Hatsu Basho 2013: Day 11

After Akita recovered from one of the coldest nights of the year, it turned into the most beautiful day of 2013. The sun was not quite splitting the rocks, but was splitting the snow that was covering said rocks. Yes things are brightening up here in Akita, so let’s see how things went in sumo.

E-J2 Chiyonokuni 6-4 vs. W-M13 Asahisho 3-7
I lost count at about 157 face slaps exchanges, but mit way Asashiho dropped down low and with a beautiful push to Chiyokuni’s torso, pushing him back to the bales. But the separation gave Chiyo the space he needed to return to his face slapping plan, and when he knew Asa was seeing stars, he pulled him forward and sent him down to pick up his 8th loss.

W-M12 Tamawashi 4-6 vs. W-M11 Fujiazuma 6-4
After a false start from Tamawashi, he came in quickly again, getting all up in Fujiazuma’s personal space, and motorboated him, de Gama style, (not to be confused with gangnam style – Bertrum insists there is a clear difference) before forcing him out.

E-M11 Wakanosato 3-7 vs. E-M16 Miyabiyama 1-9
Imagine two old ladies, putting their zimmer frames aside and fighting each other. Got it? Well now, imagine one of those old ladies being Wakanosato and the other being Miyabiyama. Imagine further old lady Wakanosato winning and that’s about exactly what happened here.

E-M10 Kitataiki 5-5 vs. E-M13 Daido 3-7
Kitataiki got a left hand grip and buried his head into Daido’s chest. Kitataiki drove forward and although Daido squirmed as much as he could, he couldn’t divert his makekoshi.

W-M16 Tamaasuka 3-7 vs. W-M9 Takekaze 3-7
Takekaze got both hands onto Tamaasuka’s shoulders and was waiting for a chance to slap him down. Tama knew what was going on though and stuck in close to the Akitian. When Take reached the bales he drove Tama back, and that gave him the opening to slap Tama down, and you know he took it!

E-M9 Tokitenku 6-4 vs. E-M15 Tochinowaka 8-2
After both men locked up in migi-yotsu, they expunged a hellov a lotta energy as both men forced back and forth. Toki tried an inside leg trip, which Tochinowaka read well and avoided. The Toki tried a leg kick but totally missed. It really could have gone either way, the advantage swaying back and forth. As Tochinowaka tried to go makikae, Toki dropped his hips and forced Tochi out.

E-M12 Sadanofuji 5-5 vs. W-M8 Chiyotairyu 5-5
Sadanofuji seemed to bounce back off Chiyotairyu at the tachi-ai. Chiyo then pushed(missed), pulled(missed), pushed and pulled to drop Sada to the dirt.

E-M8 Yoshikaze 4-6 vs. W-M15 Kotoyuki 4-6
A first date for this young couple here today. Kotoyuki seemed to match Yoshikaze’s speed at the tachi-ai, but after the initial contact his first date jitters showed as his right leg slipped on the dirt. Yoshi smiled as he saw Koto go down on him so quickly.

E-M7 Takayasu 8-2 vs. E-M14 Shotenro 7-3
Shotenro had a great tachi-ai, it was fast and it was powerful. He gained the better position and was quickly able to start driving Takayasu back with some pushing and tsuppari. At the edge however, Taka twisted around and with a hand on the back of Sho’s head, and the other under his shoulder he swung Sho to the dohyo.

W-M10 Okinoumi 6-4 vs. W-M6 Aoiyama 5-5
Okinoumi thought he was not in sync with Aoiyama as he was about to hit him, and stopped fighting. Aoiyama drove forward and with a half push drove Oki, who was standing upright and offering zero resistance, back and out. Silly sumo from Okinoumi – you can’t stop like that!

E-M6 Tochinoshin 7-3 vs. W-M14 Takarafuji 8-2
When both men locked up Tochinoshin had the advantage because he is much taller than Takarafuji. Taka gave it everything he had though, but it was all in vain. Tochi forced him to the edge and forced him out. Tochi gets his kachikoshi.

E-M4 Gagamaru 3-7 vs. W-M5 Ikioi 4-6
Ikioi quickly tried to throw Gaga with belt less throw, but it barely moved the mountain. Gaga continued to slap and pound Ikioi. Ikioi tried to take it as much as possible, but also moved around to keep Gaga moving. Then out of nowhere, well I guess Gaga was a little upright, Ikioi goes chest to chest with Gaga and drove him straight back and out! Nobody saw that coming, even Ikioi was obviously surprised!

E-M3 Toyohibiki 1-9 vs. W-M7 Masunoyama 3-7
Both men crack head at the tachi-ai, sounded painful. Masunoyama sent to the side but Toyo squared up to him immediately, and deployed some tsuppari. He then got his right hand under Masu’s armpit and forced him clean off his feet, and the dohyo! 2nd win for Toyohibiki.

E-M1 Aminishiki 4-6 vs. W-M2 Kyokutenho 3-7
The snake shifted to the left at the tachi-ai gaining a deep left hand inside grip. Kyokutenho was left without a grip, but swung the snake around by the arm. When they squared up to each other Ami was able to get a deep right handed grip, and then, with a double handed inside deep grip he easily forced the Mongolian out for a makekoshi losing record.

E-K Tochiozan 4-6 vs. E-M2 Toyonoshima 4-6
Tochiozan gained a solid right grip from the get-go, and with his left hand under Toyonoshima’s armpit he was able to keep him at an off angle and was able to effectively drive back and out.

W-M1 Myogiryu 6-4 vs. W-S Baruto 5-5
These two have fought only three times in the past, Myogiru winning two! Baruto is now in the position where he has to win all of his remaining fights, something that many fear is very unlikely. It’s gotta be a huge mental challenge – knowing that if he loses today he has a LOT of work to get back to ozeki again — but that could be a good this for sumo fans though! At the tachi-ai Baruto came out faster than I think I have ever seen him moving. Keeping his left hand on Myogiru’s armpit and fierce pushing on his face to drive him straight back and out. That was great sumo by Baruto. Things get slightly easier from tomorrow when he faces Toyonoshima. Hopefully can continue fighting like he did today.

E-S Goeido 5-5 vs. W-K Shohozan 2-8
Goeido hit Shohozan with a nice slap to the face at the tachi-ai before getting a nice left hand inside grip. He wasted no time in trying a throw, but Shohozan defended well, and rotated around 180 degrees. Goeido then went for another throw, and basically the exact same thing happened. The next time however when Goeido attempted the throw he used his leg to trip up Shohozan, at the same time Sho had his hand on the back of Goeido’s head, but with legs intertwined he couldn’t drop him. Goeido then used his hand to trip his opponent and keep his ozeki dreams alive.

W-M4 Aran 5-5 vs. W-O Kakuryu 7-3
Just after the tachi-ai the Kak sent Aran spinning around 180 degrees. Aran kept his footing though and squared back up, but let Kakuryu get a double inside deep grip. Aran was forced to squeeze in on those arms which prevented the ozeki from forcing him out. So Kakuryu pulled out a beautiful underarm throw, or shitatenage, and made it look easy.

E-O Kisenosato 8-2 vs. W-M3 Kaisei 4-6
Kisenosato is fighting to keep himself, technically, in the yusho race, haha. Kissy has only lost to Tochiozan and Baruto thus far, and is just one win behind Hakuho. The ozeki looked blinking serious before this fight. But when things got underway things looked differently. Kaisei got under Kisenosato beautifully, getting his hands into the ozeki’s armpits, raising his centre of gravity and drove him straight back to the edge. Kisenosato tippy toes around on the tawara and was able to then easily force out the Brazilian. Kissy was very lucky here, If Kaisei had a little more experience he would have easily this average ozeki.

E-O Kotooshu 6-4 vs. W-Y Harumafuji 10-0
Harumafuji Kohei has a slight edge over Kotooshu Katsunori in the winning records, 19-17. But as we all know the new Yokozuna has been on excellent form this basho, utilising his speed and skill with precision. And Kotooshu, well he only needs two more wins to keep ward off kadoban for another tournament, and he knows he is more likely to get those wins off other rikishi. But who knows! Harumafuji forced the ozeki upright at the tachi-ai before skipping around the Bulgarian and getting almost directly behind him. From there the yokozuna got his hands around Kotoo’s and took him clean off his feel and smashed him into the ground. Great, great sumo from young Kohei today.

E-Y Hakuho 9-1 vs. W-O Kotoshogiku 6-4
Hakuho has dominated Kotoshogiku with a 32-3 winning record. And with Hakuho looking good, and Koto not there has to be only one favourite here today. Hakuho slapped the ozeki in the face as he forced his left hand inside and gained an outter grip on the ozekis belt. As the yokozuna was trying to raise Koto’s centre of gravity, Koto was able to break the yokozunas grip. Koto was trying to keep himself low and get stick into Hakuho who used a left handed shove to Koto’s face and created some distance between the two. Hakuho then drove forward and pushed the ozeki back to the bales, where things selttled down for a half second. At this point both men had a left hand inside grip, and Kotoshogiku now drove Hakuho back. When they got to the centre of the dohyo, as Kotoshogiku was trying to break the yokozunas left hand grip, he went makekai with his right hand. Hakuho wasted no time uprighting the ozeki and with inspiring speed put an end to a very good bout of sumo.

So after today the leaderboard looks like this:
Harumafuji 11-0
Hakuho 10-1
Kisenosato, Takayasu 9-2

I sense a yokozuna showdown and playoff on Day 15!

3 responses to “Hatsu Basho 2013: Day 11

  1. Anyone else think Baruto was sandbagging it through the two yokozuna fights so he wouldn’t get injured and would be able to take out the rest of the non-sanyaku more easily?

    • If that’s what it takes I’m kind of okay with it. His knee has been shaky at best all basho so if he’s risking injury betting on a win he may as well bet smart. Good sumo from him today, looking forward to the rest of the tournament, hopefully so he can go home Ozeki and focus on nursing that knee some more.

  2. Yes Chiyomatagi and I even thought Harumafuji did him a favour with their very short bout yesterday. Like “I know you’re injured and you know you can’t win, so let’s make it short and sweet” kind of favour. 🙂

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