Osaka Basho 2013 Day 3

MatagioAs all you guys may know I’m all about coming for you guys early.  So I hitched a ride on the first train and rode into the reporting station.  The first few days may not be the most exciting, but they could definitely set the stage for the rest of the basho.  Anyways in similar fashion to Montana’s report yesterday I’ll keep the coverage relatively short and simple.  Well, grab your conductor’s hat and let the steam out because we about to start rolling on in.

Shotenro vs. Wakanosato

Shotenro starts off the bout off strong and pushes Wakanosato to the edge.  He then tries to side tackle Waka but only succeeds in forcing Waka to lose balance.  Before Waka can fully recover Shotenro shoots in and pushes Waka’s shoulder back.  After a few pushes Waka gets to the edge – and performs a nice 10/10 single axel … The Japanese and their figure skating – and eventually out.

Tochinowaka vs. Yoshikaze

They both go in… Yoshikaze goes for the reach around and zips to the side.  After a push down Tochi was out.

Gagamaru vs. Shohozan

The bout was pretty entertaining.  I guess the best part was seeing Shoho go up against this mammoth of a rikishi.  Throughout the bout (which was mostly wading in the middle hugging each other) Shoho kept his distance and slowly out stretched Gaga.  Save for the one time Shoho was almost overpowered, he was pretty much in control.  After a long hugging session , Shoho  leg trips the Lord and he falls flat on his face.

I wanted to report in depth a few others however the video was not there and I got a time constraint.  So here goes the speedy version…

Baruto is looking good record-wise keeping his 3-0 record against Goeido.  This actually makes me happy because I feel that in the last few bashos he obviously got the short end of the stick.  I mean really its hard to see Kotooshu still an Ozeki when Baruto is a Sekiwake.  In saying that Oshu (1-2) keeps his track record on disappointing day losing to Chiyotairyu, an M2 (2-1). Further on disappointing  points Harumafuji prematurely blows his load and falls to Takayasu, his only win.  On to somewhat better news… Myogiryu takes down the cock Kak while Hakuho keeps it up at 3-0.

Well I again apologize for the short coverage – its only Day 3, right? I’m going to guess tomorrow Creswell will be steamed up and rolling you guys tomorrow.

de Gama’s gone swimming.

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