Rikishi on the Rise: Osunaarashi & Newcomer Endo pick up early Makushita wins

Sumo & Stogies favorite Ms23e Osunaarashi picked up a nice win today over Ms22w Yamatofuji. The Egyptian Sandstorm overpowered his opponent, standing him up straight, briefly gaining the left outside grip just long enough to quickly shove Yamatofuji out of the ring. We look forward to this young man’s sekitori debut when the time comes.

S & S Favorite Living Out His Dream

Newcomer Endo Shota lined up like a bull, slamming his feet into the dohyo looking to charge his opponent Ms10w Sakaguchi. Endo put an endo (oh the puns) to this bout by methodically  gaining the strong inside grip and easily walking the Ishikawa native out for his first ever victory.

Also worth noting: Goeido simply moved his leg while Tokitenku attempted a  Ketaguri. Goeido moves to 1-0. Artistic representation of the bout below. More random updates to on the way.

Tokitenku’s, nearly patented (to fail), ketaguri

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