido vs. Tochiozan
For some reason Goedo started on the back foot, as if he was shy to get involved.  He almost gets pushed down, but used this to dig in and drive Tochiozan to the edge. But Tochi now recovers with a damn good right hand grip, but an awkward left hand under armpit. However, he works it and shakes them crab like hips for yorikiri.

I think the bouts at this point are getting a little spicy in a way that would even put a smile on DeGamas face!

Kisenosato vs. Toyohibiki

Kisenosato vs. Toyohibiki
The Ozeki at first looks like he is losing this as he is wandering backwards. However, what he was trying to do is grab the mawashi and lift Toyo up for a throw. Failing this, the he converts his efforts for a yorikiri. Good stamina on his part I think.

Myogiryu vs. Kotoshogiku

Myogi had a good tachiai that rocked kotogeeks boat. Koto only has a hold of Myogi’s arm for the most part, and myogi spends most the bout trying to get out of this. He does, but only to get pushed back to the rope. He digs and goes for a charge, only to be back in the armlock. Koto goes to try and toss him out by his arm, however in doing so it looked as if he stepped out. He spins and sukuinage’s Myogi out. The moniii was called and he stepped on the rope, but not out.

Kotooshu vs. Kaisei

Oshu goes in low for a change –  I was a little surprised. He has a left hand grip, and pounds his shoulder, working them thighs for a yorikiri.

Baruto vs. Kakuryu
Kak gets in with good grips on the belt, he tries to lift Bart, but just dunt have the strength to hardly shift him. Bart is clamping on his arms. Kak switches his right arm to in-front of bart (belly area). Now, for Bart to get outta this, he has to use, and put pressure on his left leg. I feel he was reluctant to do this, and so Kak pushes from a low stance to yorikiri him. Bart needs 7 wind to regain promotion, with 9 days left. He still got the chiefs to face, so it ain’t looking good for the fella.

Hakuho vs. Kyokutenho
Easy win for Hakuho, doing his usual and in fine form.

Shohozan vs. Harumafuji
Haruma against goldilocks, gets a good face slap then yorikiri’s the mofo. He also dint seem so fazed in this bout, and remains the only rikishi with a full house.

Well what a day. Just seemed to get better and better as I sank deeper and deeper.  Pucker up cu Valentines gonna take a wash,  stick on some lipstick and get ya all tongue tied tomorrow!

L. Bertrum

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  1. The only thing that puts a smile on my face is if you were covered in spice, bud. ;p

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