Yaocho or Real!?™ Game

Sumo & Stogies would like to cordially invite all of our loyal readers to once again rejoice in the revelry that is:

Yaocho or Real!?

For this season’s game we are going to review our last day of Hatsu 2013 and look over all of the matches that involved a 7-7 wrestler (historically the matches with the highest chances of one wrestler giving it up in favor of the other). In order to rid the sport of the scourge of match-fixing, the JSA has gone so far in the past as to force wrestlers to retire and even cancel entire tournaments. It’s clear they want the fans to think that the sport has “returned” to a state of squeaky clean-ness. With 5 out of the 7 eligible rikishi getting their KKs, it’s clear that something is at play, whether that be additional day 15-motivation for wrestlers on the brink,  or something else… Let’s see what you guys think! Yaocho or Real!? Vote Below!

M11E Wakanosato (4-10) vs M14E Shotenro (7-7)

Going into day 15, Wakanosato lead the overall head to head 5-4 but had only won 2 of their last 5 matches.

M10E Kitataiki (8-6) vs M10W Okinoumi (7-7)

Going into day 15, Kitataiki led the overall 5-3.

M4E Gagamaru (6-8) vs. M12W Tamawashi (7-7)

These two haven’t gone head to head in over a year, but the head to head is 1-4 in Tamawashi’s favor.

M8W Chiyotairyu (9-5) vs. M1W Myogiryu (7-7)

First time meeting for these two relative (pro) sumo noobs.

M1E Aminishiki (8-6) vs. M6W Aoiyama (7-7)

0-1 in flap-jack titty’s favor. (That’s Aoiyama for the uninitiated.)

KE Tochiozan (7-7) vs. M7E Takayasu (12-2)

5-1 in TocheeriOzan’s favor historically

M5W Ikioi (8-6) vs. SW Baruto (7-7)

First time meeting for these two.

What do you guys think? Please feel free to discuss your thoughts below in the comments.

Team S & S

4 responses to “Yaocho or Real!?™ Game

  1. I voted the Baruto bout yaocho because of the first bout, not the torinoashi we saw here. Ikioi obviously won it, but the judges made em get back up there and do it over so bart could get his 8

    • Absolutely, but I’m okay with it in this case. I think it’s best for Baruto and best for sumo. Bart is a great rikishi with a fabulous outlook on the sport and not having him in Sanyaku would just be wrong. I think it will also put less pressure on him to rush his recovery. He got his KK, he’s still sekiwake, now he can make sure his knee is better without panicking to get repromoted.

  2. I am glad to see us bringing this game back. Based on our results thus far, I’d agree with most of them. A lot of these bouts were legit, but the ones that the audience seems to be questioning speaks to the fact that something in those bouts was missing.

  3. It’s odd that the most clearly thrown match of the final day, Kotoshogiku v. Kakuryu, wasn’t included in this lineup. There was no way Kakuryu was going to make Kotoshogiku go kadoban, although Kakuryu also has enough talent that he can make a bout loss look realistic.

    Of the bouts shown here, Myogiryu had a clear incentive to win, as he would have gotten his kk and most likely a special prize too (because he defeated Hakuho). Wakanosato also needed the victory more than Shotenro did to avoid demotion, although my guess is that he’ll probably get the last makuuchi slot for Osaka. And, as has been pointed out, Ikioi actually won only to have it taken away by the shinpan. (Baruto would still have been in the senyaku if he lost, he would just have been demoted to sekiwake.)

    So some of the matches were likely on the up and up. However, no matter what is said and done, a 7-7 rikishi is going to win a lot more than he loses. The incentive system, the fact that most of the rikishi are buddies, the cultural factors, and probably sometimes the JSA as well, will all insure that outcome takes place.

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