Hatsu Basho Day 10 2013

MatagioI might be the only one – though I seriously doubt it —  who thinks about what would happen had you have made a choice differently.  Honestly despite what various media portray many of wouldn’t actually cause a shit of difference in the whole course of Everything.  That being said there are a few decisions whose outcome would drastically change the future.  Now in this basho I was hopeful that certain wrestlers would recover their mishaps from the previous bashos.  In a poignant tone I will say its not looking good for the former Ozeki Baruto.  Its tough to see him who I considered one of the top Ozekis to be demoted and now looking like he will have to retake the Ozeki position the hard way. Just wish it would have occurred differently.  Regardless I will now free fall from the rock that is my happiness and crash into the sea that is my shattered hopes.

Sagatsukasa vs Kotoyuki

To start Kotoyuki and Sagatsukasa go forward at the tachiai.  But before completely meeting Kotoyuki slaps down while going to the side. This catches Saga off guard a little and Koto drives him to the edge with tsuppari.  Once at the edge Saga kinda half pulls half slaps Koto’s arm down as Saga himself escapes to the side. Upon doing that Saga quickly slaps Koto’s back and makes sure Koto is out.  Excellent recovery by Saga.

Asahisho vs. Okinoumi

The beginning of this bout was a little weird.  It seems that at tachiai Oki quickly goes in full force and tries for a back belt grab while Asa locks Oki’s arm and tries to pull him down.  It doesn’t work and Oki ends up overpowering him with tsuppari.  Oki then when the time is right slaps Asa’s hands down and goes in.  It seems like Oki wants to go in for a yorikiri win, but can’t quite do it so he just pushes Asa out.

Tokitenku vs. Shotenro

I was really looking forward to Shotenro’s match today however what a disappointment.  Toki executes a perfect henka to win in mere seconds.

Yoshikaze vs. Miyabiyama

Miyabiyama is just a turd out there this basho, but Yoshi will take any win he can procure as his records have been relatively subpar as of late.  Miyabi does his classic push up into tsuppari tactics at start.  Yoshi goes in and takes Miyabi’s arms to the neck. As this is happening with his arms Yoshi pushes Miyabi’s arms upward.  Then Yoshi slaps Miyabi’s arms down and quickly moves to the side.  Miyabi tries to recover and meet Yoshi head on, but his leg seems to slip on the dirt. Miyabi falls flat on his face.

Tochinowaka vs. Chiyotairyu

Another awkward start to a bout… Both go in at tachiai and when the crash together Chiyo stretches out his arm to try to wrap his hand around his neck.  When he does this Chiyo moves back and pulls down.  Now it seems like a decent strategy, however Chiyo never actually wrapped his hand around. So Tochi retaliates by goes in and trying to get a left hand grip.  Chiyo locks that arm and circles to the side while slapping Tochi’s other arm to cause some kind of loss of balance.  Once near the edge Chiyo circled enough to get a hold on the dick-ass strap of Tochi’s mawashi.  However be it because of the circular momentum of Chiyo’s movement or the Tochi’s hand maneuvering along Chiyo’s belt, Chiyo couldn’t capitalize at this position and ultimately allowed Tochi to pivot around to meet him straight on.  Then Tochi just overpowered Chiyo back to the other edge and after a little attempts at escaping Chiyo goes out.

Takayasu vs. Takarafuji

Takayasu goes in low and quick and lifts Takara arm up.   Takayasu then pushes up against Takara’s neck and chin.  Once Takayasu eases up to reload his arms for another push Takara goes in for a grip which causes Takayasu to do the same.  They both seems to get a left belt grip and struggle through several seconds of nothing as Takayasu tries to get left hand grip.  In these attempts Takayasu overpowers Takara enough to get a left hand belt grip and forces Takara to the edge.  Takayasu tries to lift Takara out however can’t quite do it.  So, Takayasu throws Takara to the side and down.

Aoiyama vs. Aran

Both foreigners respectably crash into each other on the tachiai.  Aran quickly pushes Aoiyama up and back.   Aran then attempts to move to the side and pull him down, but can Aran really move around that blob as quickly as he needs to?  No, so they end up fighting for grips while smacked into each other’s arms.  After a little it seems that Aran has both hands on the belt while Aoi has only one.  After fumbling around the ring for a while Aoi tries to force Aran to the edge and out.  Aoi can’t quite seal the deal and Aran using Aoi’s momentum against himself and side tackles Aoi down.

Tochiozan vs. Myogiryu

Wow, a nice display of power by Myogi.  Myogi goes into the tachiai low and head on.  He applies constant pressure and a few upward thrusts to Tochi.  Tochi slips back and eventually out.

Kisenosato vs. Kotoshogiku

This is a long and relatively boring bout.  From the beginning both Ozeks get a left belt grip and despite the occasional attempts to push Geek up and get a grip with the other hand by Kisenosato both just wait.  Warp to the end … Kise moves forward to get Geek back. Geek turns his body to the side to off balance Kise down.  Kise locks Geek’s arms and applies the pressure forward and Geek goes out.

Kotooshu vs. Kyokutenho

It starts off with both rikishi getting a least a grip on each other.  Then Kyoku encircles Oshu and tries to hip thrust Oshu back.  Oshu stops and just defends Kyoku’s advances.  Kyoku then pushes forward while attempting a leg swipe.  Oshu takes this moment to power thrust Kyoku back to the other side and to the edge.  Oshu just overpowers Kyoku at this point and gets Kyoku out.

Kaisei vs. Kakuryu

At tachiai Kak goes low and gets two belt grip while Kaisei gets one and an arm lock.  After a while Kak pushes up and forces Kaisei to react and then instantaneously Kak moves back.  This causes Kaisei to tip forward.  Kak still having a grip on Kaisei’s belt pulls him down to the side.

Hakuho vs. Goeido

Not much to be said about this one.  Hakuho goes in with a harite, then tries for a grip.  Goeido like Miyabi seems to just turd out there only grabbing onto Hak’s arms.  Hakuho pivots back and carries Goeido on his own momentum straight out of the ring.

Baruto vs. Harumafuji

I’ve been called out on calling this move a henka because technically they did meet on tachiai.  But fuck it’s the same concept.  Haruma meets the poor guy and straight goes to the side and there was nothing Baruto could do.

Well that’s all there is folks. Until we next meet wade in the deep end for me.

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